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  1. It is great to see a local tournament for archery again. 15 yrs ago or so there was huge interest in archery and every weekend there was a tourney somewhere to go to.Then all of a sudden they dropped off . What a great way to get people involved in the sport. Congrats to whoever is responsible for this event and with some luck more will follow.

  2. My God, I haven’t participated in one of these for at least three years. Use to go around the Ottawa-Carleton / Outaouais shhots (always loved the Chelsea, QC one for it traditional shoot day). Never been to the Perth one.

    Not that I’m a competitive type, but you meet archery enthusiast (especially traditional archers like me). And the courses are always well planned and challenging.

    Hey! what’s a few lost or broken arrows.

    I’ll have to see.

  3. used to go to Ottawa Archery when they were on Cedarhill to shoot, not competitive but practice, ever since they closed I’ve let off on my practice and now I haven’t shot my bow for about 3 years. Too bad really, I used to enjoy bow hunting in the fall but it’s one of those things if you don’t practice at least a couple times a week you really shouldn’t be out hunting with it. I’m talking compound bow not crossbow

    Good to see Pic still at it

    1. Its amazing how you can just get out of the habit of doing something..I used to shoot bows with my buddy back home…then life got in the way and I haven’t picked up a bow since. That was 15 years ago.

      Too bad Ottawa Archery closed, I thought it was pretty popular. I used to feature it in my old outdoors column all the time.


  4. Iggy,

    That Hunting and Fishing Store in Richmond has a nice indoor range for you to get back into it! They are on the main drag in Richmond next to the C.I.B.C.

    1. sureshot-dave, my sister from Richmond has been in that store a couple of times..it sounds really good.

      I know they sell hard to find prods too – like Acorn Rage which I use in the fall…apart from BassPro I couldnt find anywhere around who sold that stuff and the little shop in Richmond had it..

      That tells you something


  5. That Hunting and FIshing Store is owned by one of the former owner’s of Ottawa Archery. Same set up on the range and great guys to deal with!!!

    1. Ok, that explains it. Their location is certainly off-the-beaten-path yet they seem to get pretty good business.


  6. thanks SSD, I know one of the guys out in Richmond, from his days at OA. (Rob L )
    But I live in Blackburn Hamlet and work in the deep west end, not likely going to drive to Richmond every second day. I could practice at the cottage but it’s just not the same

  7. Target ranges are good for practice but 3d shoots are the closest to the real thing. We used to shoot at the Gracefield tournament in the bush at 3d.Nepean field archery course,Fort Coulonge, Arnprior field course,and many more. Knowing that you either hit or miss your target with 3d is nerve racking and fun. And the great thing was there was always spectaters, and what a better way to promote the sport. If anyone has gone to Bass pro in Vaughn and seen all the kids at the simulated hunting arcade, you can understand what a positive affect a renewed interest in archery can have on young and old and the sport as a whole.

  8. Jeff. A little off topic but did you look into the moose slaughter ( i mean hunt ) i asked you about in an earlier article involving the reintroduction of the woodland caribou.

    1. Hey Paul, I’m sorry man, I haven’t looked into that yet. I do have a big-game contact at the MNR head-office which I will contact today…would you mind sending me a PM with a few more details on it; just so I don’t look like a dummie.


    2. Paul, I sent a message to my MNR contact and we’ll have to see what comes of it.


    3. OK Paul, thanks to Heather Visser – Corporate Communications Officer with the MNR – I have now received an ‘Official Statement’ from the Ministry of Natural Resources on the moose/elk management situation in WMU 21A, 21B & 22.

      Here is their statement, put together specifically for me by a couple of MNR experts on the subject:

      Moose Validation Tag Numbers in Wildlife Management Units 21A, 21B & 22

      Forest-dwelling woodland caribou are an important Species at Risk in Ontario. However, it is not MNR’s goal to eliminate moose populations in order to benefit caribou- not in WMUs 21A, 21B, 22 or any other in the province.

      MNR’s policy for all cervids (moose, woodland caribou, white-tailed deer, and elk) is to manage populations at the local level. Moose, deer, and woodland caribou are all currently present in WMUs 21A, 21B, and 22. Our goal in managing these units is to maintain natural densities of all three species. This is consistent with provincial policies.

      WMU 21A

      Compared to other WMUs in the province, the number of moose validation tags available in WMU 21A appears to be high. The number of tags is directly related to the large size of the unit, the high density of moose in the unit and decreasing moose hunter success rates.

      As well, our moose aerial inventory has shown there is a decrease in the number of bulls compared to cows. The recent rise in the number of cow tags being issued in the Nipigon District unit is an effort to improve the cow to bull ratio in the WMU and maintain the health of the population.

      WMU 21B and 22

      Moose aerial inventories were conducted for both these WMUs in the winter of 2011. For WMU 21B, the estimated moose population in 2011 was 3,858 compared to 1,773 moose in 2007. For WMU 22, the estimated moose population was 1,981 compared to 1,312 moose in 2007.

      Taking into considering updated harvest information and revised moose population estimates, the 2011 resident moose tag quotas for WMU 21B total 625 tags. This is an increase of 168 tags from 2010.

      For WMU 22, the 2011 resident moose tag quotas total 235 tags. This is an increase of 133 tags from 2010.

      It is also important to note that the surveys have indicated moose populations are declining in both of these WMUs. So the 2011 moose tag quotas are still lower than they were prior to 2007.

    1. LeGrand, if its the same operation I’m thinking of, I met the guy one time years ago at a show in Rockland..he was just getting starting at the time.

      I have not heard anything about it since, but I see his in Bourget prob the Larose forest, so I’ll look into it.


  9. I hunted Pheasant east of Ottawa about 10 years ago, the guy had a great operation, that’s the time I forgot my trigger lock on my shotgun ;(. Good thing I had a guy that knew that with two pair of plyers , off it came. I also hunted Pheasant with Klause, near Greely, south of Ottawa a number of times but he’s long gone, and another fellow near Westport but he’s gone too.

  10. For those interested in archery of all types the locations in Ottawa that I know of are;

    Kanata archery club – they have a website and are located off carp road .

    That hunting and fishing store – Richmond , indoor range and brain trust for archery in the area.

    RA center- in door

    Ottawa archery club – they have a website and located in south west end.

    Rockland field archers – located in rockland and have a Facebook page. Outdoors and indoors in winter mostly 3d archery with all type of bows.

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