Ted Nugent's Pigman appearance brings mixed reviews


Anyone who caught my impromptu appearance this morning on CHEZ 106 FM’s Doc & Woody Show, knows how I feel regarding Ted Nugent’s antics on the new television show PigMan.

In his appearance on the new show, Uncle Ted is seen strapped into a helicopter; armed with an assault rifle shooting wild hogs with wild abandon…all the while being serenaded to the theme from Apocalypse Now in an episode they’re calling ‘Aporkalypse Now’.

 “I love the smell of bacon in the morning. It smells like victory…”

“Let there be pork!”

Ok, I have always been a supporter of Ted and I get that there are 2.5 million wild hogs creating havoc in the State of Texas, but picking them off with an M40 Assault rifle from a helicopter?

Mehh….that’s is a little over the top even for Ted Nugent.

Now don’t get me wrong, according to the TV show it is perfectly legal to pursue pigs this way and judging by the number of hogs they have the ground, its highly effective as well.

It is just something that I don’t personally agree with and I’ve been a hunter for over 30 years. I doubt many folks here in Canada would agree with it either, but I could wrong.

Here’s the video clip if you haven’t seen it yet:








40 thoughts on “Ted Nugent's Pigman appearance brings mixed reviews”

  1. at 1:29 Quote TED N. : ” If you don’t kill 100 hogs per week you should be forced to move to CANADA!”
    Why would he say that!? trying to be funny I guess!!!

    1. Alain, my guess is that Ted finds us to be too docile. He spoke out openly against the Ontario government when the Spring bear hunt was abolished in 1999 and prob still holds a grudge…


  2. That’s not hunting, nor is it marksmanship, it’s a slaughter by firing squad. I can’t see myself gaining any kind of satisfaction from something like this.

  3. I’ve always said that regardless of all his good intentions the guy is a little too far off centre for me….

  4. the guy is a wack job, one of a kind, but I don’t think slaughtering pigs is going to gain him any fans. The thing is, they are still wild animals, imagine if they were over run by deer and he did that, but see, deer are cute, and pigs are pigs.
    Still love the guy.
    He was strongly against gun registration in Canada, and spoke many many times about it

  5. We all know this isn’t hunting but what’s scarier than doing it is that they televise these rednecks committing the slaughter under the guise of hunting. Or doing the landowners a huge favour. Us weekend woodsman are going to be chastised because to the uninformed it will just be another portrayal of ruthlessness of the hunting community. Sure they may have a problem with damaging, dangerous, disease ridden, feral hogs becasue the statistics (justification) are flashing by in the video, so it has to be true! Right? The horror!!!
    Wonder how many of those hogs suffer during the flock shoot? Then again watch WildTV and shows where 5 trackers and a pack of hounds chase, and tree a cat so that bow hunters can walk up and shoot it from a tree branch. They then jump around high 5ing and pose with the carcass and their bows like it was them against a predator.

    This is about freaks with big guns and I have no doubt it will be a big hit in the US.

    And why the heck would we care what Ted Nugent thinks of Canadians?

  6. Okay, now why doesn’t someone organize a pig hunt? I am sure we should be able to get permission to hunt somwhere and be able to bring home as much delicious pork as we like.

  7. Johan… that’s a great idea. We can show Ted just how Canadians do it. “We’ll be glad to help out, you just need to ask”

  8. you can go down there and hunt pigs any time you want, but you won’t, you’ll just talk, and criticize. One of the reasons they have a pig problem is because not enough hunters hunt them.
    And by the way, hound hunting is common for both cats and bears, and is a very very ethical means of hunting both species. No different than being over a bait, and a lot of times they put a bear or a cat up a tree and don’t shoot it because of the sex or age of the animal
    Just because you don’t do it, doesn’t make it wrong
    I agree that portraying hunting from a helicopter is wrong, because that is not hunting, in fact in Canada because it’s from a motorized vehicle it is highly illegal, It is population control, not hunting

  9. Off topic…
    I was asked two weeks ago by a cousin who lives in Rockland to sign a petition for her. The petition was to prevent a hunting and fishing store from moving in the same commercial plaza as them, in fears of the guns and ammo it sells being so close to their children. I told her I wasn’t siging the petition. The petition didn’t work and the store will move in. Now, CBC Ottawa wrote a story about it. I think the whole thing is rediculous. when was the last time we heard of a shooting at a gun shop?


