Uncle Ted lashes back at President over gun control


OK folks, I know I know…gun control in the US is a hot and controversial topic right now so why bring it up again?

Add to that, out-spoken Second Amendment gun activist (Uncle) Ted Nugent, and you’ve got the makings of one tumultuous Blog Post indeed!

But when a guy like Nugent gets invited to the State of the Union Address, one just can’t help but notice. As a special guest of Texas GOP Steve Stockman, it didn’t take old Ted long to lash-out at his favourite nemesis – none other than the President of the United States.

Ted responded to the address by calling Mr. Obama’s speech a “flowery” spew of “more nonsense”

President Obama declared in his speech that stronger background checks were in order, plus a ban on assault weapons and limits to ammunition magazines.  He stated that these requirements were worthy of a ‘Vote in Congress’

According to Uncle Ted, however, these provision would have no effect on recent events in Newtown or Aurora, in his opinion.

“Nothing he’s (Obama) proposed would have stopped any of the shootings,” Nugent said, following the President’s speech. “None of those shooters are gonna register anything.”

Yes, we all agree that firearms reform is necessary especially south of the border, but has the President really identified the areas requiring reform?

Although a bit of a stretch maybe, Canada’s former Long Gun Registry was another attempt at firearms reform which didn’t work. Perhaps crazy old Ted Nugent may have a point.

Majority of North American Media these days are labelling Ted Nugent a raging, trigger happy lunatic, whereas I would not be so hasty in painting the man with the same broad-stroked brush.


41 thoughts on “Uncle Ted lashes back at President over gun control”

  1. In my opinion, Americans should continue fighting any and all gun registrations and resctrications. I don’t believe guns are the problem in the US, it is the culture of violence which breeds killers.

    American TV, movies, and news are plastered with gun violence, everyday, every hour. I would go as far to say that if the episode or movie has no guns in it, that the commercial breaks will feature them by advertising other TV shows or movies with guns. Then the news of the day focuses almost exclussively on shootings, violence, and wars. You can’t escape it. Violence and guns are ubiquitous in the US.

    This culture of violence contributes much more to the gun-related deaths than the number of rounds a gun can carry and assault-style rifles.

  2. I don’t own any guns myself but why punish the people who follow the law? Criminals are going to use guns whether they are illegal or not. By making restrictions they are just punishing the law abiding citizens that will follow the rules, it won’t have any effect on the criminals because they are just going to obtain their illegal guns the same way they previously obtained them illegally. Without guns we wouldn’t have been able to survive and adapt like we have. Humans would have probably become a bunch of salad munching granola eaters without the hunters who put food on our tables. The fact that alot of people eat meat and then turn around and say we need to get rid of guns totally boggles my mind. In my mind people who want to get rid of guns are ignorant and not very educated on the whole purpose of them. I myself do not know very much about hunting and guns but I do know it is an essential tool for man kind. You can kill someone just as easily with an axe, butcher knife, can of gas with a lighter and a rag etc. but these things are not restricted? Why not? Because they are tools that need to be used, just like guns. It’s not the tool that kills people its the”tool” that is using it that do.

  3. Gotta love good old ted ! cant say that i disagree with anything he said ,give the man credit hes not afraid to speak the truth .In my opinion the recent shootings are more of a mental health issue that a gun control issue …why was there no focus on that ?? like he said it would have done nothing for the victims …its nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to keep the anti-gun lobbiests happy and its a true shame…

  4. Mr. Nugent is right. Sure, he can be a little out there, but he’s correct. This is more about Obama having an agenda against weapons and trying to disarm the US.

    So much to say with conspiracies in the US right now, but I won’t get into those.

    I will say this, I follow a pile of hunters on twitter and there is a massive underground ‘I dare you to try to take my weapons’ anthem going on right now towards the US govt. It’s interesting yet concerning at the same time.

