Yearling buck returns after 8 month absence

Anyone who follows the Outdoors Guy Blog will recall my story from last winter entitled; Misfit Duo an unlikely winter team – the story of an orphaned fawn who teamed up with a lame buck.


Beginning September 2011, I started seeing an orphaned fawn button buck (I called Peanut) hanging around behind my place.  He was a spunky little bugger but I had concerns that he wouldn’t make the winter on his own.


Before too long, though, a 3 year old buck we called Andrew showed-up in the back property with a badly broken leg. The two deer made the biggest misfit team I had ever seen, but somehow it worked.



It was a symbiotic relationship you might say…


The two deer watched out for each other and as winter progressed Andrew’s leg injury healed very slowly; until the coyotes started running him all over the place.


Eventually, by the end of February, poor Andrew was done running and could no longer get-up. A neighbor and I found him lying in the snow barely able to move so I made the decision to have him put down. Since I live in a ‘no discharge zone’, the Ottawa Police Service were called to do the job.


Andrew’s little buddy Peanut remained there on his own until, fortunately, he teamed-up with another big healthy 4-year old buck on the property.


That was early March and I hadn’t seen Peanut again since.


Over the past month or so I started putting deer feed out again but only hoards of  raccoons and one loan doe have stopped-by for a nibble…


This past weekend I decided to test-out a new Tinks product Terry Rohm sent me…it is the Tinks Power Scrape – Combo pack, which contains a scrape dripper, string and a supply of ‘synthetic’ buck lure which is totally legal in Ontario for hunting . (Even though I do not hunt deer around my place and could have legally used natural scent if I wished) Power Scrape is meant to capitalize on the buck’s natural sense of curiosity during early season.



So anyway, Saturday morning I get the new Power Scrape all ready to go near my deer feeder. I tied it to the lower branch of a tree approximately 10 feet to the left of my feeder and about 18” of the ground. I  cleared the leaves away on the ground underneath and squirted a few extra drops to get it going…




Sunday morning I was curious to see if anything showed-up for a visit and I instantly noticed fresh deer tracks around the Power Scrape and deer feeder.


The tracks weren’t huge and I suspected the doe was back to snack on some of my deer pellets, but I pulled the SD card from my Bushnell Trophy cam overlooking the site, and brought it inside to check-out the images.


Here’s what I found!



After nearly 8-months, Peanut the fawn finally returned for a visit, except this time he’s a much larger yearling buck and sported a darn nice first year set of antlers.


An 8-pointer no less!!



After going through the photos, I could tell right away it was Peanut and was glad to see he was doing well. Evidently this deer is one tough little bugger, who has overcome the odds with the makings of one dominate buck indeed.


So, was it just a coincidence that this deer showed-up at my place (with his nose down btw) the very night I put out the Tinks Power Scrape, after being absent for nearly 8-months?


Seems a little too coincidental if you ask me.


Well, whatever the case..welcome back little buddy!



44 thoughts on “Yearling buck returns after 8 month absence”

  1. wow that is neat.. always nice to know what is in the bush .. no more guess work on what is wandering around in the woods .

    1. That’s right Chessy…trailcams are terrific at telling what’s going on at that ‘very specific’ point it time, however, not so good at telling where the animal had been previously. Like where this buck has been for the past 8-months.

      It’s like piecing together a mystery…I love it! Can’t wait to piece together a few more mysteries at hunt camp this weekend!!


      1. I’ve always felt the measure of an animal’s character is though their actions and behaviour…

        This little buck is one of the only deer I’ve had to continue feeding even with raccoons around. He’ll stay at the feeder while the coons wait down below to get in. The other deer tend to shy away when the coons are hovering, waiting patiently for their turn.

        But not with this cocky little bugger!

        From observing these deer over the years you begin to see similarities…I honestly believe Peanut is progeny of another mature buck I’ve had at my place for nearly 5 years…their first year racks are nearly identical..and this older buck – Garfield is also very dominant in nature. I could see it when they would feed during the winter.


  2. Jeff, a couple things.
    Not sure if you thanked Mr Gibbons yet but if not, double that 🙂
    second, look I’m no biologist, and I don’t know how fast points grow, but I’m having a bit of a hard time with that buck being your “Peanut” and being an 8 pointer as a year and a half old. Could it be you are just wishing it was Peanut. I know how much you like your deer but an 8 point year and a half old, or is my time line all wrong

    1. Iggy, back in College we aged whitetails using teeth cross-sections counting concentric rings(teeth are cut with specialized saws) and viewed under under high-powered microscope…which is really they only true accurate way to age them. There are formulas you can use for dental condition as well..however with so many regional variations among deer depending on diet, this proved to be somewhat inaccurate.

