Outdoors Guy interview with FHR Columnist Ted Nugent – Part 1

Mr. Ted Nugent, FISH, HUNT & RIDE Magazine’s latest columnist, was gracious enough to leave his tree stand briefly to participate in a frank and informative Q&A session.

It’s not every day a small-town boy has the good fortune of conversing with someone like the NUGE and I really took it to heart; coming up with questions I feel would be of interest to the hunting & rock ‘n roll communities, and of personal interest as well.


PART 1 of my Uncle Ted Interview:


Outdoors Guy:

“Ok Ted, I realize your hunting prowess has spanned the globe over several decades, but would there be one hunt in particular that stands out from the rest as the most meaningful? “


Ted Nugent:

“All my life’s passions run very deep and amazingly after nearly 67 years of nonstop hunting, it is impossible to pinpoint a #1 hunting experience above all others. That being said, I will say however that those many times I have been so humbly blessed to be thought of and invited to take a terminally ill child on their last hunt request in life may very well represent the greatest gift a person can receive from another. To say that it is life changing and spiritually fortifying does not come close to the powerful impact it has had on me and my family. Those moving experiences will stay with us forever.”



Outdoors Guy:

“How do you balance a music, hunting and conservation career, a home life, recreational hunting, along with the other irons you have in the fire, yet still remain balanced and (somewhat) sane? Does your hectic schedule ever get the best of you, or can you simply take things in stride?”


Ted Nugent:

“Being 67 years clean and sober with damn good genetics, with a sensible physical regimen and a killer smart diet of wild game provides me a very healthy, high energy condition to allow me to tackle any and all of my passions and dreams. That I have always surrounded myself with the very best people possible, as you have witnessed working with my personal assistant Linda, my team can move mountains, and we do. Every individual from management, Spirit of the Wild TV production, Sunrize Safaris, and nonstop rock-n-roll mayhem are fulltime master asskickers!”



Outdoors Guy:  

“In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine rated the Top 50 guitarists of all time and you ranked #4 on the list. Would you agree or disagree with that ranking? “


Ted Nugent:

“Music and guitar playing in particular are so very personal and subjective that any such list can only represent those that compile it. I happen to love my guitar playing more than any other while loving and respecting all those amazing 6 string virtuosos out there that provide us the dynamo soundtrack to our lives. The greatest musical honor I could have ever dreamed of was bestowed upon me a few years back when Michigan voted me the #1 Detroit guitarist of all times. Lord have mercy, that feels beyond wonderful.”



Outdoors Guy:

“Ted, you’ve stated many times that venison is your all-time favorite game meat. If suddenly there were no more deer what game meats would fill its place as #1 on the Nugent table? “


Ted Nugent:

“We love all game; deer, elk, moose, caribou, bear, pronghorn, hogs, grouse, woodcock, pheasant, quail, doves, snipe, squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese, cranes, woodchucks and all the African and exotic game. The way we prepare our game, every meal is so damn good its crazy! I will share many of our recipes in upcoming FHR columns.”



Outdoors Guy:

“Ok, you have lots of fans up here in the Nation’s Capital, why haven’t you performed here in ages? Each summer in July the City of Ottawa hosts one of the largest musical festival in the world, would you ever consider playing at Bluesfest? And what if the Outdoors Guy promised to bring you hunting while you were here?”


Ted Nugent:

“I’ve rocked across Canada for nearly 50 years and have loved every gig. I only tour the summer months these days so I hope to hell to get back up there ASAP. You people deserve me!”



Outdoors Guy Thank You:

“Hey Ted, thanks so very much for your time and for the terrific and candid responses! Wishing you all the best throughout the hunting season.”

Ted Nugent:

“The best of luck to you & yours Jeff! Thank God everyday we are deerhunters! YOWZA! Aim small miss small, go ultra stealthy! kill the beast! cherish this special family spirit time! Ted”


15 thoughts on “Outdoors Guy interview with FHR Columnist Ted Nugent – Part 1”

  1. We deserve him…. hehe
    Yup that’s Uncle Ted
    Thanks Jeff. Maybe if he comes to Bluesfest we can all get together for a venison meal

    1. Agreed Iggs, it would be awesome!

      Perhaps we’ll get Ted to bring up some of those Michigan deer or a few from Texas, I believe we need them!


  2. Let the organizers of the Blues Fest know you want him up here! He’s not had a show in Canada since Casino Rama in August 2011.

    1. Hey Todd, thanks for the tip and hope you’re having a good fall!

      I’m not aware if Bluesfest Exec. Director Mark Monahan has ever approached Ted’s concert people, but I will try to find out. I know Ted does do summer festivals in the US so why not here! As he said, we do deserve him. Iggy, can you imagine Ted riding that big buffalo onto a Bluesfest stage like he used to do? Hey, if the Blues Brothers can ride Harleys on stage why not Ted on a buffalo? (Ohhhhhh yeah, its Ottawa I forgot)


  3. I’m sure he and the buffalo would be allowed, as long as he didn’t make any noise and disturb the Glebites.
    I wonder if Monahan has ever approached Uncle Ted, I think he would be a huge draw

      1. Iggy, how did deer hunters make out around your cottage this year? Was there a noticeable decline in whitetail numbers in that area as well?


  4. Well we did better than most camps around us. We got two dandy bucks both shot by the same fellow. Our camp vetranarian (sp). We also saw about nine or ten other deer but didn’t manage to get them. We shoot bucks and does and fawns but it was just one of those years. Good for the population though. The camp right next to us got two does and I think Bob the Butcher ( a frequent contributor on here) got at least one. There is no doubt in my mind the deer herd is hurting. Sometimes we’d do a two or three hour chase and the dogs wouldn’t even get a start. However, we had a blast. It’s so much fun being up there. The only downer was putting down one of my beagles at hunts end. He was 15 years old and had dog dimentia so it was time. First time I ever held a dog when it went to sleep and it was so sad. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Breaks me up just thinking about it.
    Anyway it looks like a few of us are going back up next week for a bird hunt. Lifted birds on almost every chase we did.

    1. I’m sorry Iggy, meant to send my condolences on the passing of your old pal. Very sad after getting so attached and thank goodness for all the good memories.

      Your ON camp did very well all things considered!


  5. Oops around the cottage on the Quebec side. Sorry I missed that
    They didn’t do very well either. They hunted hard for two solid weeks and only got three bucks ,none very big. They didn’t see that many either. Seems the last two winters gave been hard on them too

  6. That Buffalo from the Full Bluntal Nugity DVD died years ago Jeff. You’ll have to suffice with a vintage howling Byrd strapped upon him. Lol.

  7. Bring on the Nuge !!!!

    If he has an urge to play in Bluesfest, Westfest or Folkfest, I bet he’ll generate a bundle of activity. Going both ways.

    If you don’t stand behind the Nuge, feel free to stand in front of him !!! Yuk yuk.

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