Wanted one trained Wildlife Officer for Ottawa


Do you have experience with large mammals?

Can you respond quickly to wildlife incidents around town?

Do you know how to administer tranquilizers and use a rifle? 

Can you go shirtless and rugged to take down a bear in a lake or river? 

If you have answered yes to the above questions, the City of Ottawa may have a position for you!! 


A meeting yesterday between the City of Ottawa, National Capital Commission and the Ministry of Natural Resources came up with a plan whereby the City would hire a private company or individual to handle all big-game situations within city limits.

In the interim, the MNR has said they will provide assistance in this regard until a dedicated wildlife officer can be hired by the City.

“They are going to get some chemical immobilization training so they will be ready as of Monday should anything happen next week.” MNR Minister Linda Jeffrey told CBC news.


A rash of what can best be described as bumbled wildlife encounters around town have prompted criticism towards the City of Ottawa, but according to MNR Minister, the Mayor and the City are now taking responsibly for it. 

The situation is Ottawa was only exacerbated this week by a Montreal moose takedown and relocation that went very smoothly. Montreal police we given immediate assistance by Quebec Wildlife officials. 

My guess is that many folks here at the Outdoors Guy probably have enough big-game experience, and with a bit of training would do quite a fine job as a Wildlife Officer for the City of Ottawa. 


Any takers??


54 thoughts on “Wanted one trained Wildlife Officer for Ottawa”

  1. I heard an interesting comment last night that someone suggested these moose are comming from Quebec because of the forest fires. Moose have been seen swimming accross the Ottawa River. Apparently there are two presently on Petrie Island. I just hope they do not wander into the city before a management plan is put into place.

    1. Rick, it would seem like a ‘delayed reaction’ for these moose to relocate at this point..but I do know forest fire will move them out of their home range..I suppose it is possible that a chain reaction of moose being forced into new territory, and being pushed southward could force them across the Ottawa river..

      Only thing is, that doesn’t really explain the moose that swam onto the island of Montreal this week..when there were no fires reported on the south shore!

      I think there’s something else going on…

      Moose on Petrie Island, that’s not good at all..I suppose that little bull who escaped that day after his brother was shot in Orleans could have headed there – its only a short distance – but you say two moose are on the island??


  2. don’t tell the cops about the Pietrie Island moose.LOL
    Personally I doubt the forest fire story, I think it was just thrown out there as a maybe. I would suspect more likely it is these moose are coming out of the Mer Bleu, and Larose forest being sent out on their own by their mothers so they can take care of their new born calves. Good story in a local paper about the MNR doing moose counts by air (why would they care to do moose counts of moose in the City of Ottawa property Mer Bleu when it’s “not their responsibility” is beyond me. Just goes to show what kind of bull s#$% they are feeding us. Liars and no one takes them to task!!!!!) and the land around Ottawa that houses moose.

  3. no, but to tell you the truth, I’m getting fed up with the double talk of the MNR and no one seems to take them to task.
    One the one hand, they say that these animals are not their responsibility, out of the other side of their mouth comes
    the fact that they have done moose surveys inside the city of Ottawa boundaries.
    On one hand, the come inside the city of Ottawa boundaries to check hunters, on the other hand they say these animals that they are checking the hunters credentials on are not their responsibility.
    When governments don’t tell the truth, they should be taken to task, by the public and media, but media have more access to them and can ask questions to get the populace aware of their falsehoods, and I don’t really see this happening.
    Why is it that the reporters in Ottawa feel quite comfortable accepting what the MNR says , but refuse or just aren’t smart enough to ask them the tough questions.

    “Why is it, that the MNR does surveys of the moose herd inside the city boundaries, but when one of the animals are in difficulty, you absolutely refuse to help. Either they are your animals, or they are not Mr. Minister?”
    “Why is it Mr. Minister that you come into Ottawa and check hunters, check for licenses and correct tags, yet you refuse to help out another level of government when they need your expertise, instead, knowingly allow the animal to be shot dead?”
    Come on man, where are the reporters, not the news writers, but the in-depth reporters.
    Whew! I feel better now

    Oh Chessy, I had Raisin Bran and some fruit, same as always

    1. I dunno..sounds like neither of you guys had fruit this morning – you know a carb-heavy breakfast makes you more aggresive!