  5. What is it with the “from my cold stiff fingers” mentality of gun lobbyists? I own 3 long rifles, 3 shotguns, and am about to inherit 2 of my grandfather’s old & collectible service revolvers. I’ve been throught the requisite training, hold all the appropriate licences and comply with safe storage regulations. I’ve been hunting regularily for about 42 years now and never have had any concerns about the ‘Gummint” knowing that I possess these weapons! All of them are/were registered under the recently discontinued Canadian Firearm Registry, and I never once hesitated about complying with the law.

    By a large margin, the #1cause of death by firearm is suicide, and it happens at an alarming rate. We lost a good freind / doctor to this horrible fate exactly one year ago. If I should ever get to the point that my personal well being,or that off my family or the public in general is compromised because of mental health issues, then by all means PLEASE TAKE MY GUNS AWAY FROM ME! Furthermore, when the police get called to a domestic disturbance, they need to know if the persons inside are armed to the teeth and prone to violence. They have loved ones and babies to go home to just like us. Why shouldn’t they have a level playing feild?

    And what’s with large capacity clips and pubescent boy fantasies about assualt rifles? C’mon guys, man up fer Chrissakes! If you can hit a bird or a deer with a bolt-action and 3 shots, then you may as well take up bowling!

    Gus out

  6. Ted is a burned out red-neck who has nothing valuable to offer with respect to the issue of mass killings with automatic weapons in the US. Obama, wanting to disarm the US? You have to be kidding me and if you think that he has any notions about totally disarming the US citizens then you really need to check your koolaid.

    What is the President supposed to do when innocent children are being gunned down? I ask you then, what should be done? Continue on without doing anything? Pretend that it’s just one psycho and it will go away when the vicitms are buried? Ban TV shows? Ban violent video games maybe? The Republican way; put MORE guns in the schools, movie theaters, restaurants, and shopping malls in case a psycho shows up?

    This isn’t about hunters as Ted would have you believe, never was, never will be and as far as I know guns were invented for war, not for putting food on our plate. Auto loaders made killing and maiming on the front lines a lot more efficient because you could point and spray.

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people? Correct, a psycho can walk into any Sporting goods store in the US, purchase a fully automatic weapon, an extra long clip, and hundreds of rounds of full metal jacket ammo easier than someone here can buy a pack of smokes. Damn right guns kill people, hundreds of them, including kids, and those comparing a knife, or ax to an assault rifle? Give me a break! I’ll take my chances against the knife thanks.

    I do tend to agree that it’s a bit late now and that these talks are doing is driving up sales of every kind of weapon that should be harder to get in the first place. Based on the news I would run out and get mine if I were there.

    I don’t have the answers either, I want my guns but I don’t think that some kind of rules should I want to purchase an assault type weapon are out of the question, or breaching my civil rights. Especially with what’s happening in the world today. Do average citizens need an AK47 under their beds? I do know that in all liklihood the proportion of mass killings will be directly related to the number of mass killing weapons in circulation.

    So what is the answer? I certainly don’t know.

    1. OK johan, you bring up some valid points, however Ted’s view of things should not be discounted either. All this ‘whittling back on things’ does slowly and surely take our rights away as hunters and firearm carrying sportsmen. Just as animal rights people lobbying against our sport.

      Of course there is no need for AK47, that’s a no brainer! The problem is, and chessy has sent me some info on this. What firearms currently fall under ‘Assault weapons’ category are not really would I would call assault weapons.

      None the less, my point of the article was not to say that its Ted’s way or the highway, it was simply to say..”What is the best course of action here?”

      Im pushing more for dealing with the mental side of these mass shootings..have these nuts been assessed properly by the medical profession? Perhaps nipping these incidents in the bud is a the best course of action! Prevent gun crimes before it even occurs!!


  7. Come on Johan (“a psycho can walk into any Sporting goods store in the US, purchase a fully automatic weapon, an extra long clip, and hundreds of rounds of full metal jacket ammo easier than someone here can buy a pack of smokes”) That statement is not correct. I don’t know of any state where full auto guns are legal and easy to buy. Newtown tragady was a semi-auto rifle in a AR platform. The same rifle you can buy in Canada with a “restricted” license. No gun law in Canada would have prevented that scenario, yet it does not happen here. Why is that?

