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Ok folks that’s pretty sad..the World Fishing Network has a big contest on-the-go right now to find North America’s Ultimate Fishing Town, and I was the first person to nominate Ottawa. 

I saw that other smaller Ontario towns like Thunder Bay and Ignace were already nominated, so I thought we better get cracking if we want to win this thing!

So, if you think Ottawa is the Ultimate Fishing Town, please follow my nomination link and vote for it.

Be sure to tell your friends too!!

I think everyone in North America should realize that we here in the Nation’s Capital are a force to be reckoned with, and really deserve that $25, 000 community prize money!!



40 thoughts on “WFN Ultimate Fishing Town Contest”

  1. Ottawa would be a great fishing town if the city included the Aylmer, Gatineau, Hull sectors. The fact that we have to pay for one resident license, and one 62$ non-resident for Quebec in order to have access to a reasonable radius of lakes, rivers, and hunting grounds makes Ottawa, in my books, a terrible fishing town.

  2. Terrible might be a strong word. Ottawa still benefits greatly from the rivers and lakes in the region, with a relative short drive to wonderful locations for good fishing with many species available including pike, walleye, trout, muskie, bass and even strugeon. But certainly, it suffers from the above mentioned reason.

  3. not on the Ottawa you don’t, you can fish with an Ontario or Quebec license, if I understand the regs

  4. I’m with GPG on this, but provincial jurisdictions knows of no (oups sorry wrong word) boundaries. I have my two licenses.

    As for fishing the Otawa river, yes complicated, but overall if you have either a QC or ON license, then you can access from either side and fish anywhere with a boat close to either shores. Don’t know if you fish from shore what applies.

    1. It has always been my understanding that you can fish the entire Ottawa River (both sides) with either a QC or ON fishing license…and of course if you have only one license, it should be that of your home province.

      As LeGrand noted, you’re better off having both…sure its a pain having to pay extra, but that is the cost of basically living in a border town when it comes to this sort of thing. As far as Im concerned, its not that big of a deal.


  5. Hey every body my vote is for the mighty Ottawa you have to love a place like here when the fish can bite back and you never know what you are going to reel in, it always seems to be an adventure .

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    1. Iggy, I looked into it and this person is what they refer to as a ‘troll’. People who monitor Blogs and chat forums…in order to market their product. Occasionally they will attempt to make a valid comment as a way of getting their message out..

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  7. I haven’t fished the Ottawa much – I don’t own a boat for that type of water. I enjoy lake fishing, trolling, trout streams, bass beds, etc in my canoe. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy hooking on to a monster muskie or strugeon, I just don’t have the equipment. I purchase both licences to acces more areas, but for my type of fishing, northern Ontario is more attractive – just my opinion.

  8. Im From Riverport Nova Scotia…just outside of Lunenburg Nova Scotia…its a very good makareal fishing place and bass, trout, just ask around here…You will find out

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  10. don’t worry about it, how bout starting a post about who’s hunting what and when. I’ve got a hunt coming up

  11. Hi Outdoors Guy. Now that you pretty much have to accept that Ottawa isn’t going to make it to the finals, it would be REALLY nice if you would help promote the bid of Seeley’s Bay, on the Rideau, and about 1.5 hours southwest of Ottawa. Although the WFN hasn’t posted official results yet, we are pretty sure we will be on the top 10 leaderboard, and we are likely to be the only place in eastern Ontario. At the end of the second round of voting, the unofficial result had us second in Ontario and fifth in the country. But the only was we can beat those heavyweights from B.C. is to get help for our friends, in Ottawa, Toronto, Pennsylvania, etc. Supporters can ‘like’ our Facebook page “Support Seeley’s Bay Ontario” and check out the WFN Ultimate Fishing Town site on September 7 and vote for us – PLEASE! We have great fishing and we could surely put $25K to good use in this little town, to make it a better place to live and fish.

    1. Hello would be my pleasure to support Seeley’s Bay in their bid for Ultimate Fishing Town!

      I’ll try to put something together for you folks ASAP!