  4. Good to hear finally!!!

    After shooting them did they looked to see if they had brain desease or ticks etc??? that would help maybe understand what is going on in the woods this year might be something affecting them.

  5. Another thing,

    I’ve noticed lots of deers wondering in the field near my home, this is the first time I see this, they go and eat hay that farmers recently cutted. Its the first time I observe such thing.

    Ill try to get pictures

  6. Concerned Citizen says:
    After shooting them did they looked to see if they had brain desease or ticks etc??? that would help maybe understand what is going on in the woods this year might be something affecting them.

    Very good question

  7. Yes, that is very good question..and an easy task to perform for a trained individual..just as they examine the brain of a potentially rabid animal for the presence of nigri bodies….a moose with brain worm is quite obvious to tell upon examination..Ive seen them and they’re not pretty!

    Of course, we are back to the whole money and manpower issue..of which we seem to have very little of..


  8. Concerned citizen, I am started to see more deer in the fields myself….I may just the fact that we have more around this summer than last.

    Has anyone seen any newborn fawns yet? I caught a glimpse of one briefly last week, but thats it!


  9. Jeff I have seen quite a few fawns this month.

    From what I have heard the moose shot have all been in good condition.

  10. Dave, I beleive the team has already been picked out…its just a matter of working out logistics at this point.


  11. I answered yes to the first 3 but no so sure why the 4th qualification is there….I thought about it for a split second then decided against it having that kind of authority and equipment in a town full of politicians could prove interesting….

    speaking of politicians….Iggy, when you gonna run for MPP ? You and Jeff both and with a little luck one of you could be assigned the MNR portfolio

    1. Trapper..you realize the shirtless qualification was optional, right?

      Sorry man..no MPP for me…Iggy, what about you?


  12. ive seen four fawns in the area of our cabin in lanark area. unfortunenatly the front leg of one by our pond last weekend also. saw one suckling on its mom this weekend on way home. first time for me. lots of bears in that area man oh man. usualy dont see them much around our place till fall when windfall apples ready but this year seeing lots already

  13. Spotted big pack of wild turkeys going to Toronto this weekend….too bad the bus was driving so fast I wanted to take a pictures.

    They were all hanging under a tree in the field, its the first time I see that many wild turkey. Ususally around my place you can spot single one’s but this was a first for me to see that many all together, it was really cool.

    Not sure if this will work, here some pics of wilderness fun, Ive got more coming


  14. Seen a big buck (with velvet antlers) this Sunday morning, feeding just of the road shoulder on-ramp of the Plateau shopping mall going on to the Allumitières Blv in Gatineau. Impoosible to stop and take a picture with vehicles following me.

    1. Concerned Citizen, stick around here long enough and you’ll hear so many big buck stories, it will feel like you’ve seen lots of them!


  15. If you want to see a couple of dandy bucks in the making,just drive on the Queensway between Eagleson Rd and Moody Dr on the right at 5.30-6.00am.One is sporting a very visible 8or10pt velvet covered crown and the other is a good 8pt.Hey Jeff what do you think of the story about cougars in Ont.

  16. Also sat morning on the way to work from the prior there were deer all over the Hwy.Counted 16 including 4 standing right on the center lane of hwy 17.From what i could see i only saw 3 with racks but alot were in the ditches and fields with heads down.

  17. Ya Jeff a story in the Citizen monday about how the MNR says after 30 pieces of evidence they have come to the conclusion we have cougars here.On top of that the Puma assoc. estimates we could have as many as 550 in eastern canada.Now we’ll have sitings all over the place.According to one lady last week in the local paper she saw one running off with a dog in it’s mouth.As if the cops don’t have enough to deal with besides moose and bear now they have cougars to add to the list.The tactical team should get quite a workout.LOL

    1. Paul, oh it was in that paper…see, that’s what I never heard about it.

      I suppose I should cover the story for our paper though…so that the remaining 80% of hunters and fishermen in our region get a chance to hear about it..

