Triplet fawns a promising sign


Our friend Sureshot-Dave has captured some rare images of a whitetail doe and, get this, three fawns!


The images were taken with Dave’s new Bushnell Trophy Cam from one of the favourite spots on his property near Carleton Place. 

He calls the area the “honey hole” – which boasts an awesome funnel along the corner of a lake where he’s taken many deer over the years.


Looks like Dave will have some new ‘up-and-comers’ over the next few years. 

Thanks for sharing the great images as the sight of three healthy sibling fawns can only taken as a good sign!


56 thoughts on “Triplet fawns a promising sign”

  1. wow triplets
    never seen or heard of that before but it must mean the deer are healthy
    It would be interesting to know if they all survive
    and then all produce multiple deer

  2. Nice to see some fawns.

    I have been seeing fewer than I would like but I have been seeing fewer bucks until recently as well..

    1. Rick, speaking of bucks..I’ve got a 2 & 3 year old coming-in regularly. I’m just wondering if their racks would be fully formed at this point, or would there be a bit more growth left through the month of August, before they start to harden?

      I have been monitoring antler growth of these two since mid-July and its amazing how much they’ve changed in just a few short weeks.

      I should create a post on that actually because I find it to be quite interesting.


  3. I have two other does with twins, and at least one more with a single fawn (on my other camera). Looks like it was a good spring for fawn survival, for now anyway. There’s a hungry black bear hanging around our porperty so it wouldn’t surprise me if he got a couple at some point. The fawns look healthy and they seen to be putting on the pounds. I was worried with all the wet weather in June, but it looks like things are looking up for deer numbers in our area. Now if only I could find a decent buck to put my tag on…

  4. Jeff,

    As far as I know, antlers continue to grow until the end of August, give or take.

  5. Dave how do you find the bushnell cam? My spy-point has seen a rough ride on the atv and the UV shutter is flaking out

  6. Really nice shots! I think trailcams are getting better and better. Those pix are clear and full of colour. It makes otherwise invisible animals pop-out of the scenery.

    I thought your previous post on deer fever was a bit premature, until now. I just returned from a 3-week vacation where I spent some time in the US. I did some shopping on hunting gear. Considering that this is my first hunt, at 34, I had quite a few things to buy. The prices there were near half price on everything I’ve seen, combined with a strong Canadian dollar, I saved tones!

    Now, all my gear is sitting in the garage, and my thoughts are focused (almost constantly) on hunting moose in northern Ontario. Until then, I’m reading everything I can, practising my shot, and enjoying these posts and pictures!

  7. what general area do you live in SSD
    or should that be SSG 😉
    I saw a fawn about a month ago maybe six weeks that was the size of a big beagle
    I sure hope it grows fast

    1. Iggy, you’d be surprised how much they can grow in 6 weeks.

      Chessy, I take it by your comment that your trail cam is working just fine? Rob, these little Bushnells are just might think I’m just being biased but Im not.

      SSD, I thought there might be some more antler growth yet..Im going to work on the some images of one buck from May, through June, July and into demonstrate
      how antler growth seems to pick up with the warm weather.


  8. more prof that bushnell has some of the best picture quality on the trail camera market

  9. By October those fawns will be quite tasty being corn fed, forget the big stinking bucks unless you are going to sell the horns to the major leaguers…..

  10. I have not put my camera’s out yet but i have seen quite a number of fawns this year up to this point.Quite a few 4&6 pter”s but no big lads yet.A lot of does in and around the bogie which is certainly a good sign because things were looking rather bleak for the last few years.As for West Carleton “Great”.

  11. Rob, I’m loving the Bushnells. Can’t get over the fact that they will run on 8 AA batteries for close to a year. I’ve had one of them out there since April and it still shows full battery, 4 months later. Easy to set up and great pictures as you can see. I’m still fine tuning them, but so far I am really impressed. I tried some other cameras with limited success, and a fortune spent on D batteries…

    Iggy, I hunt near Carleton Place. Our area seemed to get hit really hard with all the snow from those two bad winters a few years ago, especially ’07-’08. It’s nice to see the numbers bouncing back a little bit. These fawns will go a long way towards restoring the numbers that we once had. Some of them will surely leave our property, but others will filter in from the surrounding area. Hopefully 2 or 3 more good years and we’ll be back to extra tags for our area.

