Texas to allow concealed handguns on campus


The state of Texas is ever-so-close to passing a Bill which would allow both students and faculty to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Sound hard to believe?  Well, its true!

If the Bill passes, Texas would actually become the second US state – after Utah – to allow guns on University Campuses.  

Colorado currently gives Colleges and Universities the option to carry concealed handguns, and several have chosen to do just that. 

In 1995’s landmark decision, Texas made it legal for residents over 21 to carry concealed handguns, and the State now has nearly 1/2 million registered handgun owners, according to the Department of Public Safety.


 According to author of House Bill 750 – Republican Joe Rider: 

“The issue applies mostly to faculty, staff and parents because most students would be too young to qualify for a license. In 2010, only 7 percent of license holders in 2010 were between the ages of 21 and 25, Driver said. 

We’re not talking about every student getting a gun,” Driver said. “I did not file this bill so (license holders) could be heroes in mass-shooting situations. I filed this bill to allow (them) to be able to protect themselves.” 

Is it just me, or do these American-style ‘‘conceal and carry” laws seem way out in left field? 

Can you imagine – if carrying a handgun was actually legal in Canada – what activist groups would think of Republican Bill 750?

And to think we hunters and concervationists here in the Great White North have been battling for years, with difficulty, just to ‘shoot down’ a needless little gun registry system.

Gun laws, in my opinion, are the single biggest cultural and societal difference between the US and Canada, but the question still remains…

Who’s approach is better? 


51 thoughts on “Texas to allow concealed handguns on campus”

  1. Virginia tech allowed guns up untill jan before the guy opened fire in the following spring, here is the question? If students were allowed to still have guns on campus would there have been that many deaths. training is the key. If every one is suspected of carrying a weapon people may respect others better although it may a fake respect it still may change the way people are acting in this #$%^ up country of ours

  2. I’m glad Canada has strict handgun laws, could we use them during our hunting yes, do we need them to hunt NO
    I have a very strong dislike for handguns and I like it here in Canada, If I need a gun to protct myself, this society really has failed.
    Not to be an ass but what does that have to do with hunting or the outdoors

    1. Iggy, I just find the firearm differences between US and Canada both staggering and somewhat interesting…does it have to do with hunting or the outdoors? Well, not really I suppose, and that’s why the post was categorized as ‘general’ instead of ‘hunting’ or one of the other categories.

      Those people interested in firearms or the various gun laws may find it of interest.


  3. It is very important Iggy. It is divide and conquer. We as a group are very loyal to hunting and fishing we as a group have finally almost come out of the dark ages by letting crossbows during archery season that has kept people apart for years if we keep letting the handgun issue separate us this will hurt us. Do I own a handgun No do I want one No but I still think people should have the choice. I think this has everything to do about hunting. This post alone will show how many hunters are against handguns… and that is just wrong… ban together and we will win

  4. LOL You know wonder I have no sypathy while all you idiots shoot each other. You are all crazy and you live in a zest pool of humanity. Glad I live in Canada. Americans suck

    1. OK Kevin, I’ve never done this before but I hereby invite you to ‘resubmit’ your comment…

      This time keeping in mind that a) the Post was written by a Canadian b) all the readers here currently reside in Canada and c) You make use of Thesaurus and spell-check this time.


  5. no problem Jeff, it’s your blog, it’s actually a good column, it brings up the chance to state opinions on handguns, and for me, I don’t like them, do I think we need them to hunt No. Do I have a problem with enthusiests shooting them at a range No, but I do have a problem with them getting into the wrong hands because they make the gangbangers think they are a lot tougher than they are.
    I honestly think if you are going to taget practice with a handgun you should have to leave the gun at the club you belong to at all times. And don’t give me the song and dance about rights and freedoms, I don’t think handguns have a place in our society, this is not divide and conquer territory, no one is dividing the hunters on this issue because we don’t hunt with handguns.

    1. no worries Iggy, I figured if nothing else it would be a topic of discussion – at a time of year when little else is really going on, cept for maple syrup that is.


  6. well that was really intelligent Kevin Coleman, did you just get out of the loonie bin?

    zest pool…did you mean cesspool?

