Hunt camp tradition continues…

First things first – WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!! Hope to see a lot of old familiar names and new ones as well. Surely there are lots more avid hunters and conservationists out there?

Tis that time of year again folks; hunting season and that trip back to the hallowed hunt camp.

Your hunt camp could be a 4-man tent, while for else might use their summer cottage transformed into a makeshift hunt camp as the leaves start to fall.

Others might be members of a private hunt club or an organized lodge, while some might even rent chalets, cabins or quinsy huts. You might convert a fishing or trapping camp into a hunt camp in the fall and really who cares,  it doesn’t really matter. 

Regardless of what four-walls become your hunt camp, its a time to celebrate the sport we all know and love. Sharing the experience with friends and hunting companions only serves to enrich the experience. 

Although it may come off sounding snooty, the hunt camp mentality is something only a true hunter has experienced and will ever really understand. Sorry to all animal rights people, environmentalists and other ‘non-hunters’ out there, you simply cannot comprehend and this post will, therefore, mean absolutely nothing to you. 

It is a time of year when, like or not, many other things in our busy lives must take a backseat to this special place.  We dream about it at night and long for that glorious day when we first arrive. 

After more than 35-years of doing this, the hunt camp experience is still over in the blink of an enjoy your time this year to the fullest. Soak it in to make the memories last all year. You just never know when it could be your last trip.

I used to ask this question every year but what does hunt camp mean to you? To me it means everything and more.




2 thoughts on “Hunt camp tradition continues…”

    1. Ha!! Tks Doug, feels great to be home..almost like old times, eh?

      Hope some of the old crew decides to stop-by for a visit.


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