  8. Just look at New York for knee jerk decisions. The Remington 1187 turkey gun is now considered an assault weapon. Jeff, if you have the email I sent you, post it here. As I am too incapacitated to get to my regular computer to dig for files.

    Lance, those guns in Canada just require a PAL. But clips are set to five. But there is ways around that. If you buy a 40 cal and use a 40 cal clip from a pistol which hold 10 -15, it is legal to use.

  9. The ‘AR platform’ IS the differentiator here, and yes, I stand corrected. The dude may have had to actually pull the trigger 10 times to kill 10 kids, my mistake. Is a Bushmaster 223 assault style rifle a popular choice among hunters? Not any I know however it IS popular with mental cases who take human life because they have a bad day. How about his mom’s other guns, a 9 mm Sig, and a 10mm Glock and I think he had others with him too. Mom sure had a lot of firepower, none of which is choice for hunting?
    My point is if people can continue buy Bushmaster type rifles (AR platform), or hand guns at Walmart with relative ease then expect them to end up in the hands of the psychos. More guns+more psychos = more mass killings. You may be able to get those weapons here in Canada, but it’s a heck of a lot harder.
    As previously stated, I don’t have the answers but something has to be done, and arming more people is NOT the answer. We as hunters have to be part of the solution or the city dwellers will do it for us.

  10. Many of the conspiracy theories Keebler mentions deal with the possibility that the US Government could be taken over and replaced by a dictator- some even go as far to say that it has already happened. Now I don’t know about that.

    I do know that I’m not naive to believe it can NEVER happen. What’s worse, is that an unarmed population makes that possibility even greater and easier. Should that ever happen, who will fight the to reclaim the country? If the police and army need protection from the citizens, the citizens should have protection from themselves and from the police and army. It’s only fair, and it’s a right which is provided to every American within the Constitution. It’s about the freedom to feed and protect onself and family without the help of the Government. This is what I believe they are fighting for (freedom and rights), and the people has my support.

  11. as ted said in a interview with pierce morgan .. how many of those gun crimes are gang on gang, and police shootings

    Please watch this video

  12. The only thing stopping bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. I agree with that statement. Had the teachers been armed instead of having their area legislated as free gun zones the killer/s may think twice before going in and shooting children. They were cowards..killing babies who couldn’t fight back, with no one to protect them. That type of person doesn’t register a gun. Call them mentally duranged but they were smart enough to plan, and had they thought that they may have been taken out, perhaps they would have rethought their plan and gone for help instead of fostering the availability of the kill.

  13. What a great debate this has turned into.

    On the topic of Ted; I agree that he is a “burned out red-neck who has nothing valuable to offer”. In my opinion the NRA should stop relying on his endorsement. Sure he’s got the gift of gab most of which can be chalked up as rhetoric and psycho babble.

    On the topic of gun control; I say again, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It always amazes me how many people come out of the wood work after one of these shootings that say things like: “Well he always was a bit weird” or “he always had a facination with guns” etc.

    On the topic of the Canadian gun registry making it safer for law enforcement to investigate domestics; I say BS ! Every single domestic that is investigated by the police has at least 2 guns at it. (Yes, ever single one !), In addition to the guns, there are also 2 collapsable batons, 2 cannisters of pepper spray, 3 large capacity magazines and 46 live rounds and sometimes a Taser. Based on that, all that needs to happen is that every situation is treated as if guns are present. I’d rather see our law enforcement officers tried by 12 than carried by 6.

  14. j_Normal raises another valid point……

    Teachers should be armed, as should any other law abiding citizen that chooses to want to (pending a rigorous background check and training coupled with a Special Invesigation Unit who investigate events where civilian carried firearms are used). A “right to bare arms” would change a lot of things….

    1. Trapper said ” A “right to bare arms” would change a lot of things….”

      OK Trap, now you’re starting to sound like Ted…hehe..

      You can say whatever you want about the man, but to call him a ‘burn-out’ in any form is simply unfounded. Even Webster’s definition of burn out includes “A person who shows the effects of drug use.”

