When beavers attack!!


A man in Belarus is dead following an attack by a beaver

That’s right, I said beaver!!

The man was on his way to a lake with some friends when, he spotted one of the flat-tailed critters on the side of a road and tried to take a photo.

Apparently this fur-bearer was not impressed with being the center of attention, and it attacked the man with the fury of 1000 beavers… (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face but this way no joke)

The fisherman was bitten several times in the upper thigh which severed a major artery. First aid was administered and an ambulance operator said the man died from blood loss.

Spring is an especially difficult time for beavers around the world. The young adults are pushed from the lodge to fend for themselves. Oftentimes you will see beavers (in this region) dead along the side of the road which are, no doubt, these young adults seeking out new territory.

Evidently these animals can get rather testy at this time of year as well..



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  1. if you get the wrong type of beaver they can be costly. I have known a few farmers who loved beavers till they cost them the family farm , they can do serous amounts of damage in a short amount of time , 🙂

    1. “Honey, sorry I’m late, I was out photographing beavers…”


  2. jeff that reminds me of a t-shirt from days gone by if your canadian show me your beaver bye the way she was smokin hot

  3. You may think that i am making this up .. this year we have had nothing but headachs at the fishway. we have been getting sticks and such lifting logs ect we have twice had to shut down the ladder . well after this high rain and sever water flow and cold weather we decided to shut down ladder and fix the problem once and for all.. we shut water off to the ladder and climbed down what did we find..YUP a beaver has brought sticks and mud and put it in the first two jumps at the ladder . ther is over 3 feet of mud and sticks piled up… we got most of it out but is going to make things intresting if he comes bac

  4. Ah the ever popular “Beaver” jokes……you wouldn’t believe the looks Mrs Trapper and I get when we discuss skinning beaver within ear shot of citiots.

    Quote Outdoors guy: “First aid was administered and an ambulance said the man died from blood loss.” End quote.

    I didn’t know an ambulance could talk. While on the topic of grammer should it not read “Outdoor’s Guy”

    Back to the main topic. There has to be a lot more to this story, can you find out Jeff ?

    1. I dunno Trapper, after those insults I’m not sure I want to look into it..and btw, it was a talking ambulance..hehe

      Outdoor’s Guy

  5. not what I expected when I first read the headline
    Trapper is the new internet spell and grammer police
    Just got back from golfing in Ocean City MD and was with a guy who writes for the Sun and his girlfriend is known as the “Beaver Skinner”

    1. Iggy wrote “…was with a guy who writes for the Sun and his girlfriend is known as the “Beaver Skinner”



  6. Holy crap, it’s sure spring on the wildlife meter. Deer are back in full force, and I can only guess how many gobblers there were at the back of the property this morning. I have not heard that much simultaneous gobbling and clucking ever and I assume they were just ready to leave the roost for the morning. Should be a good hunt this year!
    Save a tree; eat a beaver!

    1. Hey johah, Im noticing same around my place..just about plowed into a deer Sat evening near home.and the gobblers were walking across the lawn yesterday.

      Me likey!!!


  7. 85F two days, and a bit cooler the other days, got in 4 rounds of golf and had a blast
    One of the guys that goes on this trip with us is a writer for the Sun
    and we (I) tease him that his girlfriend is a beaver skinner
    long story

    1. I’m hurt Iggs..thought I was your only pal from the SUN and you’ve never invited me down south. I can teach Mrs Outdoors Guy how to skin a beaver if you like?

      Actually….hehe..not sure that’ll happen.


  8. I will be sure to send this to the ethics committee at the Sun. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the huge sponsor prize package is awarded under fishy circumstances, followed by news that the recipient of said humongous prize package takes the prize committee chairperson and chief decision maker on a golf excursion with skinned beavers?
    I think not!

    1. But..but…I didn’t send Iggy the prize package yet…and I wasn’t even invited on that trip??

      The SUN has an ethics committee now? Oh man…


  9. hi jeff saw a funny thing on tuesday a large deer was starring down a skunk on the edge of the burntlands field on a drive down the highway should have stopped and took a pic , bye the way lots of turkeys big turkeys hope they will be around in afew weeks

  10. Saw lots and lots of turkeys on Hwy 416 on the way to the US, lots of them all fanned out showing off.

  11. Iggy says:
    April 17, 2013 at 9:17 am
    Saw lots and lots of turkeys on Hwy 416 on the way to the US, lots of them all fanned out showing off.

    Yeah! This weekend I saw one dead on 416, plus a Canada geese, then on 81 in the USA saw dead deers (lots of encounters).

    Saw lots of turkeys also on 417 going to and back to Pembroke, ON, plus some deers.

    1000 km trip, the wife and I driving each our own vehicles, to go back to Syracuse airport to pick-up my son and 5 of his Algonquin College chums with all their huge packsacks from their one week 100km survival track in Southern Mountain path of California.

    Talked to my son, this morning. Boy was he happy to sleep on a real mattress.

  12. I was in Kanata last weekend, just driving through March road to Dunrobin. I saw a turkey in the middle of the busy urban section of the road! Then followed countless geese (2 of them on the road) and deer (I stopped counting after 10). My GF wouldn’t pull over for me to jump out a grab them! ppffffft!

  13. As for the Beaver story… I have seen my share of nasty beavers, but they haven’t killed me yet! hahaha

  14. had three jakes in front of me this morning at about 15 yards, but very short beards and it’s early

    1. Hey Iggs, still early like you say, and nice day out there I bet!

      Jump over to latest post on Turkey Opening…Johan is already there…bragging.


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