      The problem I see with any study on eastern cougars in ON would be how to ever differentiate between a bonafide cougar from the small, remnant population of true eastern cougars..versus a cougar supposedly released by the MNR in parts of ON awhile back..

      I know that ‘true’ eastern cougars are spotted in NS, NB and QC with some regularity, but I suspect that many of the ones seen in Central and Eastern ON were released…

      But I suppose you never know….

      Back in 2000, I interviewed a lad from Monkland (near Cornwall) who had apparently been bitten by a cougar during the night – I was doing a piece for OOD magazine – and investigators at the time confirmed that his bite marks were consistent with that of a very large cat!


  18. OutdoorsGuy,

    I’ll stick around, found a nice little family here, its great.

    I red in a newspaper that some idiots in St-Hyacinthe stole a truck containing 2 camels and a tiger…hopefully they wont be released in the city…like here in Ottawa…

    Going to Notre-Dame Du Laus at the cottage this weekend, neigbor said they spotted a few bears already…hope to get some nice pics and try not to get killed in the process

    1. CC, just dont feed those bears out of your hand…and never leave the cottage..you should be fine!


    2. Hello All:

      Just a quick note to let readers know if they would like to contact me with
      a private email, a hyperlink is located in the right-hand side of the Outdoors Guy main page.

      Simply scroll down the right side column and it’s located just below my Bio.



  19. Just quick questions.

    1. Is pepper spray legal here in Canada for bear protection?

    2. What is my best shot to do if I get cornered by a bear in the wood?

    3. Is climbing a tree a good solution even though they are good climber themselves.


    1. CC, keep in mind that any spray deterrent marked simply “Pepper Spray” or “Mace” is NOT legal in Canada..as far as I know, the only legal deterrents must be marked “Bear Spray” or “Dog Spray”…and whatever you do, don’t try to purchase pepper spray in the US and try to bring it across the border..you can ask Serge or Trapper about that.

      You can purchase Bear Spray at some local shops, but be prepared to fill out some paper work..I picked up a can at Lebaron on Merivale a few years back.

      Regarding a bear attack…I usually gauge my defence against the behaviour (& sex) of the bear in question. If its a sow with her cubs, I would slowly back away..if it was a lone male bear on the other hand, Iggy’s approach would be best. Do not climb and tree and for God’s sake do not run!! If the male bear suspects you may put a fight, he may back down..and you will be given a chance.

      I can recall the runner from BC who was killed a few years back. Of the small group of people in the woods, the only one to be attacked was her..because she ran and tried to climb a tree!

      I’ve only ever been confronted by an aggressive male bear one time….when he decided to put the run on me….well, lets just say it didn’t end well (for him)


      1. Here’s what the Internet authority on everything (Wikipedia) has to say about Pepper Spray use in Canada (Hey, what do you know, I was right!):

        “In Canada all products with a label containing the words pepper spray, mace, etc, or otherwise originally produced for use on humans are classified as a prohibited weapon.[30] Only law enforcement officers and individuals/corporations who have special government permits may legally carry or possess pepper spray. Any similar canister with the labels reading “dog spray” and/or “bear spray” is regulated under the Pest Control Products Act – while legal to be carried by anyone, it is against the law if its use causes ‘a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to another person’ or harming the environment and carries a penalty up to a fine of $500,000 and jail time of maximum 3 years.[31] Of course, the legality of using spray intended for animal deterrent on a person would be determined in court on a case-by-case basis.”


  20. pepperspray is legal and recommended for wilderness travel
    there are no corners in the woods, however the best thing to do if a bear threatens is
    to make yourself look as big as possible and stand your ground but don’t look it in the eyes
    By looking them in the eyes you seem agressive to them.
    If you have a gun, fire it directly at the bear, if the pain doesn’t scare them, the noise will
    bears can climb trees better and faster then most humans, however the “droppings” from the human
    might stink it away

  21. Bear Spray in a can is the same as mace and pepperspray, they get around the law by calling it Bear Spray.
    Very effective, I know, I’ve used it, and caught a wiff of it myself at the same time, it sent the bear one way, and me the other. My eyes and mouth burned all night, and I just got a tiny bit, but it worked. DO NOT EVER USE THIS ON A HUMAN, AND DON’T THREATEN TO USE IT.
    You can buy it at most sporting goods stores and I think Canadian Tire, but it’s usually locked up.
    It sprays about 15 to 20 yards, the spray is orange, and try not to pray it into the wind, you’ll be sorry if you did.