    Americans suck??? do you know any Americans, some of them are more like Canadians than some Canadians I know

    speaking of idiots, someone hold up a mirror for this guy LOL

  7. “but I do have a problem with them getting into the wrong hands because they make the gangbangers think they are a lot tougher than they are.” I always love the argument about getting into the wrong hands. Last time I looked the gangbangers and those with the wrong hands already have handguns and have no problem getting more. The only thing the current gun control laws do is restrict and harass legitimate gun owners.

    The best way to control the use of guns used illegally is to provide proper punishment to those who break the law.

    Would I own a handgun? Maybe they could be fun to use.

  8. @Kevin Coleman Americans suck if you live in Canada you are a American, Why because you’re in a America, yes north America, which makes every person here in Canada, USA, and Mexico, an American, take all the time you want to think about it because you’re as dumb as a stump if you think not. They are called people from the united states, and as far as them sucking, and a lot of countries say they suck. But who are the first people that those counties or people look to when they are in a state of crisis? Yes, they look for the good old US of A to save their bacon! You Kevin Coleman are an uneducated dumbie (cant even call you a redneck)

    1. Just so you know, this post was in no way meant to be a cheap shot against the US or their liberal gun laws.. As Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip once wrote; “Me debunk an American myth, and take my life in my hands?”

      It is obvious that things are remarkably different south-of-the-border when it comes to firearms and especially handguns, but I would be a huge hypocrite if I started putting down a country I visit regularly throughout the year and thoroughly enjoy.

      Sure, the US may piss people off by poking their nose in here and there, but as Chessy pointed out, the moment someone is in trouble..take the Earthquake in Japan for example, they are the first the pitch-in and land a hand..and like it or not, they are our big brother and we will always be joined at the hip.

      Of course, none of this has to do gun control..the way I see it, they do it their way and we do it ours. The campus Bill remains to be seen. Does this mean I am interested in handguns? Not really, but that’s probably because they’ve always been off-limits to me anyway and there were enough other toys to play with. If I had more of choice, who knows?

      But that’s just me…


  9. Brings to mind a left wing idiot we have on CFRA radio here in Ottawa by the name of Mike Harris (not the ex premier). Fo the last five years he’s been all over the Americans for going into Iraq, for being in Afghanistan, bla bla bla. If you listen to him it makes you puke.
    His new way of going after the Americans is because they haven’t went into Libya, and if they did, he’d be all over them again.
    What is the proper way to spell HYPOCRYTE

  10. You know the subject of handguns is always going to be polarizing. I don’t think it should be as big a deal as the liberal left wing make it out to be. If you watch some of the tournaments that are put on down in the states it would be a lot of fun.Contrary to what the anti gun lobby says. As far as guns falling into the wrong hands well we are way past that already.Just look at the bust earlier this week where the handguns even included an auto Mac 10 . Get used to it folks the bad guys have them and are able to get them. And to top it off our justice system has failed the ordinary person. Even the conservatives who brought in the mandatory minimum sentence for an act which involved a gun was supposed to give 5yrs for each offense. Lawyers are still able to bargain away firearm related crimes. We don’t have the problems yet with nutcases that the USA has but then again we don’t have the population density that they have either but when that time comes (and it will) it would be nice if people could defend themselves if need be. Studies seem to indicate by state that an armed citizenry actually drops the violent crime rate. More women are carrying concelled handguns in the states also. Wouldn’t you have a lot of sympathy for the rapist who just got his jewels shot off attempting to rape a women.Cause god knows he would get nothing if he went to court because( he has issues).

  11. I own and use handguns regularly, Do I think they are necessary to protect myself against people here ? Not a chance … this is Canada!

    Now, would it be nice to carry so when I’m in the bush heading to check my traps and come across a yote or wolf that’s not too happy about me being near their meal? Maybe, but so far a couple pops from the 22 have done just fine.

    And of course they are a hoot in ipsc/idpa or just plain bullseye shooting. Much more of a challenge to use than a scoped rifle.

    They are such an insignificant portion of violent crime in Canada, they simply don’t deserve their status.

  12. Hey fishr, do you have a certain secret trout lake in mind for this spring…only a few more weeks to go!


  13. I hunt with rifles and shotguns, I also target practice with my restricted handguns. Why are some hunters against my sport? Firearm owners are firearm owners! Why would you allow yourselves to be divided and conquered? I will be there when you need me.

