Animal Rights Group carelessly kills rhino used in protest



In an extremely misguided attempt to demonstrate against the poaching of rhinos in South Africa, an Animal Rights Group has carelessly killed one of the very beasts they were trying to save.


In a Media Gathering aimed at raising awareness of the threat from poachers, Animal Rights and Anti-poaching advocates invited journalists to watch-on, as a privately hired Vet sedated a rhino so that its horns could be injected with a special insecticide and a tracking device attached.




The idea being that said rhino (known as Guinea Pig) could act as an unwilling deterrent to poachers and be used in the fight against the illegal trade in rhino horns.


The only problem with the group’s plan was the actual health of the animal being forced into slavery.


Something went horribly wrong, and ‘Guinea Pig’ rhino never regained consciousness. The animal died as reporters looked-on in horror.




“It’s the loss of another animal. It’s a death that I still chalk up to poaching,” said Lorinda Hern, spokeswoman for South Africa’s Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve.


According to reports, the same procedure had been carried-out on 20 other rhinos without incident.


So what went wrong?


Evidently the group feels terrible about the incident is ‘looking into what might have happened.’


Is it just me or is this sort of stunt not at all surprising?


It certainly isn’t the first time an animal has suffered at the hands of an Animal Rights individual – in yet another lame attempt to further their cause.


Way to go guys, you must be very proud of another job well done!



7 thoughts on “Animal Rights Group carelessly kills rhino used in protest”

  1. “It’s the loss of another animal. It’s a death that I still chalk up to poaching,” Of course… it’s the poachers fault! With this type of attitude, the poachers should be blaming the animal rights groups for the animals they kill… It’s their fault the laws are so stringent. Of course, one is as rediculous as the other.

  2. That’s sad for the rhino. I agree something needs to be done about the poaching, but really, their methods are lacking! Who cares if it was done successfully in the past!!!

    Isn’t that just ironic that ‘animal rights activists’, who are against all harm to animals, end up harming an animal by putting it to sleep then it dies! The rhinos successfully sedated were harmed.

    What a bunch of hunters!

    But at least we’d eat the meat!!!!


  3. “Evidently the group feels terrible about the incident is ‘looking into what might have happened.” Duh, they chased it down and killed it, that’s what happened. The animal isn’t any less dead because they feel aweful now is it? Put your efforts into finding and exterminating poachers, leave the damn animals alone.

  4. Animal rights people have a history of doing dopy things. For example, there is this chemist who has come up with a compound that when sprayed on a rhino’s food is digested and absorbed into the hair on the rhino, including the horn, rendering it a powerful laxative. Now I don’t think it is right to drive rhinos into extinction for their horns, but their just animals… Real people could be put in danger. What if it makes someone seriously ill? Diareah can be very serious. From what I understand they are using this stuff now. Idiots…

  5. I just heard that animal rights people are using a new compound that when sprayed on rhino food turns their hair, horn included, into a powerful laxative. I don’t think this is right. People could be in danger from this. Sure, their breaking the law a little… but they didn’t kill the rhino. Actual people could be in danger, as cool as the rhino is, it is just an animal.

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