  22. Thanks guys,

    Ill take a look a Lebaron this week. I thought Id could out run a bear but I guess not and as for standing my ground…….lets just say there will be plenty of droppings for the bear to sniff.


  23. bears are exceptionally fast in short bursts, a person could never out run it, the one saving grave is they might slip on the droppings

  24. id like to throw a question out there: at the moment there is no open season for hunting ,is it legal to carry a gun while trecking through the woods at the moment while nothing is open to hunt.

    1. Well McDan, I’m not sure if you followed my column in the Ottawa SUN..but 5 years ago I wrote an article about safety in bear country during a spring fishing trip. In that piece I suggested that a can of pepper spray and rifle might be a good idea to bring, along with your fishing gear…

      I was contacted a day or two later by MNR law enforcement in Peterborough(one of two times MNR law enforcement came calling)…the fellow suggested that I print a retraction to my article, so I dont give readers the wrong idea.

      In his words, “bringing a rifle along with you when there is no open season is just asking for trouble.” I asked him if it was, in fact, legal to carry a firearm for protection..and he
      said technically, yes, but he would advise against it…he went on to add that I shouldn’t worry about bears anyway and that I was just as likely to get attacked by one in downtown Ottawa as I was in northern ON or QC….

      That was 2005 and less than two weeks later an ‘unarmed’ camper was killed up north..and by the end of that summer a total of 6 people were killed by bears in North America!

      Each time another fatality was reported, I emailed that officer asking if he still felt downtown Ottawa was a dangerous for bears at our Canadian north…he never responded.

      Anyhow, I guess according to that, it is legal to carry..but in the words of one high ranking member of the MNR…I would advise against it!!!

      I was also told that it is legal to ‘carry’ in QC during the closed season so long as you have a PAL and are not actively hunting…


  25. Dear Mr Outdoorsguy

    I was the MNR person you spoke to and e-mailed.
    Sorry I didn’t respond, I was the last person at the MNR
    when I went home that night, I turned off the lights
    They’ve never been turned back on
    Please keep sending tax money in 2005

    Ranger Bob

  26. (Damn…I knew I should have kept my mouth shut!)

    Sir, I must apologize for all that….you are quite correct when you said downtown Ottawa bears are more dangerous than those in Northern ON or QC…fortunately, though, we know how to take care of downtown bears(& moose) here in Ottawa now…

    I’m feeling a lot safer these days…thank you!


  27. Jeff it is legal to carry a rifle all year long. Coyotes, coons and groundhogs are a few of the species you can go after with a small game lisense.

    Carry a target in your pack and you are just doing a little off season target practice or working up a new load for the fall seasons.

  28. Thanks guys that does answer my question (plus i forgot about coyote and wolf season). funny thing my son was in at Highlands store in lanark( great store by the way, its really coming along) and they sell rubber bullets in 12g as bear deterants LOL now if i was in a bad enough way as to be shooting at a bear in self defence i dont think i would want to be firing rubber at it.

  29. Hey Rick, I never even thought of that..thanks!

    Mcdan, I think you’d describe rubber bullets as ‘old school’ these day, but I bet they still have there
    place in some situations…not with bears though..


  30. Rubber bullets are an offensive rather than a defensive tool. If you are trying to deter, modify behaviour or chase away they have their place. A charging bear not so much.

    1. Here’s a question Rick..would a rubber bullet fired from say a .308 or 30.06 pentrate the skin of a bear at close range?


  31. It would depend on the load. If rubber bullets were to be used in a .30 calibur round a lighter load would prevent penetration with the smaller surface area.

    The noise combined with the physical shock of being hit are what make rubber bullets effective. They should not be designed to cause injury.

  32. Actually rubber bullets do work.My son worked for 2 years as the bear tech for the kingston,napanee district and that is what he used on the bears.Mind you the bear was not attacking but as a deterent he said they sure don’t like being poked by them and stayed away from where they were hit for quite a while.

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