  14. ok fishr, that’s your opinion, but I always fly in circles, and I fly right circles not left
    and I’m not a hypocrite, but I find this guy Harris to be one and I stated why.
    So what’s your thoughts on him

  15. @ Iggy,

    First of all, I like Americans, but I don’t necessarily support all of the actions of their government or its agencies. I don’t see a problem with Mike Harris having differing opinions about the American presence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Each country and each conflict is unique. It’s not hypocritical. I supported sending Canadian troops into Afghanistan but I think it would have been a mistake to do so in Iraq. George Bush invaded Iraq under false pretenses. He said it had weapons of mass destruction when there were none to be found.

  16. QUOTE: “chessy says:
    March 18, 2011 at 12:36 pm
    I always thought that a trapper could carry a hand gun on the trap line?? Trapper may be able to answer”

    Still an option but requires a special course and permit. Not many in existence any more.

  17. The UN went into Iraq, not George Bush, that’s the left wing anti American lies again, yes America was there but they wern’t there alone, that’s one of the big reasons they are staying back on the Libyan front

  18. “…zest pool of humanity.” How insulting. I much prefer Irish Spring pool of humanity. Have you seen the gorgeous creatures in those commercials!? hahahaha

    1. Zest, Irish Spring..I get it now….hey, what happened to our Zest Pool friend anyway?


  19. @ Sammy,

    My bad. The Americans weren’t alone going into Iraq. But they convinced other countries at the UN to join them based on falsehoods such as weapons of mass destruction and the presence of al-Qaeda there.

    You should be more cautious about labelling me “left wing” and “anti-American.” I enjoy visiting the United States and I have American friends. I support American (and Canadian) intervention in Libya. I also have some views that are right of centre, such as being opposed to the current long gun regulations in Canada, which I consider to be too restrictive.

  20. sorry fishr if I touched a nerve, I just see so much anti American, it makes me sick, I figured you were one of them. Most Americans I’ve met, are just like me other than they really love their country and are willing to stand up for it under any cercumstances

  21. Alright, so most of agree that the US are pretty decent neighbours..and given the fact they’re facing a much more serious economic downturn than us, they have a more troubled days ahead…which does effect us in one way or another…for good or bad, we’re stuck with them and vise versa.

    But going back to the handgun issue for a moment…who here could honestly see the need for handguns in Canada..under specific circumstances…some have already identified those situations..ie. trapping..

    I can tell you for myself, each spring during trout season portaging, walking trails and camping in bear country, I would feel much safer with a handgun on my belt than a can of pepper spray any day! Not that there’s a high likely of a bear ever attacking me or my party, the fear and respect is there none-the-less..lets just say, if we were permitted to ‘carry’ in times like this, I would be looking into it.


  22. We need to consider that need and want are 2 very different things. And while, we may not see a defensive purpose to them, doesn’t mean we should ban them or something.

    There are plenty of “handguns” that are explicitly designed for hunting … but simply because people lump all handguns in along with gangbangers we aren’t allowed to.

  23. I’ve had more of my fair share of bear encounters both fishing and hunting and never had one go bad, used bear spray once but we just wanted it away from our cabin so we didn’t run into it on our way back at night.
    Would have never used a gun but I guess there are some instances, but I think it’s really only for your own comfort.
    It would be interesting to hear Trappers feelings on this issue

    1. Iggy, your view and opinion on bears would certainly change if you had one turn on you..unprovoked…as did happen to me about 8-9 years ago. I have written about it before, but really dont talk about it all that much.

      So, for those of you who might think I’m just paranoid about these animals..there is a reason for it!! I was charged by a young male bear(of approx 175 pounds) during the deer season one time. I did not startle him..or sneak-up on him..I was simply walking through the hardwoods when he appeared in front of me at about 100 yards. As soon as he saw me, he charged straight at me without warning..getting to within 50 feet!!

      Now, this was during the hunting season so I was lucky, but had it been at any other time of year, who knows…

      So you can’t tell me that every bear encounter turns outs well..I know differently! I will agree they are rare, but there are still enough maulings each year in North America to prove it.