  12. Not the ‘best’ fishing town, Iggy…the ‘ultimate’ fishing is nearby so I think we should send them out support.


    1. For those of you who are still following this contest, here are the results:

      Grand Prize Winner: Port Alberni, BC
      Winner of $25,000 community donation
      WFN to produce and broadcast a 30-minute feature about Port Alberni, BC

      Second Place Winner: Nestor Falls, ON
      Winner of a $5,000 community donation

      Secondary Prize Winners:
      The following towns will receive a donation on behalf of WFN and their TV provider:

      Thunder Bay, ON
      Winner of $2,000 courtesy of Shaw Cable & WFN

      Miramichi, NB
      Winner of $2,500 courtesy of Rogers Cable & WFN

      O’Leary, PEI
      Winner of $1,500 courtesy of EastLink & WFN

      Niagara Falls, ON
      Winner of $1,000 courtesy of Cogeco Cable & WFN

      Dauphin, MB
      Winner of $1,000 courtesy of WFN

      Here are the final standings of our Top 10

      Port Alberni, BC
      Nestor Falls, ON
      Dauphin, MB
      Nipawin, SK
      Seeley’s Bay, ON
      Port Rowan, ON
      Miramichi, NB
      O’Leary, PE
      Thunder Bay, ON
      Chilliwack, BC

  13. Ok, let me re-phrase that
    Seeley’s Bay as the ultimate fishing town???
    In Canada???

    I would think that there are some towns in BC NFLD Nova Scotia,
    How about the Mirimichi, that should win the big prize
    Or how about way up in Northern Quebec. Did the best fishing of my
    life at Mirage Outfitters outpost camps and LG4

  14. Come on Iggy, you had the chance to nominate any one of those towns back in July when I first nominated Ottawa, and created this Post…it just seems that people in certain areas took this contest more seriously than other regions. Evidently people around here just weren’t that interested.

    If you check out the top-10 finalists you’ll see that Seeley’s Bay is in the thick of things:

    In my opinion, the WFN scores high marks for this contest/marketing campaign…it was an intelligent way to get the word out there, if you ask me


  15. Oh that’s right, I missed Ottawa.
    Please add Ottawa to my list of more ultimate towns
    than Seely’s Bay.

    Don’t get me wrong, Seely’s Bay is on the list, just way down the list 😉

  16. All ya displaced and wannabee BCers… you just gotta know BC is the best place fer fishin’. So vote for Port Alberni… because they are the best of those in the running! We gotsa biggy ocean and everything. LOL… goooooooo Port!!!

  17. I once lived in Northern Ontario (Sault Ste Marie area) and hunted and fished to my hearts content. I thought it was a great place to fish until I moved to Port Alberni and man talk about the ultimate fishing place. Don’t need anything but boats here and the only ice fished for is to put in my scotch on hot sunny summer days.

    In any given day there are salmon, ling cod, crab, shrimp, halibut, prawns (big shrimp) and then there’s the trout available in the freshwater lakes and rivers that abound out here. Our snow is usually confined to the mountain tops so we can do the ‘snowman’ thing after going golfing. Now all that, is available, without requiring the use of a snow machine. How cool is that?

    If you in Ottawa want to support the real “Ultimate Fishing Town” may I ask you to through your vote our way because Mississauga has a larger population than our whole province.

  18. Vote for CHAPLEAU in Northern Ontario. We are a struggling little isolated town of 2200 vying for the title of Ultimate Fishing Town. Our runner up is Port Colborne in the Niagara region and they have a population of 18000 so we need your help. We have been voting and promoting our town really hard. Winning this contest would do wonders for our dying town and boost our economy and hopefully remove the gloomy ghost town mentality we have all been feeling should our only lumber mill close down. The fishing here is unreal for the outdoorsman who wants a challenge and a rugged adventure like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone needs to fish the north at least once to feel the ultimate fishing thrill! Please vote for CHAPLEAU 🙂

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