Enormous backyard buck alive and well!!

This awesome looking 14-point monster buck has spent the past 5 1/2 years roaming around my place and I have photographed him many times. He is actually the only buck I never got around to naming, so I’ll just call him ‘No Name.’

I am happy to report that No Name is alive and doing well!

This deer is quite distinctive with a separate non-typical point coming off his main beam on the right side, along with some nice kicker points! He’s had this non-typical crown for the past two years. It is the same buck who rubbed a tree 10 feet from my garage in Nov, 2015 and again this year in late November. He can barely fit his enormous rack inside my deer feeder!

Enjoy the wonder and beauty of this magnificent beast!











5 thoughts on “Enormous backyard buck alive and well!!”

  1. nice one outdoorsguy! That’s the kind of buck you want breeding the does. Ever find any of his sheds? They can’t be far.

    1. YES! Those types of genetics cant be bad..have two other smaller bucks around as well. Regarding sheds, my daughters and I have spent hours upon hours scouring for sheds over the years and have never found a single one. The problem is deer around my place often move to a completely different area during the ‘shed period’ I will need scour that area in early spring this year for a chance at finding them.


  2. Try putting a 5 gallon bucket out at the end of December with feed in the bottom.
    Antlers will come off when they hit the sides.

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