Jeff Morrison is an award-winning member of the Outdoor Writers of Canada and has written articles for Outdoor Canada, Newfoundland Sportsman and has a regular column in Bounder magazine. He is also the author of Weird Facts about Fishing, published in 2010. Known as the “Outdoors Guy” is his popular blog he writes for the Ottawa Sun, Jeff brings his in-depth knowledge of nature and a genuine passion for the outdoors from the field to the table in this series of cookbooks.




From quirky superstitions and strange catches to fish with faces only a mother could love, the myth, mystery and allure of fishing remains etched firmly in our consciousness: * In 2004, an antique fishing lure brought in an incredible $101,200 at Lang’s Auction House * In February 2009, over 100 ice-fishermen on Lake Erie were airlifted to safety, and one angler died after they were stranded on an ice floe * The bowfin dates back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the land; it still boasts a bony exterior reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus rex * In Tennessee it is illegal to catch fish with a lasso * While fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas a group of men had the surprise of their lives when one hauled aboard a rare species of conger eel that proceeded to thrash around their craft and attack them until they were able to subdue it.


Campfire Cooking

Everything cooked over a campfire and eaten in the outdoors always tastes better it seems. But when faced with the challenge of cooking something other than hot dogs or hamburgers, many of us seem stymied. In this handy guide to campfire cooking, you will find lots of easy-to-prepare recipes as well as tips and tricks to make the planning and executing of interesting meals and snacks made over a campfire not only easy but fun.

Canadian Fishing Cookbook

Canada’s lakes, rivers and oceans are blessed with an abundance of wild fish, from salmon to trout to mackerel to sunnies and much, much more. After a relaxing day of fishing, there’s nothing better than frying up your fresh catch right there on the spot. Canadian Fishing Cookbook offers up to 150 of the greatest wild fish recipes out there.


Canadian Berry Cookbook

150 delicious recipes all featuring Canadian berries at their finest


Canadian Wild Game Cookbook

From the field to the table, the author presents 150 delicious recipes all featuring Canadian wild game at their finest


The Essential Guys’ Cookbook

A great gift for any guy! Essential recipes that celebrate the wonderful enthusiasm men have for cooking their special cuisine: – Classic recipes that taste like Mama used to make – Date night dinners: three secrets to win their hearts – Quick fixes – Late-night snacks – Game day cooking – Desserts to wow


The Canadian Outdoor Cookbook

Food simply tastes better when you’re outdoors. Canadian Outdoor Cookbook helps you take your outdoor meals from ho-hum to fantastic! With 150 recipes for brunches, lunches, dinners and campfire snacks, the possibilities are practically endless for your next adventure in the wilderness. Make-ahead tips throughout also simplify your preparations so you can get part of the work done from your kitchen before you leave. The whole family will love cooking with Canadian Outdoor Cookbook.