Ted Nugent comment creates panic and mayhem


It seems our old pal Uncle Ted is up to his old tricks again; however, this time appears to have ruffled some high-profile feathers in the oval office.

You know that when ‘The Nuge’ speaks out, it can only be about one of two things; hunting or politics, and he certainly has some strong views in both arenas.

Although I may not share all of Ted’s political views, I am still of fan of what he stands for. He is a huge ambassador for our hunting heritage and his blunt, hard-edged wildlife conservation stance makes good sense most of time.

Among the latest comments by the Motor City Madman is this gem:

“Hey, if the coyote is in your living room p*ssing on your couch it’s not the coyote’s fault, its your fault for not shooting him!”

It was his comment regarding the upcoming Presidential race; however, that really got hardliners in an uproar. At a National Rifle Association (NRA) rally Ted commented:

“I’ll tell you this right now. If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

According to the newswire, Nugent’s comment was met with some concern and the 63-year old rocker and hunting activist is now under investigation by the Secret Service.


Is it just me, or does Ted’s off-handed comment merely suggest that he would off himself if the same president is re-elected? Maybe I’m hearing it wrong.

Is a flippant statement such as this warrant being investigated by the US Secret Service?

I suppose it depends on where it comes from, or perhaps Ted’s comments are merely being picked up and used as a political weapon (pun intentional)

Ah, never a dull moment in the life of Ted Nugent or the American political situation for that matter!



34 thoughts on “Ted Nugent comment creates panic and mayhem”

  1. Our good buddy Ted is never short of comments to get people buzzing. I guess the Secret Service has to look at anything or anyone that may pose a threat to the President. Seems like a big waste of time to me, but they have to keep busy somehow. Ted is just giving them a reason to do just that.

    If anyone hasn’t seen Ted’s rant about the 2nd amendment, I would strongly suggest it. It is definitely good entertainment.

    1. Wow sureshot-dave, I forgot how intense that was!

      As radical as Ted may seem to some..he wears his heart on his sleeve and shares blatantly honest views which many of us also share…but are often too scared to admit it.


  2. If his comment prompted an investigation by the Secret Service… maybe he’s right, he might be in jail a lot sooner than he thought. hahaha

    The thing is, that comment can be taken in so many different ways, it doesn’t really say anything at all. Very much like any politician’s comments… they always let the audience create their own ideas of what the statement realy meant. This way, the comments can involve everyone who hears them.

    At the same time, the Secret Service is involved in a prostitution and cocaine scandal during a recent Presidential visit to Columbia. This is being drummed-up by Romney.

    I think this is nothing more than an political weapon… US politics have become a circus side-show played in every media outlet. It makes Harper’s attack ads seem like compliments.

    1. Oh man Chessy, I absolutely love this line from Ted:

      “I stood there in sheer astonishment that, what everyone knew was the most natural sustained yeild of wildlife management resources – hunting, fishing, trapping – was being condemned….So if we don’t harvest the annual surplus of wildlife and use it perfectly as food, what the hell are you recommending, numbnuts?!”


  3. What a donkey. Obama hasn’t done anything to threaten gun ownership or the use of firearms for hunting.

    Obama administration — especially within the Justice Department and the office of Attorney General Eric Holder — regarding an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation that turned into a fiasco, President Barack Obama is threatening to violate U.S. citizen’s Fourth Amendment rights to own firearms for self-defense and sport.

    Obama is expected to issue an executive order making it more difficult for citizens living in states such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico to legally buy firearms.

    House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) on Monday criticized the Obama administration’s decision to impose these new reporting requirements for gun sales in states along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Obama threatens gun owners in border states – National public safety |

    just google obama and gun laws

  5. Outdoors Guy

    I too appreciate how Ted Nugent defends the hunting tradition and the right of citizens to bear arms.