    1. Sorry SSD, I just changed your ‘hunt area’ in my post to Carleton Place..I don’t know why I thought it was the Richmond area.

      Regarding the whitetail deer situation in eastern ON and western QC, anyone who reads Outdoor Canada should check out my column in the next issue. Its called ‘Deer Shift’..and it looks at our deer and deer hunting today… at a crossroads

      Rick, I also got a plug in there for the Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee (EODAC) They should really get a website.


  12. Jeff antler growth should be done for the most part (99%) by the end of the first week in August. The rest of August the antler hardens with velvet shedding the 5 to 10 of September.

    These are for the majority, some bucks can vary. We had a nice 9 point that did not shed his velvet until late in September one year.

    I have a series of photos one buck starting in May. He was done growing by this past weekend. The best way to tell is to look at the antler tips and the end of the main beam. They look bulbous and slightly shiny while growing. They are pointed and the same colour (very subtle) as the rest of the antler when complete.

    1. Thanks Rick, based on what you’ve said I think my boys are done growing. Man, Id like to see a big bruiser around, its been awhile.


  13. dave aint that the truth … I ended up moving to 12V batteries to run them … but they are a favourite food to squirrels

    will have to see what THAFS in richmond has for a price on them

    1. Rob, the latest Bushnell Trophy model retails at most places for around $250..I got one for my Dad last fall on sale at Crappy tire for $ can order them cheaper online too, if that option is of interest.


  14. my Bushnell has worked flawless for months .. put is energizer lithiom batteries and you dont have to worry bout it for a year unless you take over 6000 pictures my camera was out from jan 5 till end of march. same batteries it worked every day even when it was 40 below… best deer hunting investement i have made other than my boots and rifle

    1. Well Chessy & SSD, I’m sure glad my trail cam recommendation hasn’t come back to bite me!

      I actually have the latest model Bushnell Trophy cam at home..will be testing that one out this fall. Its a new one with the Black LED – completely invisible night and day..something I can see being an asset, although I have yet to witness game being spooked from the glowing nightvision element.

      Check it out:


  15. you trying to get me killed. you should send my way for some real testing…. if i buy another trail camera my wife will kill me… i have 4 here now 1 bushnell and 3 other unnamed types that collect dust…. i have only ever had one bad bushnell experience, and my wife straightened that out in 3, but for now i am sticking with the one i have now. i am two honest to try to sell the “other ones” to put towards a new one…. (mabey a bushell rep should make a suggestion to bushnell about a trade in offer like some of the satilite providers do wink wink )

    1. Sorry Chess, as a ‘pro-staffer’ for Bushnell you could say, I don’t have the ability to do those sort of things. I simply try out the prods (from a hunter’s perspective) and write my findings as honestly as possible…fortunately their prods are very good quality so reviewing them is easy.

      Some of the previous models, however, have not be as strong and I tried to show the pros and cons in those cases…this new line is far superior to any of the old trail scouts, sentrys..etc…


    2. Chessy, do your old trailcams work properly?? I can’t see myself going back to D batteries at this point, it seems so old school and I still have a couple of them.


  16. let me know how it works Jeff, I’d like one for the cottage for outdoor security, imagine taking a robbers picture and getting his license plate as he pull in the driveway and he doesn’t know it because no light went on

    1. Iggy, that is precisely the reason my father got one!

      Course, I explained to him all the other benefits a trail cam can bring..but he’s more concerned about surveillance.


  17. yes they work like the government “when they want to ” i was only giving you the gears on sending one my way. I think at this point if i brought another “toy” in the house weather free or expensive i would loose my life lol . Do you use bushnell scopes as well i have a 4×16 4200 on my 270 wsm very nice scope

    1. Yes, I use Bushnell scopes as well. I have that Elite 4200 4X16 model..just love it!!

      It’s the one I use all the time on my main deer rifle. I had a Elite 3200 also and this fall they are coming out with the new Cadillac of scopes – the new Elite 6500. It is suppose to be cat’s meow!

