Northern pike and walleye flurry begins!

My Outdoors Guy column for May is now out in the Pembroke Daily Observer.

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Valley anglers in search of northern pike and walleye have been out in full force with both species now fair game in Fisheries Management Zone (FMZ) 15. Be sure to check the rules and regulations before hitting the water this weekend! Where length limits apply, anglers should measure their catch carefully, and any fish caught must also be kept whole so it can be measured by a CO. If you should accidentally catch another species for which the season is still closed, it must be immediately (and safely) returned to the water.

FMZ 15 is a very large zone covering much of Northeastern Ontario; extending eastward to the Ottawa River, south to Arnprior, north to Deux Rivieres and west across all of Algonquin Park to Parry Sound. Best of luck in all your northern pike and walleye endeavours. I am hoping to land a few myself this weekend in Cobden. Early season northerns offer great table fare too with 4-5 pounders being the best eating size.


Blind Anglers International Tournament

I had the good fortune of touring Westmeath-area this past weekend; checking out the location for the 27th annual Blind Angler’s International Tournament. (B.A.I.T.) This region is a fitting location for such an event in a most beautiful part of the province. In two weeks’ time, legally blind men and women along with professional anglers will converge on Nangor Resort, for a fun filled weekend of angling! This year’s event kicks-off as usual with a dinner at the Westmeath Community Centre and runs from May 29th – May 31th. The opportunity to learn a new skill or to re-kindle an old passion, serves as a mechanism of rehabilitation for participants in this well-respected event. The Arnprior Lions Club will be hosting the tournament under the Lions’ B.A.I.T. project, and are justifiably proud of the benefits offered by this special program. For more information, please contact the Bait Hotline at: (613) 699-8412. Check out beautiful Nangor resort:


Conserving trout

When it came to brook trout, in my younger days it was always felt that ‘a fish caught was a fish kept’, but it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. On my recent trout trip to Temiscaming, we live-released 70 per cent of the trout we landed. To safely release a brook trout requires patience and a soft touch at canoe or boat-side. Barbless hooks and a good set of long-nosed pliers are a must. To witness a beautiful brook trout swimming away after a nice battle is an incredible feeling. Sure, you can catch enough smaller fish to bring home but doing your part for conservation will surely pay-off in the end. If you had asked me 15 years ago about letting a 2-3 pound brook trout go, I probably would have laughed. Practicing conservation of the species requires self-control but offers great long-term reward.


Quebec bear hunt

With all the hubbub around pike and pickerel, don’t forgot about the spring bear hunt across the river which also got under way this past weekend. Hunters need ‘bear ‘in mind that in certain sectors of the Outaouais the season closes on June 15th, two weeks earlier than for rest of the province which allows bear hunting until June 30th. With the month of June fast approaching, the once cautious animals will have become accustomed to feeding regularly at bait sites, and with the onset of mating season adult males’ travel extensively in search of a mate. Both of these factors will have a positive effect on hunter’s success rate. For more information on the Québec bear hunting, contact Tourism Quebec: 1 877 BONJOUR (266-5687).


Next time at Outdoors Guy

Be sure to check-out my next Outdoors Guy column where I’ll be launching the coveted Outdoor Trivia Contest with terrific prizes. Also on tap is another informative field-test as well as a huge announcement the hunting and fishing world will surely want to hear!



22 thoughts on “Northern pike and walleye flurry begins!”

  1. The guys in Sudbury have been bear hunting with some success. My buddy Mike however is having some difficulty. He’s got a bunch of baits out all with trail cams and doesn’t seem to be getting any hits. Mike is an avid bear hunter and guide so he knows his stuff but just doesn’t seem to have it going on this spring

  2. my son put the first pike in the boat for this season up at Muskrat on openning day putting all the adults in the 2 boats to shame
    would attach a photo but not sure how on here

    1. Got the pic Mike..please pass along congrats to your son!

      Weeds starting to form in Muskrat yet?


  3. very patchy weeds…lots of very big pike floating on the surface under the overhangs..with the polarized glasses you can see them in the water..really cool

  4. i need some more tinks….. the original stuff.. and the spray bomb… it worked deadly for deer hunting ..

  5. He should automatically be disqualified because he’s a past winner. lol
    Just kidding Chessy, I won once too so that would disqualify me as well
    Talked to Mike this morning and he sent me some video of a bear on the bait I always sit at. He says he’s just starting to get his baits hit. Nothing consistent yet but it certainly is encouraging

  6. YES last year i had more than i needed… and thought i would let another deserving soul win .. this year the heat is on again … ps it really works But don’t tell anyone

  7. It’s hard to find the natural scent in Ontario and iggy I thought you of all people would know “free” “win”. Is far better than purchas. Now go get that bear

    1. Hey man, free prods are always better! Why do you think I got into the wasn’t for the money..hehe


      1. ..and regardless of what happens, I always have some extras samples lying around for those who deserve it. Course I don’t wanna get any of you Ontario guys in trouble


  8. nothing wrong with possessing it .. heck you can use it to take pictures but just not to hunt with it ….. and I use it in the usa

  9. Seeing as how I’m moose hunting in Quebec this fall I guess I can legally use the moose attractant that is no longer available in Ontario.
    I just read that the moose tags are down another 18% this year on top of the 15% reduction last year and calf hunters will have a very short season in Ontario this fall. Sounds to me like the season is coming to an end. I also read that the MNRF asked for suggestions and not one was implemented. Sad really

  10. Big bear scare near Toronto,(Newmarket) too bad it had to be shot. I’ll bet the meat has been ruined

  11. I’ll say like you Iggy, it’s a sure bet it ended up in a landfill somewhere…

  12. And all the slickers are frightened. LOL Looks like we have bear visitors in BBQhaven too. It’s that time of year. The bears are hungry, the 1 and a half year olds are being sent out on their own to fend for themselves and the closest place for food is people’s backyards

    1. Ok Iggs, you been following the BBQhaven bear story? They’re wondering what happened to it now? Saw the pics and it looked like a year old, but I think they’re calling it a cub?

      Man, when the wild turkeys were loose in BBQhaven mayhem ensued, I can just imagine with a bear running around now.


  13. There was a big one reported in Prescott too a couple of weeks back. Wish I would see one around here. I don’t care for the meat really, it’s not bad but not my favourite.
    Got my annual groundhog last night; payback for the shadow report. There is not enough dirt here to dig a hole so they move into the barn every spring and tunnel under the floor. Don’t need that.

  14. Every spring it’s the same thing, bears appear, always young and then they disappear back into the bush.
    Jeff imagine if that bear did go after someone in BBQhaven, even a false charge. The whole neighbourhood would be in panic. Just like when turkeys attack

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