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Well, I’ve been stringing everyone along for nearly 3 months now regarding some BIG announcement and time has finally come to let the (cougar sized)cat out of the bag!!

Cue the symphony!

Send out a warning shot(or two)!

Let the pigeons loose!

Light the celebratory fireworks because here it is!!

Following several months of (mostly) surreptitious planning and intense toiling, the time has finally come to announce the official launch of FISH, HUNT & RIDE (FHR) Magazine – featuring yours truly at the helm as Editor-in-Chief.  

FHR Mag will be widely distributed this coming November (in print & online) reaching an estimated 125,000 readers throughout Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, and the only publication dedicated to the outdoor pursuits of hunting, fishing and ATV’s!

And the best part is: it’s FREE!

The brainchild of veteran magazine publisher Dave Brown, FHR picks-up logically where Dave’s current publication; Ottawa Outdoors Magazine (OOM) (now entering its 15th year) leaves off. In the words of Publisher Dave himself. “FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine will complete the outdoor picture for me”.

As the ‘next chapter’ unfolds for my new boss and he builds on the success of OOM, Dave feels confident that with me as Editor-in-Chief of this new ‘hard-core’ hunting, fishing and riding mag, we may achieve our objective of providing the most comprehensive coverage of its kind!

This is one exiting time my friends and not just for me and Dave Brown, but for every avid sportsman and woman out there. In a climate where we’re forced to defend the right to enjoy our renewable natural resources in an ethical and sensible manner, in the face of adversity, FHR Mag is a VICTORY for anyone who calls themselves a true conservationist.

I was more than honoured this spring when Dave presented me the offer of the Editor-in-Chief position in this exciting new publication. It truly was/is like a dream come true! Even with my current ongoing hunting & fishing coverage, that material barely scratches the surface when it comes to promoting and defending our hunting and fishing heritage – activities enjoyed by thousands of avid folks on both sides of the river.

As with the big Provincial and National publications;  FISH, HUNT & RIDE will delve into crucial aspects of the hunting, fishing and riding-world such as the latest in techniques, how-to’s, where to’s, product and lodge reviews, reader contests, cooking tips, trophy fish & game bragging boards, outdoor news, hunt camp spotlights and copious other assorted tidbits that make a sportsmen’s heart go pitter patter.

Unlike other publications however FHR will retain a more local charm and flair with a fresh focus on subjects and material that readers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, Outaouais, or say the St Lawrence Valley can relate to. It will be Eastern Ontario & Western QC’s only hunting, fishing & riding magazine.

I have already assembled a crack team of contributors composed of some of the most dedicated and experienced guys and gals in the field – from seasoned outdoor writers & journalists with decades of experience, to contributors who live to hunt and fish and are totally passionate about what they do. Some you may even recognize from right here at the Outdoors Guy Blog! 

Passion and commitment to conservation and the Great Outdoors are aspects we all share and I cant wait for you to catch a glimpse of our first issue!

Speaking of which:

The coveted inaugural Fall/Winter ‘launch’ issue of FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine will arrive late November in an abbreviated form along with Dave’s winter issue distribution of Ottawa Outdoors Magazine. We’re hoping our FHR ‘teaser’ launch issue will have you all chomping(or champing) at the bit!

In the meantime, tell your family, tell your friends, tell uncle Pete up the valley, tell anyone and everyone about FISH, HUNT & RIDE – an exciting new magazine coming soon to an outlet near you.

Be sure to check out our website:

Yours fully committed to the Great Outdoors, 


Jeff Morrison 

Editor-in-Chief – FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine
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43 thoughts on “New local hunting, fishing magazine to launch this Fall!”

    1. Will do Herman..and tks for all your support over the years, I’m hoping you’ll be an avid reader.


  1. Wow that is really exciting. A fishing hunting and ATV magazine that is all for and about us local Ottawa Valley people. Can’t wait for the first issue. Congrats Jeff, or should we just call you sir now hehe 😉

    1. Tks Iggs..and don’t worry ‘Chief’ is just fine..I mean ‘Sir’..I mean Jeff..ahh whatever!

      I appreciate all your support over the years Iggs..and glad you’ll be coming along for the ride(Fish, Hunt & Ride that is)


    1. Tks so much LG..and I’m sorry but the magazine will be in English only. Its not a decision we took lightly either, but the logistics and resources just weren’t there for us to translate FHR into French. Unfortunate too..after having worked for Sentier myself for several years, I understand the importance of the francophone reader.