      To be burned out..as some have said, would imply that Ted used a lot of drugs and alcohol in his day..and thus has ‘burned himself out’, when the truth of the matter is that he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink and doesn’t do drugs of any kind..never has..even back in the peak of his rock n’ career!!

      So, all gun issues aside, you may not agree with the guy, but to say he’s a burn out would be highly inaccurate in my opinion…


  15. hey jeff the real only way to stop people killing people is restart the death penalty for crimes committed by people using guns that are found guilty why jail and feed them and care for them. just get rid of them it is simple if found guilty of a felony involving murder or robbery that’s it no more bs get tough it may be the only way.What is your input . on another note there will be an article in the sun on monday about the young lad that passed away in almonte on jan 9 2013 by ron corbett check it out . cheers have a great weekend

    1. Hey Mike, you have my FULL support on that one..and btw, I would vote for you as President if that were, at all, possible..but since you weren’t born in the US of A..perhaps we should go with PM instead?!

      Tks for the heads-up on that article Mike, that is the lad we spoke about earlier..the one featured in Doc’s Blog. You know, it is great to see all the folks in Almonte pulling together for support. It is a small town mentality that I too grew-up with. My little hometown of 300 people was the same way and truly, it is something you don’t always find in the big city.


  16. Jeff, he “never inhaled…” He had a chance to ‘honour of his country’, go to war and play with real guns and we all know how that went, Maybe he didn’t like the odds when the quarry was shooting back. His music isn’t bad though!
    News flash, we don’t live in the wild west any more. Arm everyone and many more will die.
    Mike, you have my vote for PM as well, only why bother with a trial? Cops shouldn’t let the shooters like from CT walk out because it sets the bar for the next psycho.

  17. Johan your statement is false. Japan never sent a ground assault, why? Because there commander said every American is armed that was the saving grace of the USA in ww2 don’t believe me look it up

  18. Chessy, do you have any links to back up your claim about armed American civilians and the lack of a Japanese ground assault on the U.S.?

    The Japanese never invaded the continental U.S. because it was geographically impractical and their Navy was so badly damaged by the Americans in the Battle of Midway that it never recovered.

  19. I was wrong from this quote “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” did some more research and their is no evidence he ever said this . Admiral Yamamoto himself predicted quite accurately that Japan could never hope to defeat the United States because of this material and military superiority, and stated at the onset of the war that (to use the very same website that you provided) “In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.” He further stated that defeating the United States would involve marching all the way to the capital at Washington, D.C., something that Japan did not have the material resources to accomplish. His apprehension was not for fear of privately held weapons on the US mainland.

    sorry for the miss quote .. i guess you learn something everyday

  20. Leave the tool alone, guns. Check the indivisuals, the people buying the tool. The U.S. still allows drunk drivers to kill innocent people but you dont see vehicles being banned, or narrowing the list to only allow certain vehicles to be purchased or owned by the people. Is the vehicle a weapon? Should we ban automatic transmissions and only allow manual? 8 cylinder or 4 cylinder? Drunk drivers have been killing people for a long time now in the U.S. and even killed more than any one nutcase at any one time. We even give the drunk driver more chances to re-offend in this country, and this has happened more times than most know!!!
    I own guns, had a permit to carry since legal age here in Minnesota. I love hunting, sport shooting(clays), and just simple target plinking. I own several semi-auto weapons and respect the current laws 100%. I also beleive in the oppurtunity for every American to conceal and carry for their and their loved ones protection in todays world and tough times. Even if your against the 2nd amendment, it just might be that a law-abiding citizen saves your life or family member. Keep in mind folks, the media ONLY announces the crime, not the good when it comes to firearms. I have a large list of incidents where a citizen came to the rescue of others in harms way. I’ve only seen KMSP channel 5 news in Saint Paul cover one story of a citizen rescueing an elderly woman and I commend them for taking that step.
    With budget cuts to local law enforcement, the timing isn’t always there for one in dire need…
    My heart goes out to all of the innocent people killed in the shootings by some “mad-person”, I beleive these indivisuals need to be delt with to the fullest extent of the law, and also we as a people need to reconize these indivisuals before any thing happens wether it be a choice of any tool (gun, vehicle, and etc.) they use. We can’t sit back and think what if’s any more, learn how to recognize these people or at least open our eyes.

