Greetings fellow hunting and fishing fanatics!!

I welcome you ALL to my first official (and hugely anticipated) Outdoors Guy Website. I am pleased to finally have one central hang-out location to interact with friends, associates and other like-minded conservationists.

I’m also very excited to present the re-launch of my popular Outdoors Guy Blog – now bigger, better and greatly more visible and interactive than ever before! The best part is, all those awesome original Blog Posts (and even more terrific comments) dating back to 2009 are all right here to peruse and reflect upon. My NEW Outdoors Guy Blog will be maintained regularly and I invite you all to ‘subscribe’ for updates and notifications; thus keeping everyone in the loop. My hope is to rekindle such great topics as; cougar sightings, conservation initiatives, big-game bragging boards, animal rights, trivia contests, trail cam photo essays, product/service reviews and much much more.

Feel free to peruse my other features like; books/published works, press reviews, awards, photo gallery and my sponsors & support page.

Please note that website content will continue to evolve as I compile (& add) new and exciting elements to the site. I am open to advice and suggestions from those more experienced webmasters out there. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

A special note of appreciation to Mrs Outdoors Guy for her tireless efforts in putting this Website together. Without her unwavering persistence, it would NEVER have come to fruition.

Here’s to keeping our hunting and fishing heritage alive – now and in the future. Thank you for stopping-by and hope to see you soon.

Yours in the great outdoors,


Jeff Morrison – The Outdoors Guy