Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen's Show – Trivia for FREE Tickets!



Come Celebrate the Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s Show – and win Free tickets from the Outdoors Guy!!

Starting February 18th and running to the 21st, the Ottawa Boat and Sportsmen’s Show will turn the EY Centre  into a boating and outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

Would you like to win FREE passes to the SHOW?

One set of four(4) SHOW passes will be awarded each week, for the next FOUR weeks, to those who correctly answer my weekly Trivia Question.


Check-out some of the Show highlights:


  • Husqvarna’s West Coast Chainsaw ArtistMake sure to carve out some time for Kevin Lewis, the incredible chainsaw artist from Comox Valley, British Columbia. Watch as he skillfully flicks his roaring chainsaws to create stunning works of art and be amazed at the attention to detail. You may even get the chance to take one of these exquisite masterpieces home with you,  as select works will be available for purchase.


  • Speaking of Wildlife Get up close and personal with some of Ontario’s magnificent wildlife. Delivering hands-on wildlife education since 1989, the organization’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will deliver programs that are both enlightening and entertaining.


  • 2016 Casting Pond Challenge – One of the most anticipated events of the show, the casting pond is for  everyone!  Rookie or veteran, novice or pro, can test their skills to win a prize. After taking the challenge, learn a few fishing tips from “Big Jim” McLaughlin and some of Canada’s premier anglers.


  • Stay Clear, Stay Safe –  Ontario Power Generation (OPG) will teach you how to stay safe around hydroelectric stations and dams in Ontario on Saturday, Feb. 20. Visitors will each be given a water safety bag to help make their next trip out on the water a safe one.


For complete show information visit:


TRIVIA QUESTION #1: (For a set of FREE tickets to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

Image result for Amanda Lynn Mayhew

What is the name of the famous huntress pictured above?

Hint: Not only is this gal the Official Ambassador of the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show and a Cabela’s pro-staff member, she is also one of my featured columnists in the new local publication; Fish, Hunt & Ride magazine (

Is her name a) Eva Shockey b) Amanda Lynn Mayhew c) Colleen Brown or d) Danielle Bergen

CONGRATULATIONS TO IAN MACDONALD, WHO ANSWERED CORRECTLY WITH B) AMANDA LYNN MAYHEW – Ian will receive two FREE passes to the show. (btw anyone who had taken note of my hint and gone into the answer was right there)



TRIVIA QUESTION #2: (For another set of FREE tickets to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

Who is North America’s only completely Blind Fishing Pro, who will be appearing at that year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show to discuss new techniques and equipment. (The same man will also be writing an article for my Spring issue of Fish, Hunt & Ride Magazine:

Is it  a) Wiarton Willie  b) Lawrence Gunther c) “Big Jim” McLaughlin or d) Kevin Lewis

The first person to email the correct answer to me ( will win a set of passes to this year’s show.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Neil Lachance – WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO ANSWER QUESTION #2 CORRECTLY – B) Lawrence Gunther – Neil receives two FREE passes to the show and will surely be to stopping-by the Anglers’ Village, run by Lawrence!


TRIVIA QUESTION #3: (For another  set of FREE passes to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

The following fishing organization is NOT a member of the this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen Show Anglers Village?

Is it  a) Muskie’s Canada – Ottawa Chapter  b) Blind Fishing Boat c) Blue Fish Radio d) Ottawa Regional Walleye League e) Ottawa Valley South Bassmasters  f) Ontario Women Anglers  g) Feel the Bite or h) InFisherman television


CONGRATULATIONS TO Nigel Gocan – WHO WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO ANSWER QUESTION #3 CORRECTLY – h) InFisherman Television – Nigel receives two FREE passes to the show and will, no doubt, be to stopping-by the Anglers’ Village!



TRIVIA QUESTION #4: (For the final set of FREE passes to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show)

What mega hunting, fishing & camping retailer known as the World’s Foremost Outfitter, is set to open its doors in Kanata this September? 

Is it  a) Dick’s Sporting Goods  b) Bass Pro Shop c) Gander Mountain or d) Cabela’s 


GONGRATULATIONS GOES TO Julie Lavoie – Who was the first person to answer Question #4 correctly – d) Cabela’s -World’s Largest Outfitter, is coming to Kanata in September.

Julie will receive the final two FREE passes to the show this weekend!


Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Outdoor Trivia Contest for Tickets to the Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show! Don’t forget once this weekend’s show is over to check-out the 5th Annual – OUTDOOR + TRAVEL ADVENTURE SHOW coming to the EY Centre March 19-20.

Be sure to stop by and visit the Fish, Hunt & Ride Magazine booth, where my Team and I will be handing out magazines and chatting with local hunters, fishermen and riders! For more information:







19 thoughts on “Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen's Show – Trivia for FREE Tickets!”

    1. Congrats imacdon, you are the WINNER of the first set(2) of passes to this year’s Ottawa Boat & Sportsmen’s Show!

      Stay tuned next week for Question #2!


  1. Way to go imacdon, see you at the show.
    Can’t wait to see the chainsaw carver. I always thought I’d like to try my hand at this. There is even a course you can take in Minnisota

    1. Ok Alain, you realize the MNR (MNRF) have been telling people this for the past 20 years.

      They also ‘claim’ to have an Emergency Deer Feeding Program in place.

      The MNR ‘s Snow Network for Ontario Wildlife looks at risk assessment and on the very rare occasion will implement an emergency feeding program in certain areas. I stress the words VERY RARE!! Over the past 15-17 years, I’ve only ever seen this program implemented once!

      During the winters of 2008-2009, for example, when RECORD snowfall was recorded in Central Canada, NO measures were put in place to provide aid to white-tailed deer in Ontario. An estimated 30% of the population died-off in just two years!

      Sooo..I think I will just continue offering small amounts of supplemental feed, thank ya very much.

      As the late great Rick ‘Whitetail Guru’ Poulin once noted, putting out small amounts of supplemental deer feed is akin to filling your bird feeder with seed.


    1. Alain, the reason the MNRF sends out that warning, and I do agree with their thinking, is that many backyard deer feeders do it incorrectly and cause more harm than good. In recent years I’ve promoted other ways people can help wintering deer, like improving access to natural browse and predator control. The MNRF also encourages this which is good.

      Sorry to jump all over your comment


  2. Just noticed your review on the Great Escape Lodge – Autumn Getaway. Looks like a great place to go. thanks. Not sure why the comments are closed on it!

    1. Sorry, I never open the lodge/destination reviews for comments..same for the product and vehicle reviews.


  3. Jeff Morrison says:

    February 3, 2016 at 10:58 am

    Silly Michel, read the instructions buddy! You’re supposed to email the answer to my address!

    Well, there’s always next week’s question!!

    How are things going LG?


    Taking it easy, one day at the time.

  4. It’s not the mnrf that has the deer program, it’s the ofah and they hardly if ever use this program, but I would like to see where the money goes cause all the bleeding hearts out there pay into it but money never used.

    1. Chessy, I believe the Emergency winter deer program started-off as an MNR initiative, until it was handed off to the OFAH.


  5. so along with the 1.4 million they get from the government they get a additional slush fund to help the deer .. (slap to the forehead)

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