SUN Outdoors Guy is back!

Well, after taking the year off to work on my first book and some other projects..I’m finally ready to get back on the local outdoor scene!

As most of you already know, my Ottawa SUN outdoors column was given the old chopperoo last January..not due to lack of popularly or interest..It just happen to be one more victim of a dreaded economic downturn!

But hey, the past is the past, things are looking up and its super great to be back!

I sure hope everyone will sign-up to be part of my Blog experience…there are a few minor hoops and hurdles, but I’m told it’s not too difficult to join-in and respond.

I really hope to pick-up where we left off last year – featuring hunting and fishing club news, conservation issues, product updates, government programs, hunting and fishing general interest stories, trivia…and whole lot more!

And now, the best part is you guys and gals get to go along for the ride, which is hold on, it could be a bumpy one.

Well, I’ve  gotta go feed my deer, but I’ll be back real soon…in the meantime, why dont you start by signing up on

Yours in the outdoors…


11 thoughts on “SUN Outdoors Guy is back!”

  1. Welcome back Jeff, or Jim, or whoever you are 😉
    Took awhile for the Sun to come around but I’m sure glad they did. When does the book come out

  2. Welcome back to our favorite outdoorsguy and the coverage of his experiences, issues, and knowledgable background of fishing, hunting, conservation, and writing skills.

  3. OK Bill, I agree that trapping is one area in desporate need of some positive press coverage. Sounds like you’ve got some great stories to share from one of my fav areas of the province – picturesque Kawartha Lakes Region!

    Iggy, you know what they say: If you love someone set them free, if they come back they’re yours! My book “Weird Facts about Fishing” is due out early April – thanks for asking

    Legrand, thanks for the message and kind words. I look forward to hearing lots of news from the many great organizations you’re affiliated with!

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