Trout or turkey, what be your pleasure?

Its Fins or feathers, folks???

Early Spring generally falls into two main categories for area sportsmen:

1) Trout



2) Or turkey



What be your pleasure? They’re both mere weeks away(even though it doesn’t feel like it)!!



10 thoughts on “Trout or turkey, what be your pleasure?”

  1. number of trout are way down .. hopefully the warm weather will change things.. but right now its not looking good

  2. Trout in Eastern Province for me for opener.

    Also in NY, since I just received my yearly NY non-resident license yesterday.

  3. Jeff, out of topic but, our OFS club met yesterday and we are working on providing an introductory course in fly-fishing, will keep you informed if interested in an article.

    1. OK LG, thanks for heads-up! I may have Grant Hopkins include that with his Summer Fish, Hunt & Ride column…would this course be running throughout the summer, or just a one-time thing?


  4. Grant was at mtg yesterday, so he could inform you more.

    One course in 4 phases (possibly during evenings and weekend for various parts of content).

    We will be building-up inventory for hands-on portion (i.e., fly-tying, outing practice with rod and reel). Members are welcomed to donate (I will give two fly-fishing rods, etc.)

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