    I love the user comments at the bottom!

    1. GPG, not really supposed to allow links from a competitor’s site on here, but I’ll let you off the hook this time because you are a good guy.


  10. Iggy, I hunted with dogs for years but that was nothing like what was televised on the big game hunting show I was referring to. (what bowhunters hunt with dogs?) If you have enough dogs you can run an animal until it’s so exhausted you can walk up to it (check it’s sex) and kill it with a stick, but that’s not hunting in my opinion.

    Call it criticism if you like because no; I haven’t sprayed animals with lead from a fully automatic rifle, (with little regard for where I hit them) while riding in a helicopter, nor will I, but I can still have an opinion on what is morally right. Mitigating property damage is one thing, televising a slaughter under the guise of an epidemic, and using controversial characters to gain viewers is just wrong. No wonder people hate guns and hunting then start petitions.

  11. I am not a hunter, but I do realize that these wild hogs are like vermin that are multiplying in North America faster than can be controlled. They destroy food crops in a matter of hours, poison water supplies with their feces, and are extremely aggressive and dangerous to both humans and animals. As far as I’m concerned, helicopters, automatic weapons, and any other extreme measure are acceptable if it stops their spread. It won’t be long before they are rampant here north of the border, and I have little faith that governments calling the shots from cities like Toronto will have any idea how to deal with the problem. I’m sure we’ll just be told to “live in harmony” with them. I am certainly not in favour of indiscriminate killing, but few people seem to grasp the potential disaster that these wild hogs threaten us with. Ted Nugent is doing us a favour whether you like it or not.

  12. I think this is a perfectly acceptable, and quite efficient, method of eradicating feral hogs. This is not hunting, like what we do, it is pest control. These hogs are a threat to the health, safety and livelihood of thousands of people. Heaven forbid that they should make their way up to Canada – although I am not sure they could survive in our climate.

    1. Hunting Mom, I do agree that these feral hogs need to be controlled, but as far as I know there are lots of them running wild in the Canadian Prairies.

      I’m going to dig something up on that


      1. Hunting Mom, here is an exerpt from my soon-to-be-released Canadian Wild Game Cookbook:

        The wild boar is one strange beast indeed. Once very popular as an enclosed ranch type species, the wild boar now inhabits many parts of the United States and has taken up residence in parts of Central and Western Canada as well, where they have learned to adapt to our climate and environment. The wild boar is basically a feral pig with the male possessing large, pronounced tusks. They travel in small localized family groups and are pursued by hunters on occasion. Since the boar is a ‘rooting’ animal, they can cause a lot of damage to farmlands with their burrowing and digging for food. The meat of the wild boar is delicious and very similar to domestic pork.


        1. Here’s another paragraph from the same book..but please dont tell my Publisher..hehe:

          In parts of the Canadian prairies, the wild boar has become very well established as a fulltime resident. They are known to reach enormous sizes these days; proportions previously unheard of. I recently read about a wild boar taken by a hunter in Saskatchewan that weighed in excess of one thousand pounds, making it larger than most grizzly bears. Since the male has a tendency to be aggressive, this is one huge gnarly animal. The fact that wild boars are capable of reaching these enormous sizes is a testament to their adaptability. The boar populations that exist across Canada have fought their way into existence by being able to forage for food in the wild and to cope with our harsh winter conditions.


  13. I guess I should return my hellicopter and AK 47 for this years upcomming deer hunt. You tree huggers drive me crazy.

  14. Outdoors Guy:

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea there were wild boars in Canada. Why do you think we never hear about them causing problems?

    1. Hunting Mom, I guess if you owned farmland out west in the areas where hogs are prevalent, you’re probably be quite familiar with them.

