Bounder Magazine Fall Issue


Hey, if you have not yet picked up the Fall issue of Bounder Men’s Magazine, I suggest you get moving! 

I know one may perceive a ‘Men’s magazine’ as biased but trust me Bounder is one quality publication; covering just about every aspect of life here in Ottawa – geared towards (but not limited to) those who pee standing up. 

Yes, Bounder is marketed as a Men’s Magazine, but its appeal really does transcend all gender lines. Whether you’re a ‘sitter’ or a ‘pointer’ who enjoys a good read, you will discover something of interest within the thick, high quality pages of this publication. 

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Publisher Brian Warren, Bounder is now being found ‘scattered like a shotgun blast’ throughout the Ottawa valley and across town, in a number of different outlets.

You wont have to look far to find one.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it’s free? Who would have thunk in today’s day and age you could get all this for nothing, but it’s true.

I would like to thank Brian and his team for inviting me to be part of this Ottawa success story. For features on classic cars, dogs, men’s health, music, comedy, local entertainment, and regular columns by such folks as the ‘king of duct-tape’ Red Green, CHEZ 106’s Randall Moore, Delmer & Cecil and many more. 

And the Cooper Brothers too, remember them? They have a new album out and you can read all about it…

Or if you just can’t get enough hunting and conservation info. and have a hankering for more Outdoors Guy, go check it out! 


14 thoughts on “Bounder Magazine Fall Issue”

    1. See LeGrand, not including the Internet Link was a marketing technique….whereby forcing readers to pick up the physical magazine…which is wayyy more impressive btw!


  1. Hey Jeff yor right it is more impressive , sure is some good reading . Oh buy the way that new Sail store just opened up and being i work right around the corner i’m going check it out and i’ll let you know .

  2. Ha ! you know some thing the Cooper brother look more like that show MAN TRACKER . but the tunes are still good .

  3. any know where I can find a copy in the east end of Ottawa? Orleans area!
    much appreciated
    tried reading it on line bit it’s just not the same!

  4. just read your colum in the mag… very nice. are your numbers correct in the turkey success. if so the success rate has really fallen over the past few years.

    1. Yeah Chessy, those wild turkey numbers are straight from the MNR!

      Are the number actually down for the spring turkey hunt?


  5. Here is a reply I got from the editor I asked Where I could find their mag. in Ottawa east…

    To: alain.
    Sent: Sunday, December 12, 2010 8:07 AM
    Subject: RE: I am interested in Bounder Magazine
    i know the metro in blackburn had them..any advertiser in the mag should have copies.
    Your in Luck Iggy it’s downhill from your mansion in the hamlet!

  6. I’ll check it out, thanks
    someone should tell that Brian Warren dude that the only way to know who advertised in this edition is to already have the magazine and in that case we wouldn’t be asking 😉

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