White-tailed deer time of rebirth captured on camera

Look what showed-up at my deer feeder while I was away on holidays!


Photographing a doe with a newly born fawn is almost as exciting as photographing a big buck!



So neat to see mom and baby at this time of year! Based on other trail cam pics, this little guy appears to have been born first week of July making him approx 1 month old in these images.


 Sticking very close to mom at this point…



A rare shot of a nursing fawn!  Only the second time I’ve managed to capture that on camera.


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  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. Love the photos, had the same type of visitors in my yard a few weeks ago. Maybe I should put up a trail cam!

    1. Welcome PottsyMJ!!

      You most certainly should get a trail cam..it’s like hunting but without the rifle…or bow..or shotgun..or muzzleloader..or crossbow.

      I will be testing out a couple of new Bushnell models later this summer…keep a look out. And keep a look out for fawns around your place too..they are afterall our future Deer woods…plus that they’re just cute to watch.


  2. Saw two fawns this morning going out for the paper. Bigger than the ones in your photos. Our group received one doe tag this year. Better than last year. Summer is going quick.

  3. Wow imacdon , you have deer that read! ! ! 😉
    I’m going to my hunt camp next week and I’ll put out a camera to try my luck. I know that Bob the Butcher just put one out at his camp just next to ours.

    1. HAA…just got that joke Iggy! Sorry imacdon, you need to re-read your comment.


    2. Iggy, Bob has shown me some of his trailcam pics over the years and they put a lot of mine to shame! Was nice running into him at the Carp show this spring! Lets just say, he’s got me beat in the ‘gift of the gab’ area too..hehe


  4. Nice shots!!
    I haven’t checked my cam in months, not sure I have enough blood in me to make it there and back.
    Update: My buddy that got the ‘untimely’ Cow moose tag also drew an elk tag. Now that’s sweet.

    1. Johan, I guess for your buddy, when it rains it pours! Is he familiar with the Bancroft area..or does he have any landowner contacts in that area? I know imacdon did the elk hunt last year and may serve as a good resource.


  5. Yes we drew a cow tag for elk last fall in the southern most area. There are fewer tags
    this year just like everything else. There was not a lot of elk in the area we hunted.
    Hunt zones to the north had large herds of elk. There is a lot of crown land but
    you have to find out where the elk are. A lot of private land and you have to go door to
    door to get permission. That’s the hard part. We spent a least 4-5 days, weeks before
    the hunt scouting and getting permission.

  6. Hey Jeff. Miss you in the paper. Love reading your columns. Last year at the cottage in Perth, saw a beautiful deer with her fawn quite a few times. They kept hanging out in the middle of the road. Thankfully it’s a little used road.

    1. Hey Frank, good to hear from you and hey, no worries! I’m still online here at the Ottawa SUN and my original Outdoors column(print & online) was moved to Pembroke paper, as a monthly. Plus I have another different Outdoors column in Bounder magazine..plenty of Outdoors Guy bs to go around..hehe

      Try to get some pics of those deer..send me some and I’ll post them here!

      Same for everyone else..any fresh deer images please send them along. I can never get enough.


  7. I think the elk aren’t far from where our moose camp is the crow flies. He has a buddy with a camp they can use and he expects to do some scouting prior to the hunt as well. Not sure what kind of a tag he got, he didn’t say. I wouldn’t mind putting one of those in my freezer, supposed to be good eating.
    Imacdon – did you fill your tag? Any tips I can pass along?

  8. We used bow’s. Did not get within sixty yards. Would have been easy with a rifle. We spent a couple of days scouting further to the North. They are big animals, you’ll need a big freezer. Lots of butcher’s in the area. Do lots of scouting and get permission. First thing the CO’s will ask. Lots of locals will not allow hunting on thier property. My cousin shot the first and I think one of the biggest bull’s the first year the season opened. His party has not got a tag since. I suspect any group I’m with will not get a tag for a few more years. I may be going out west to hunt Elk with one of my brother’s this fall. I’ve eaten Elk from out west, it’s good. They used to say when the settlers showed up they would shoot a Elk for winter meat over deer or moose? Good luck.

    1. imacdon, it sounds like an incredibly exciting hunt! Evidently securing land to hunt-on may be one of the biggest hurdles. Wish I had some contacts/friends/relatives up in that area.

      Elk better eating than moose?? I know every animal is different and many factors go into producing quality table fare, but the elk I tried wasn’t as good as moose. Still very good tho.


  9. Our der camp is between Dacre and Griffith and I’ve heard elk bugle there while sitting on the outdoor throne (not kidding, it wasn’t man made) but no one at our camp has hunted them yet and haven’t actually seen one either. Our camp is being over run by moose, it’s nothing for us to see five or six moose, some right up close, during the deer gun hunt, but there is no season other than for calves
    Our moose hunting outfitter told us this week that she has an extra cow tag that she plans to give to one of the two camps that hunt moose with her. So we could end up with two bull or calf tags and one cow. Won’t know till we get there though, then she’ll put names in a hat and draw.

    1. Hey Iggy..funny that you’d hear elk up in that area although, there was one running around downtown couple of summers ago, so they are around. Apart from the special draw controlled elk hunts in Central ON, I’m not sure of where there are any other seasons.

      So funny what you can see while sitting in the camp outhouse! One time at our camp back in the 80’s, I was in the outhouse and heard what sounded like ‘hoof noises’ on the ground beside camp. I opened the door to see two moose staring in the camp window while the guy’s made breakfast inside!


  10. We aren’t very far from the Bancroft herd
    Just got back
    Set out a trail cam and had a nice evening.
    Saw lots of moose and deer sign
    The deer flies are rediculas, as soon as you get out of the breeze they are all over you

  11. IGGY are you east or west of Bancroft… last year there were no sign of deer in the southern tip of Algonquin park. never seen a deer so bad up there first time since I turn 16 I never applied for a doe tag

    1. Hey Chessy, not sure if Iggs is around, but I can tell you that Dacre and Griffith are pretty much straight East of Bancroft. You can ask iggs, but I don’t believe their deer herd has suffered as much as yours has at southern end of the Park.

      Wonder how things are there this year, Chess? Anyone been up there?


  12. Yup east of Bancroft. Lots of deer sign around and moose too. We have a few guys that go to our camp to hunt moose calves because there are zero tags for adult moose but I prefer to travel to get my moose.its near Burns Lake

  13. we have alot of moose by us.. but last year all we seen was a few deer tracks nothing new and that was during the week of moose and the week of deer .. we never heard a shot

    1. Well Chessy..if the bylaw issues around your place stay calm, you might just stick around home for deer hunting. I know what its like though, just spending time at hunt camp is special in its own way, even without a lot of animals around.


  14. Bad English, sorry
    Our deer camp is near Burns Lake, I travel north to Quebec this year for moose

  15. we go back at it again on sept 1 and the 15 .. been meeting with councilors for a week now giving them my opinion .. I think I have a few of them swayed

  16. yes Jeff you are correct just being there is the best part… just that when there is few animals the booze comes out … and I don’t drink .. maybe a beer a week if lucky

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