      Don’t you find the light gathering ability of the Elite 4200 to be amazing? Bad to say, but you can see in almost complete darkness!


  18. I’ve thought of using trail cams as security also. With a sign that says “Smile, you’re on camera!” I suppose what is tricky is installing it where it can’t be found or taken by said theives, while still providing a clear shot. Are there any models that are supplemented with a solar panel?

    1. GPG, I have an older Bushnell model equipped to handle the optional solar panel..and I have said solar panel too. (I think its still collecting dust under my bed.)

      I invested good money in buying top notch rechargeable ‘D’ batteries and charging unit you need to work with the panel and played with it for part of a summer to no avail! I wrote a pretty scathing review of that attachment.

      GPG, the battery life on these new units make it so you never need another dreaded solar panel…thank friggin God!


  19. yes you can see in dark.. we put it on a 22 for coon hunting one night just to see…. once again i am more than happy with the 4200 might have to “look” at the 6500 when comes out

    1. Im pretty sure the price tag of the new 6500 will produce heart palpitations! On the plus side, they drop the price dramatically by the second year.

      Same for the Elite binoculars. At one time the 40 & 50 mm Elite 10 X 42’s sold for nearly $1500!! Now you can pick up the new Elite binos for under $800.

      And if you think the 10 X 42 riflescope gathers should see these things!!


  20. 900 bucks for a scope aint bad… i see cabalas has them for sale now… 2.5-16 ….. nice write up on them as well…

    1. Chessy, I dont even know if that’s the same model…let me look into it. I was told the latest Elite 6500 isnt even out until end of summer.


    2. Ok Chess, it looks like the new Elite 6500 is available, even with the new DOA reticle..and I suppose $900 isnt that bad.

      Im sure some Leupolds and other high-end scopes are well over $1000


  21. I actually had one of my cameras stolen by a trespasser. I had it set up on one of my food plots, in plain sight because no one was supposed to be, you know, on private property without permission. Came back to check the pictures, and it was gone. My bet is that the person realized they were on camera and thought they had no choice but to steal it. Just got word from the landowner that there is a poacher coming on to the property. Shot a grouse and god knows what else recently. So I’ll be setting up one of my older cameras in a blowdown or deadfall and concealing it as best I can to find out who’s helping themselves, and feels entitled to be there.

  22. Hahaha, not a fan of the solar panels huh? Good to know that they don’t work as advertised.
    Thanks for the link on the bear case. Nothing prevents it from being used for target practise though.
    Here’s a thought… one could hide it in a custom built bird house!

    1. GPG, you could try the birdhouse idea, that might work. I guess my one complaint about the trailcams I use is the colour..most of them have black or brown and I’m not sure why. When it comes to concealment grey would have been a much better choice since most people mount their cameras on hardwood trees..least I do when I can.

      That said, I think I’ll paint all my cameras grey this year..I’ll need to find some scent-free paint though.

      Did I hear correctly that you’re taking up hunting this year for the first time?


  23. FYI rechargable batteries are only 1.2 volts and a normal battery is 1.5 sometimes a rechargable will not work or last as long…

  24. don’t put a sign up “Smile your on camera”
    that will jusr encourage them to look for the camera
    you want evidence, not more things stolen

    you guys with your 1000 dollar scopes and 2000 dollar rifles,
    and 900 dollar cameras
    man I with I had that kind of loot just laying around

  25. @iggy . when i started hunting i bought “junk” then i relised if you buy quality once you dont have to replace it again … i saved for a while to get what i have.. i never put anything on a credit card ever… My mom taught me if i cant pay for it now i never will be able to pay for it … a smart hunter once told me if you own a 1000 dollar gun and a 50 dollar scope your dumb…. buy the best glass you can get and you will never ever look back…

    1. Chessy, I agree totally with using quality or nothing…and the real problem is once you’ve used the quality items, you’ll never wanna use the cheap stuff again.