      But alas..the magazine will be distributed, not only throughout the Outaouais, but as far north(east) as the Laurentians! That’s the plan anyway. And because of big portion of our coverage is in that Region..we NEED to maintain a distribution in those key areas.

      Gawd..I’m startin to sound like a Chief now..hehe..spooky.


  2. Forgot to ask.

    Guess the magazine will be all in English (no problem with me). Will that cause problem with the distribution on the QC side, it not having French in it?

    Also where will it be distributed/available in the Outaouais?

    1. Thanks Norm, glad to see yer still reading!

      How’s that ‘camp cook’ position treating you? Haven’t decided to take up hunting yet?


  3. Thanks Jeff.

    Unless I hooked-up to the wrong website, I noticed the magazine ‘s cover page (2016 Spring Issue), the cover page shows an article titled “Ottawa Flyfishers prepare for International Championship”.

    Can you elaborate.

    1. Well Michel, as of now, that is one of our ‘intended articles’ to run in our Spring issue. Not to give all my secrets away but I’ve already hired one of the flyfishers as a columnist/contributor for the magazine.

      Nudge nudge wink wink..pretty sure you know him too


  4. Congrats Jeff!!! This is great news and something that should have been done long ago! I look forward to seeing the first issue soon.

  5. Wonderful news Outdoors Guy! I’m really looking forward to the new magazine. Finally, a magazine I’m interested in reading.

  6. Jeff that is great news. Wishing you and your team all the best. Looking forward to reading some great fishing and Hunting articles / stories. Not sure what the ride part is all about. Cheers

    1. Hey Alain, tks much and glad you’ll be reading it. The ‘Ride’ portion will cover ATV enthusiasts and motor-boating…hehe..the kind you do in the water I mean


  7. Congratulations Jeff, and great news for all local outdoors people.

    Can’t wait to see the first edition….and the second….and the third…..

    1. Maple, you may still be up in your treestand when the first issue comes out, although you tend
      to get your deer pretty quick. Hope you had a great summer on the island, and I’ll see you soon!


  8. Picked up the new Fall Bounder magazine. Nice write-up Jeff on “A-Hunting we will go… great idea about rolling it up to have some reading while moose hunting. Hope your new FHR Mag will be available on time for the deer hunt. Cheers.

  9. Yes I did Jeff!
    Metro Grocery store; 10th line and Innes Road. (4510 Innes Rd, Orléans, ON K4A 4C5)
    Still lots of copies as of late this afternoon. Happy reading 🙂

  10. Buddy almost ran over a cow and calf moose with his Kubota buggy during the elk hunt. Came around a corner early in the morning and literally had to jam the brakes on and came to a stop 5 feet from a calf. The startled calf fell on the road in front of him, then clumsily got up and trotted off with mom. He has the cow tag for the same area; wonder if his luck just got wasted. No cow elk either. Tough bush to hunt without all the leaves on.

  11. They heard elk calling, lots of fresh sign and one of the guys was close to a family unit, but not close enough apparently. One other group up there got their cow on the first morning. It was hot the first week and the mosquitos near drained them. Seems the elk stayed on private property and most of the property owners were adverse to hunters. At least the 20 my buddy approached. He saw the moose, 4 deer, a wolf, a marten, a few grouse but no elk. He said there was lots of moose sign at that end of the bush and we may hunt there the first couple of days. It’s a 40 mile atv ride from our camp at least but worth the travel if there are moose. The guy that almost run over the moose has a history of cows and calves running by his watch so it stands to reason he saw them.
    btw no grouse in my woods, but saw a flock of at least 6 two nights ago around the apple trees in the pasture beside my house. Go figure! Haven’t seen that many grouse together in my area since I was a teenager. Likely never see them again.

  12. hey Jeff
    Leaving for the moose hunt shortly and I am hoping that the new FHR Mag will be available. Can you let me know where we can pick up a copy in East Ottawa? It would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Alain D

    1. Sorry Alain, as mentioned in the article, the Launch Issue of Fish, Hunt & Ride will be out end of November.

      Good luck at moose camp!


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