      I don’t think they cause near the damage seen in Texas and parts of the US, and I don’t believe there are near the numbers either. Our winters certainly have an effect on that. Geez, the more I hear, the more I think old Uncle Ted was on to something..hehe

      Anyone have experience or knowledge of wild boars/hogs in western Canada?

      Rick, are there any out in Manitoba where you go hunting??


    1. Hmmmm, now if we could only train the cougars to take out the wild hogs we’d be all set!


  15. Or if the laws provided an easy way to market and distribute that meat, maybe it would encourage hunters to harvest the animals. (I really don’t know what the laws are for hunting, selling, exporting wild hogs.)

  16. johan, I hunt with dogs, and I hear the anti hunters saying exactly what you are saying, that we could run the deer into the ground, and I say HOGWASH ! ! ! that’s just scare mongering lies the anti hunters are spreading to try to get the uneducated on their side. I’ve watch deer being run by dogs for over 25 years, when a deer gets tired of being run, it tricks the dogs by running in circles, jumping 40 feet sideways or crossing water, or even swimming in the water. And a deer has zero problem swimming. Seen it so many times, and out of the hundreds of deer I’ve seen harvested, I’ve yet to see a dog catch one deer, not one! ! ! Yes in the winter in the deep snow the dogs can catch a deer, so what, we don’t hunt in the deep snow, and if you let your dog run in the off season, and it gets shot, it got what it deserved.

  17. Johnny,

    “You tree huggers drive me crazy.”

    I was hiking in an old-growth forest yesterday in Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve in Quebec. I came across a massive, ancient yellow birch tree that is the largest of that species that I have ever seen. It must have been 400 years old. It was so impressive that I was tempted to hug it. Does that drive you crazy?

  18. There are wild boars at the Omega Wildlife Park near Montebello. They’re located in natural surroundings and it’s obvious that they do a lot of damage to the forest floor. Fortunately they’re fenced in. Hopefully these animals will never establish wild populations in our area.

    1. fishr, I’ve been to Park Omega many times and seen the boars scurrying all over the place. They’re so funny to watch.

      Thing is, are these feral hogs or wild pigs we’re hearing about in Texas and in Western Canada the same thing as a ‘wild boar’?


  19. lol , you have to admit that looks like a lot of fun… maybe they should contact old Ted about the asian carp problem too..

  20. The long weekend is over. Now’s the best time of year. Heat is over. (hopefully ) Bugs are gone. Best of all the hunting seasons are all opening up . There’s nothing like the woods in the fall with the anticipation that comes with opening morning !

    1. bob m, you got that right!

      Just put 3 trailcams out at our deer camp this weekend, and was very pleased to see the increase in deer sign this year!


  21. Interesting
    Global Television Cancels Hunting Shows from it’s 2013 line-up

    It is with great sadness that we announce the very unfortunate decision by Global Television/Shaw Media to cancel all hunting shows on Global and the Shaw affiliate networks.
    Canada in the Rough™ has been airing for 8 years on Global Television and we’ve had a tremendous experience doing it. We want to thank all of you for your support throughout the years and as much as we hate to say goodbye, we have no choice. Canada in the Rough™, Canada’s most-watched hunting show, will be pulled off Global Television after December 30, 2012.

    Our hunting heritage is under constant attack by those who have forgotten that hunting is at the root of human existence and still the most valuable and effective tool in wildlife management.

    If you wish to share your thoughts with Global regarding this decision, please email viewercontact@globaltv.com as well as glynnis.prystae@sjrb.ca and greg.mclelland@shawmedia.ca or call 1-877-307-1999.

    Please remember to enjoy the greatness of Canada and be proud of your hunting heritage.

    Keith Beasley, Paul Beasley & Kevin Beasley
    Executive Producers
    an e-mail sent to me
    from the producers of Canada In The Rough

    1. not only interesting, Iggy..this is VERY VERY BAD!

      I will put a new post together on this for tomorrow.


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