Addicted Gatineau black bear drawn to Casino


(Photo NOT of the Gatineau black bear..this one is beige)

Ok, wildlife encounters and shootings have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime, but I have a theory! 

This morning in Gatineau, police responded to a black bear spotted roaming around Blvd St. Raymond, not far from the Casino d’Hull! 

At the time, police were given the authority to shoot the bear by the Quebec Ministry. Several shots were fired and apparently the bear escaped with some injury.

You know, I believe I may have discovered the underlying problem here, and it has to do with gambling and gambling addiction.

Yes, that’s right, gambling addiction! You recall the moose that swam onto the east-end of Montreal yesterday, very close to the Montreal Casino. 

I can see a pattern emerging now of big-game being afflicted with serious gambling addictions. The bear in Gatineau was perhaps drawn to the slots or craps table by the allure of a big pay out.  Sure, its probably quite rare, but it could happen.

Perhaps my new theory is something the City should consider when finalizing their wildlife plan. 

Gatineau police have already responded to 10 complaints about bears showing-up in the area of St Raymond in recent days.

It’s the casino I tell you, shut them all down and the wildlife will quietly return to the woods…


12 thoughts on “Addicted Gatineau black bear drawn to Casino”

  1. HMMMMMMMMMM interesting that it’s happening on the Quebec side too. They (Quebec) still have a Spring bear hunt and bears are coming into town??? Wait maybe these are Ontario black bear drawn to the Casino! . LOL! it’s just stronger than them!

    Good post Jeff.

    1. Alain, not only does the Gatineau portion of Zone 10(Outaouais) have a Spring bear hunt, they have a fall hunt as well..they reintroduced the fall hunt
      in Gatineau about 5 years ago to deal with the issue of problem bears…and evidently there are still lots left.

      Gatineau had, at one time, the highest density of black bears in all of QC!


    1. Alain, I honestly believe the Montreal Police may have gotten a bit lucky with that smooth moose take-down the other day..but it’s certainly the way you’d like to see this done.

      They also managed to get a trained wildlife official on-scene quickly who knew how to operate a tranquilizer gun…that seemed to make all the difference…

      The problem we saw in Rockland and again with the Gatineau wildlife officials were available at the time to assist…so police had to take over. We already know this is a recipe for failure..and truly its not the fault of any police force…we simply don’t have the number of Conservation Officers we once had.

      That will continue to be an issue so long as wildlife continues wandering into town…


  2. Chessy, I wanted to make sure you didnt get confused about the bear…or its sex.


  3. Hey Jeff there is one way to keep the wild life under control is to put up a 15ft fence all around ottawa to keep the wild life out and the cityidiots in and the problem is solved . I know it worked for this person in cumberland that did not want deer on her 150 acer property. HOLY CRAP LISTEN TO ME I’M STARTING TO SOUND LIKE THE GOVERNMENT . sorry every body !!

  4. As long as the Greenbelt is a part of Ottawa, hopefully forever, we will have animal human interaction
    Last night I was sitting on my front step, I live in Blackburn Hamlet, and a fox ran by within five yards of me.
    I shooed it off before the cops heard about it. LOL

  5. Iggy said:

    Last night I was sitting on my front step, I live in Blackburn Hamlet, and a fox ran by within five yards of me.

    a fox…………you sure it wasn’t a cougar LOL!

  6. nope, a big red fox, man did it ever jump when I scared it LOL
    cute, long legged thing
    cops right on it’s tail so it couldn’t stop to talk

  7. Ha ! and i’ll bet that he was running away from the rcmp base in blackburn . the S.W.A.T boots around the back there .

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