      All this to say, Iggs…I’ve aged a lot of deer..and at the time, we actually found yearlings with as many as 10-points if you can believe it. The racks are all very small and delicate mind you with typical finger sized points…but, contrary to popular myth, not all first year bucks are spikes or forkhorns! You can check with Rick, or my research assistant Chessy on this one…

      I can tell you with 100% certainty that this is the same deer and it is absolutely 1.5 years old.

      Pretty neat eh??


  3. @ iggy nope a deer can be a 8 point at one and half years old.. they will just get thicker which age and even bigger. i will look for some peer reviewed studies but i am sure some one will beat me to it

  4. this is a good read…..

    this is a little bit of it.. just to show IGGY that it can happen..
    The Region 4 31/2 year age class is almost identical to the statewide 21/2 year age class. On a statewide basis, about 80% of the 21/2 year olds are 6 points or better. In Region 4, only 60% of the 21/2 year olds are 6 points or better. While the genetic makeup of the herds is similar, poor soil fertility delays the manifestation of these characteristics in Region 4.
    This trend is even more evident when comparing Tennessee’s 11/2 year age class to Ohio’s 11/2 year age class. While about 40% of Ohio 11/2 year old deer are 7 points or better, only about 11% of Tennessee’s 11/2 year old deer are 7 points or better.

  5. Jeff, how did you hold Peanut long enough to cut his tooth in half? You are a better man than me!
    Whatever his age he looks tender….

  6. That is really neat Jeff!!

    Any guess as to what his weight is? In my area, I find that 1 1/2 year olds go about 140 lbs on the hoof and dress out to 110 or so. And as johan says, tender.

    Nice that you helped bring him through teenager-hood. A very difficult time. You should be proud.

    1. Gosh, tks Maple..he’s like the son I never had..hehe

      As far as weight goes I dont know for sure, but he is a good chunk of deer. Man, I’m surprised noone has given me heck yet for having
      these deer almost as pets, and then going out hunting them this weekend.


  7. Why would they…. people feed cows, chickens, pigs and even vegans care and talk to their plants then viciously cut their heads off, pull on their stems, pull their bulbs and then eat them

    1. “…and even vegans care and talk to their plants then viciously cut their heads off, pull on their stems, pull their bulbs and then eat them”

      Come on now Chessy, getting a bit violant there aren’t you?


    2. Chessy, thanks for the research info! Its interesting to see the breakdown in antler size depending on the region. I would LOVE to see some stats from up here in our area but of course that’ll never happen.

      They(ON) don’t even know hopw may animals are harvested each year for goodness sake!!


  8. mornin jeff went to check on my apples on tuesday and all are gone couldn’t spot any deer lots of tracks get back to my suv look to my left 2 big boys standing on the gravel road watching me looked like 2 big 8 pointers one possibly even larger they slowly went into the bush who would have thought at 11am 2 big deer would be out on the road hopeful that they are hitchhiking on monday morning i would certainly give them a ride

    1. Well Mike, let’s hope these big boys are as accessible once the season my experience they never are, but that’s the fun of it right!


  9. jeff.morrison says:
    October 31, 2012 at 7:49 am
    Hey Iggs, did you end-up finding any apples at the Fruit Farm??
    no I left really early from Ottawa on Sunday so I stoped at the TSC Store and bought some Rolling Acres instead
    You know when you buy that stuff you have to give your name adress and phone number, they say in case there is a bad batch. At first I thought she was interested in me hehehe 😉

    1. hehe..yeah Iggs, I got all excited too the first time the girl at Ritchie’s Feed & Seed asking for my number…till I found out it was their policy. They told me the same thing, in case there’s ever an issue with the feed, they can get ahold of me fast!

      I should tell them, Yes I do have an issue with your feed ya bastads…its giving my deer big antlers!!


      1. BTW…The FALL 2012 issue of Bounder Magazine is now available…I just picked up my copies for deer camp this am.

        Get them while their hot because you know they wont be on shelves very long!


  10. Don’t get me started on the wildlife management of ontario, it is a shame that our resources are not managed better . I was at a meeting 3 years ago with the head biologist that makes up tag quotas for the area ( he suggest them based on scientific information). I asked him how many deer per km2 his reply “i don’t know. next question what is the carrying capacity of WMU 72a his response ” i don’t know. how the HELL can you issue tags if you don’t know these answers. how he says “by the information we get from hunters…. I said every hunter lies and says they see more deer than they do because they know if they don’t lie tags are reduces (doe) . I then asked him what the fudge factor is for deer moose and bear surveys … NONE . That is the miniature version of the meeting … now i need to go take my blood pressure as i am light headed and having chest pains just thinking about The state of our wildlife in ontario

    1. Oh man, sorry to get you all worked up before heading out hunting again..we need to be relaxed before heading out there, not all stressed out.