  21. Well said, Ed. I would much prefer seeing level-headed respectfull arguments to the issue than the like of Ted Nugent and Alex Jones.

    However, these loud-mouths got the attention of the media because they can effectively cut through the BS which was fed to them by Piers Morgan. Mr. Morgan is one of the worst Infotainment hosts out there who never shys away from twisting the truth and statistics to his advantage, and redirecting the viewers attention to useless information while trying to make a point.

    If any of you haven’t seen the interview with Alex Jones, you should definately look it up. If you can look past his yelling, he exposes Morgan’s tricks to his viewers – to the point where Morgan was visibly annoyed. (apparently Morgan’s producer even cried after the interview lol)

    1. Ok folks, I urge you all to watch the video(Chessy sent) of Ted’s appearance on Piers Morgan.

      Then….tell me who the real lunatics are???

      Say what you want, but Ted has the nail on the head. Don’t target the tool, target the madmen behind the tool. As Nugent says, 99.9% of all gun owners are good responsible people.

      Why not put money into the nutjobs who go on rampages..or as Ted calls them Man Men?

      Ted Quote on justice system “When you let a man out of his cage who killed his grandmother with a hammer, and then you pretend you’re shocked when he shoots a fireman! I honestly think I’ve landed on the Planet of the Aps!!.


  22. Just watched the video that uncle Ted did with that clown Morgan, and I didn’t see any evidence of a burned out red neck, I saw a master debater turn Morgan inside out, I love that guy, he knows his stuff and he speaks it well

    What I don’t understand is why he did the interview in the first place, we all knew how it would go before it even started, he’s a pro gun activist and Morgan is a stanch anti gun/love Obama talking head

    1. I’m with you on this one Iggs..I find Ted speaks very well, has great diction and is well versed in the topic..all things you need to be a good debater. Obviously we knew the two would square off and in my opinion, Ted won the debate!


  23. I just watched it as well, I’ll sum up my opinion with this:

    ” Ted Nugent is an arguementative and entertaining wordsmith”

    But he’s not convincing nor tactful. Havning said that however, I’m ok with the latter point but just feel that he will not convince the politicians to change their mind nor listen to the voice of law abiding gun owners.

  24. I didn’t say he wasn’t a good debater. He is in fact that. I just think that he’s not the best voice for legal gun owners.

    1. Trapper, I think I know what you mean…it’s his appeal to the masses…many people do tend to dismiss the guy as a redneck blowhard where his message and intent miss the mark. From a Canadian standpoint, he is certainly a lot more on the ‘take’ side of conservation, but unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of vocal personalities to represent us. It always seems the ‘antis’ are the real vocal ones or the ones willing to fight more.

      No, Ted may not be perfect..but he seems to be one of the few on our side of things when it comes to preserving our hunting heritage.


  25. I don’t think ted screams enough I don’t think is is nuts enough i don’t think he talks enough. why? because you never hear anything from anyone else, When the so called gun haters speak or animal lovers speak they get ourt attention by doing stuff that is so bazar that we talk about if for days while having morning coffee or the news talks about it in the morning and evening , We are going to have to be as crazy as these people in order for us to continue to hunt and fish on crown land . sorry folks but laying in bed saying this one or that one is to outspoken is going to cost us alot

  26. We should not be swayed by liberal bias in the media into thinking that Ted is an unacceptable spokesperson for our cause. We do not have to make our spokespersons more like the liberal talking heads on CNN in order to be credible.

    By the way, after the horrific massacre of school children in the U.S., I thought Mr. LaPierre of the NRA was the only person making any sense in the debate. The liberal media hated him.

  27. Yes, Chessy, that is exactly why crazed lunatics target schools, movie theatres, etc. You have a whole bunch of helpless victims lin a room with no escape. That’s why I am in favour of arming teachers and or having armed guards in school. Mr. LaPierre of the NRA was absolutely right in my opinion.

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