Deer season scouting is in order!


For those hunters gearing-up for whitetail rifle season, just a reminder that its that time of year when pre-season scouting is definitely in order. I was up at our hunt camp recently checking on my deer woods to see what’s been going-on since last fall.

While there, I put out some trail cameras and investigated a few of the old runways for activity.

I must admit I was a tad concerned about entering the deer woods this year following a couple of meagre years in a row but, thankfully, it looks as though things may be on the rebound!

Fingers crossed!


I don’t care who you are, just setting one foot into your hunting territory at this time of year is exciting.


And when you see deer tracks around, I don’t know about you, but my hearts gets going like a little hummingbird! Running to the trailcams is always the first order of business upon arriving at deer camp. Scrolling through the images I feel like a kid at Christmas time!

Happy hunting one and all. Be safe and have fun with family and friends! Be sure to share your stories on my previous “Favourite Hunt” post.

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2 thoughts on “Deer season scouting is in order!”

  1. All set for the deer season. Camera and corn is set. Can’t wait for Sunday’s drive to camp. Then when that week is over I’ve got a week in Quebec.
    This will be a little different for me. My son who is 27 has hunted with me on opening morning since he was 12 but this year he’s in school finishing his electrical apprenticeship. It’ll be tough on him too.
    He’ll be up for the weekend though.

    1. Hey Doug, I remember those days driving to hunt camp from College and University..its nice that he gets the weekend with you, at least.
      I recall one year when ON Colleges went on strike back in 1990-91 (this isn’t the first strike) school was closed during deer season..WOOHOO!!!

      Have fun, shoot straight, be safe and hope you get to see a few deer. We’re heading up to camp this aft, QC’s rifle season opens tomorrow
      as you least we’ll have 1 day with no rain.

      What an exciting time of year..hope my trailcams are loaded with pics tonight and your as well!


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