  11. Hey Outdoors guy,

    Is it good to use that Tinks before the season only or during?
    I know I’ll be hitting a spot where I shot a real nice 8 pt a few years ago and missed another buck last year. No one in their right mind goes back to this spot, but I will be with a plan to sit or very slowly still hunt. Thinking of trying this Tinks out when I sit. Always big buck sign there. Rubs, scrapes etc…

    Now that has me all worked up! lol

    1. Hey Keeb, I’m sure the Power Scrape would continue to work throughout the season, and I can tell you that at our camp(in QC) mine will contain 100% natural scent in it..although apparently the synthetic stuff does work!

      Iggy, that sucks about your buddy heading south to help out…I’m sure he’s not too excited about missing deer camp but what are you gonna do. It’s especially tough when you’re used to having all the same guys in camp.

      Chessy, so Crown Royal works eh? I should be prob bring some to camp..just for medicinal purposes..hehe


  12. ok all is well now.. doctors ordered me to chug a 5th of crown. said i am good to go for another 3000 words or less lol

  13. Chessy… still with us


    Chessy and a few of the authorities don’t always see eye to eye

    one of our camp members was just seen on CJOH, heading off to the USA to work on restoring power, said he’ll be gone 10 days or so, only @#$%^&* problem is he didn’t tell us at the camp and he’s the !@#$%^& hunt captain this year
    he’s replacable but it’s always nice to know, even if it’s just for the groceries
    He’s a lineman with Ontario Hydro

  14. I see eye to eye with them we just don’t agree some (most) of the time. deer hunting is more important than hydro. heck don’t you guys go with out hydro at camp there fore you don’t need him not unless he is a good dogger .

  15. LOL jeff. in 18 years of hunting in the park. i have consumed 3 beers and 1 shot of crown. No offense but i am there to hunt not drink . I know a old timer that has one shot of cherry whiskey overnight before he goes to bed as he says it helps with his circulation ?? don’t get me wrong i am not a prude when it comes to enjoyment it is not just my cup of tea to drink. my wife an i are not big drinkers . also i am vocal enough with out alcohol

  16. First of all, all the guys going south are volunteers, and not all hydro worker hunt.

    Second, drinking at camp is a natural phenomenon, and there is nothing wrong with it, some guys drink more than others, but no one gets smashed, and no one drinks during the day. The camp also has a rule that anyone who drinks past midnight doesn’t hunt the next morning, although I’ve never seen anyone up past 10PM except if there is a hockey game on and then it’s usually over at 10:30 or so. That midnight rule was brought in when there was card playing in camp, but no one plays anymore.

  17. Wow iggy i think you may have taken my post wrong .. i dont care if guys drink or not … i choose not to

    and i was under the assumption that they get paid i know in the spring alot of ontario hydro guys spent time in washington fixing hydro down there ontario has agreement with the usa for help if needed

    1. OK Guys…tune into CHEZ 106 FM this am just after 8:00 for my annual salut to deer season on the Doc & Woody Show!


  18. Jeff, you have to post this stuff in advance, I missed it

    Hey Ches, no offence, I know you were just talking about yourself, that’s why I joked
    “drinking at camp is a natural phenomenon”
    we have a couple guys in our camp that don’t touch the stuff, one with AA and one just doesn’t like it much
    and I think they do get paid, but it’s volintary, he didn’t have to go, and why not let the non hunters go, that was all I meant

  19. Thanks. If I can make it to a store before then, I might just try one out 🙂

    Best of luck to everyone heading out into the bush. Shoot straight, be safe. Let those moments from hunt camp burn into the memory bank forever.

  20. Yes keebler you have fun … will be hunting around home for the first week then off to the bush . might as well shut her down for two weeks jeff. you need a holiday and so does your assistants … good luck to every one .. hunt hard and play safe

      1. Hey, Tories have just confirmed that long gun registry data is officially destroyed – with the exception of court protected QC data, that is!

        There’s no better time than deer season to celebrate the death of long-gun registry…but wait a second I’m hunting in QC, oh well…..


  21. make sure you only speak french in the camp, don’t need the language police spoiling your hunt!
    Have a good hunt all!

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