  24. Jeff. I think by asking if we have a need for handguns here is self defeatist. A better question would be do we feel the government has a right to say we cannot enjoy them . As i said earlier the competitions and tournaments that are held in the states with handguns would be a blast to take part in. As for self defense against animal or criminal. You can get in just as much trouble with a can of pepper spray as with a handgun because in Canada i am pretty sure pepper spray has to signed for as if it were a weapon. Here we are not supposed to resort to violence in order to defend ourselves. We are supposed to talk our way out of everything including wildlife encounters. That’s the Canadian way, don’t ya know

    1. paul, I’m glad I didnt have to resort to ‘talking my way out’ of my bear encounter years ago..


  25. I commented already but apparently it didn’t make the cut….

    I am in full favor of the right to bear arms. With some rules of course. The number 1 rule is that anyone wanting to ‘carry’ would have to take certain courses and meet certain criteria eg; no criminal record, doctor’s certificate. 2) The RCMP should for a unit to similar to the SIU for police, but are mandated to investigate any civilian use of a ‘carried firearm’.

    Not every idiot out there would have a gun legally as they wouldn’t meet the requirements. For those skeptics picture this. You and your wife are out for dinner and are now walking back to your car in a parking garage and some cracked out moron confronts you in an attempt to boost your wallet or worse some sex offender wanting a cheap thrill by grabbing your wife’s breast. You think this would happen if you were carrying a firearm and the bad guy knew it ? In most cases you wouldn’t have to fire it. The mere presence of it would be enough of a deterrence.

    As for those who would qualify, I think we all could go through our list of contacts and separate them into 2 categories.

    1. Sorry Trapper, I just looked back and saw your comment from the other day…man, thats another one that slipped thru the cracks..happened with Keebley yesterday too.

      I guess we could call that: “The right to bear arms with some exceptions”..the problem being, there are simply some folks out there who should never be near a gun.


    2. And I agree with your scenario, Trapper, that most street punks would probably avoid you if they knew your were packin!(can we still use that expression..hehe)


  26. As for carrying a firearm in the woods. I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve had to rely on it. Not for personal safety however. We carry a firearm with us all the time when trapping.

  27. false charges are common, usually protecting a cub, but actual attacks are very very uncommon. They have happened however, but it wouldn’t keep me out of the bush if I wasn’t carrying a gun. There is also a Winchester rifle called a Trapper model that is short and great for carrying, and if I’m not mistaken was specifically made with trappers in mind. I happen to be very familiar with them 🙂

    1. Iggy, you are correct about the false or ‘mock’ charges when it comes to bears…although they are more common among grizzlies, from what I hear.

      Those ‘fight or flight’ situations are a real judgement call, let me tell you..and you never really know how you might react until it happens to you. In my case, a bear on a dead run closing the gap from 100 yards to 50 feet was a little too close for comfort..

      It hasn’t stopped me from travelling in bear country other times of the year, it has just made me realllllly cautious. I am familiar with that rifle Iggy, is it not just a shorter version of the Classic Model 94?

      My father owns a 22 hornet(centre-fire) with a ‘telescopic’ stock and the shortest barrel length you are legally allowed. It is one neat little firearm!


    2. Iggy, is that big monstrous ‘garbage bear’ still alive in Algonquin Park…I can’t remember if you ended up going last spring or not?

      What was that beast’s nickname again??


  28. didn’t go last spring for the first time in about 20 years but am supposed to go this year and Ill be stalking him

    1. Iggy, you’ll be stalking JellyBelly…just wondering why in the world you’d want to do that?

      Think I’d stick to stalking the big brookies!!


  29. na just kidding, he’s a dump bear and at night when we come out of the bush we go to the dump and watch the bears come in near dark. There are big trenches in the ground and they plow the garbage in these trenches but you can’t see if there is a bear till your right on top of them. We bring bear spray but have never needed it, if they get scared they just run off into the bush and wait for us to leave. Yo can see them waiting there because the leaves aren’t on the trees yet. You obviously can’t hunt them there but you can learn a lot about them and when they do run off you can see just how quick they are.

    1. Iggy, that sounds like fun watching the bears. There’s a place at Fairmont Kenauk where I go that sets up a bear watching facility in the Spring and Summer..Ive written about it before. They have an observatory when people sit and the bears feed below them while you watch. I took some really photos there a couple of years back…got to see some cinnamon bears too!!


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