      It may sound snobby, but when I look through a cheap set of glass with poor clarity and no field-of-view, it almost makes me sick to stomach.


  26. I had my eye on a Leupold scope and a Rem 700 Ultramag but it got sold. I’d like to relpace the .06 for moose
    69 bucks for a box of shells but man did it shoot

  27. That’s right Jeff. After taking the necessary courses this spring (remember the fence crossing faux-pas? lol) I will be bow-hunting in WMU23 for moose with a group of family and friends. Between all of us, we were fortunate enough to get 1 bull and 2 cow seals. I haven’t even hunted yet and I’m starting to understand the “obsession”. Preparations and planning have begun, and the anticipation is building every day.

    I’ve been praticing, but not enough to my liking. Although my shots have been accurate, I could improve on my speed and flow when drawing. I hope to get out to the “range” at least every other day.

    1. Yes GPG, sorry I forgot about the fence thing.

      Sounds like you’ve got the dedication to make this bow hunting thing work…also sounds like an exciting moose hunt ahead!


  28. Leupold man … When I slipped on ice this past coyote season fell flat on the ground with the scope and rifle under me and my scope survived … my buddy with the Bushnell banner toasted his on the same patch of ice.

    But then again for the same price he could buy 6 scopes =)

    1. Rob, comparing a Bushnell Banner to a Bushnell Elite is like comparing a Kia to a Lexus…the Elite line of scopes is every bit the quality of a Leupold or a Burris.

      I fell off a 20 foot cliff once..used my scope to break the fall and it never even dented..and then there was that time with the charging rhino…hehe..just kidding


      1. Sorry Rob, that was a little harsh, now that I think about it….It would be more like comparing the Toyota Yaris to a Lexus LX-450.

        All jokes and comparisons aside, you are obviously happy with your Leupold?


  29. To be honest … I’ve got a banner on my moose gun and i wouldn’t trade it for the world because it is fairly decent optics for the $80 i paid for it … and I don’t cry when I fall on it or bang it against a tree.

    Ya the Leupolds are beautiful … have had a couple dozen over the years and not a bad one. My fave so far is the 16x mk4 on the 300wm I use for paper pushing in the back yard … but the one sitting on my coyote gun is up there too it’s a vx3 8.5-25 … with that little 204 ruger I can spot my hits as far as it will reach … and get nice fur friendly head shots.

    1. “Fur friendly head shots”..hehe…I have to remember that.

      “have had a couple dozen (Leupolds) over the years” I’m sure not too many people can say that, Rob.


  30. I have a Leupold on my .257 Roberts. Last fall I must have really dropped it or smashed it against something because I could not get it to hit any closer than 12″ to the right, no matter what I did. And of course this was right in the middle of deer season. I took it off after the season and shipped it out to their repair facility in Alberta I believe. Two weeks later, I received a brand new scope as a replacement. They said that the tube was bent on it and not repairable. Unless one of the guys at camp ran it over with their 4 wheeler while I wasn’t looking, I have no idea what happened to it. Just nice to have a company replace it no questions asked.

    1. sureshot-dave, that is excellent service you received from Leupold, especially since the problem was more likely from damage than defect…most manufacturers will not cover those sort of things.

      My guess is Leopold doesn’t get a lot of returned ‘defective’ products.


  31. Jeff, I tend to buy and sell guns a lot … well used to. Buy a gun/scope for a couple k … sell a couple years later for 1500+ … buy new gun/scope … rinse repeat. A lot of them never get off the range.

    I’m down to 3 leupolds and a banner … don’t think I may go beyond that now that I’m settled.

    For coyotes and that I try to hit them either at the base of the ear or square in the middle of the forehead, chest shots work great but the exit wounds are a mess to clean, and also means I can’t use the compressor to skin them.

    1. Yeah Rob, a compressor sure keeps the skinning knives sharp..too bad they don’t work on beavers!

      Well, I suppose you could ‘rough skin’ beaver with a compressor, but there’d still be lots of skinning knife work left!


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