    I would think that the Secret Service has more important things to worry about than Ted Nugent’s comments. However, I do know that the current occupant of the White House — and his cheerleaders in the media –have contempt for anyone with conservative and/or traditional points of view. We can expect more of this as the election nears.

  6. Sounds like a threat to the President to me.. If Ted off’s himself that’s just another good reason to vote Obama!!

  7. If Ted Nugent says he may end up in jail if Obama is re-elected, it implies that he may have criminal intentions. I don’t think it would be unreasonable for the authorities to investigate If a public figure in Canada said he might end up dead or in jail if Stephen Harper is re-elected.

  8. well .. 3 years i would not be able to comment on fishr statement.. but seeing i have a few classes of conceptual analysis this is how i read it .. if obama becomes president and changes the gun laws i will be in jail (because i am now illegal for having guns.or i could be dead because of old age the first thing we must ask is for clarification on what he says… my professor had some pretty good stories of things that when a person say and what a person means and how someone interprets it is 6 different things…

  9. here is his “rant”

    here is his response from after talking to secret service
    “Well I cannot put it in more positive terms. What a couple of professional, cordial, take care of business federal agents they were,” Nugent said.

    “They wanted to make sure that they understood that I threatened no one’s life and we determined that, shook hands and I went and rock n’ rolled and they went Secret Servicing,” Nugent said.

    “They were doing their jobs,” he added.

    “We just got down to the beauty of metaphors,” he explained. “They had to ask basic questions about what I believe and what I meant.”

    Nugent added that he found none of the questions intrusive.

    “Truth and logic wins,” Nugent said.

  10. I am truly disappointed in reading of Ted’s Alaska charges of taking a Black Bear after having wounded another. In Alaska wounding constitutes taking and you are not allowed to kill a second bear.

  11. My thought when I read the article was that perhaps he was unfairly targeted because of his high profile. As Chessy mentioned, the Internet is full of far worse wildlife violations.

  12. habsrock and johnny smart, a couple of dorks trying so hard to be cool
    I expect a Hab’s fan to be dumb, but someone who calls himself smart????
    oh I get it, it’s like the guy who calls himself stretch and is 4’11 or the guy called skinng that weighs 400lbs

    1. Well Chessy, you beat me to it…again.

      Was that your comment at the end of that piece? Did you change your name or something..hehe


  13. no not my comments… some bean head posted that…. i would have posted that turkey sucssess has dropped but the mnr still wants a longer and fall season = more money

  14. Hi Jeff.
    well another good start to this turkey season. went out with a buddy of mine and he got his first bird ever. i think he is still giggling like a school girl. it was a nice jake. about 25 min later, i called in a nice tom. came in just like you see in the t.v. shows. he put on a show and got him at 20 yards. 8 in beard, 1 in spurs and weighed about 22 pds. i will try to send you some pics soon.
    nice article by the way.

    1. Sorry man, just sent you a pm about it..any chance you could re-post that comment on the new Turkey Post?


  15. My opinion plain and simple, ted nugent is a moron, the man just likes to hear himself talk, the garbage that comes out of his mouth makes hunters look bad, the guy is a large cultural figure, and he isn’t helping he’s making us legitimate hunters look like we are all useless trailer trash so ted….. Go away please!

    1. savage joe, I don’t beleive Ted is a moron at all..unlike most other rock stars of his era, Ted never touched a drip of booze or did any drugs, and he kicked anyone out of his bands who did. His mind is especially sharp I would say..as far as all the polital stuff, I can do without that. He does, however, have a few intelligent things to say when it comes to conservation. I dont agree with all of it, but I wouldn’t say he’s a moron either.


  16. jeff, you are right he is not a moron, i spoke more out of irritation than anything, im not a big fan of the way he approaches his views on something as important to me as hunting, im not saying hes wrong just not the way i would like some one waiving the flag for hunters to act.

    1. Yes savage joe, he does tend to poke at the hornet’s nest when most times its best left alone.


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