Outdoors Column returns to Ottawa SUN Sports Section



Ok folks so here it is, the BIG announcement I mentioned last week…hopefully I haven’t built it up too much.

And no, its not free products for all the readers and I haven’t won the lottery either, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Starting next Thursday – following a 2.5 year absence – my Outdoors Column will be returning to the Ottawa SUN Sports Section! (in print & online)

Having the outdoors column back is great news, not only for me, but for every hunter, fishermen & conservationist in Eastern Ontario and Western QC, and not to worry, the Blog isn’t going anywhere!

Anyone who followed my SUN outdoors column from 2002 – 2009 pretty much knows what to expect. Hey, you will probably even see your name mentioned in there now and again, plus the latest in hunting and fishing news, gossip, reviews, tips and more. For now it will be running every second Thursday.

You could say getting my SUN outdoors column back is like have one of my children return, after having gone missing for over 2 years, and you wouldn’t be far off.

I would like to thank SUN Publisher Rick Gibbons, Editor-in-Chief Mitchell Axelrad and Sport’s Editor Tim Baines for the opportunity to return to print on a regular basis.

It’s great to be back and right before hunting season too – it must be a sign!!


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  1. ALL I CAN SAY IS, ITS ABOUT TIME . i would like to thank Rick Gibbons for making the right choice on bringing the outdoor column back. Since you have done this i have deleted my toronto url and now have the ottawa sun as a book mark you are to far away to buy a subscription but will now be looking at ottawa sun (even tho you guys put lots of sens stuff in ). Thanks again and will be waiting for thursdays column…. ps Jeff you need a better picture if thats as good as it gets… put up a rusty old gun or broken pole in its place HA HA HA

  2. Congratulations Ottawa Sun for making a very good choice in bringing back the Outdoors Column. You’ve just given me a reason to read your paper. Jeff, Congrats to you too. I used to read your column regularly before it was removed, and it took me over a year to find out that you had a blog! lol Hopefully the column’s appearance in the Sun will increase, as I’m sure you won’t have a lack of interseting topics to cover.

  3. Great news! Looking forward to the columns.

    About those prizes do I get one for my guess in the PM I sent you?

  4. Good news, but every second week????? God even Kinsella is in here more often than that and he’s so left wing he can only fly in circles.
    Actually, congrats Jeff and it’s about time Gibbons and Baines came to their senses.
    I’ve got a plan, every second Thursday we’ll run out and buy hundreds of copies of the Ottawa Sun and make their distribution explode on those days, and on the off Thursdays well stand outside local stores and offer anyone thinking of buying one a free Ottawa C@#$@#%,

  5. I think your first column should be about this PITA porn thing and I’d be willing to pose for the picture.
    Be prepared though for the onslaught of women……..

    complaining LOL

  6. congrats to you Jeff and to all of us really! as chessy said its about time and really looking forward to your column. next step is a weekly!!

  7. Great news Jeff! Looking forward to your write ups again I’ll make sure to pick up a hard copy on my way to work every Thursday.

    I was an avid reader of the SUN outdoors column from 2002 – 2009 and definitely missed it when it stopped. I (as other readers) stopped purchasing the Ottawa Sun at that time. Heck my son was even featured in one Thursday write-up and the newsprint got laminated and it’s been on his wall of fame at home ever since. He was so proud of his accomplishment and his dad was swollen with pride! I’ll let him know its back on and I am sure he will be as excited as we all are.

    Even though the outdoors column will start running every second Thursday, I am confident that the Ottawa Sun publisher and powers that may be will soon realise that with the number of hunters and fishermen in their reading area that the column needs to be done on a weekly basis on order for us to have our weekly “fix”. Every two weeks is just not enough!. ….of course as long as you have the time and you are up to it.

    NO PRESSURE! ;o)


    1. Thanks to everyone for the comments, expanded hunting & fishing coverage can only be a good thing for this city!

      @Chessy, I’m glad we’ve converted you from the TO SUN, and sorry about the photo..I can’t change what God gave me. I am, however, trying to convince them to use the one above; at least it’s got a nice hunting/outdoors vibe to it and a classy-looking forested background.

      @GPG, I’m glad you ended up finding me too – you’re turning out to be as much the hunting fanatic we are!

      @Rick, Yes, you were correct in that PM and you know I’ve always got Tinks products to share with my old Whitetail Guru buddy, although I don’t think you use them, do you?

      @Iggy, that’s an awesome strategy you mentioned there and I’d love to try it..are you sure you’re not in Marketing? Oh yeah, and thanks for blocking out that dreaded ‘C’ word too that would have spoiled the moment…hehe

      @mcdan, thanks for the comment I’m all up for that trust me and we’ll just see how it goes.

      @savage joe, if the stars are aligned this deer season and you end-up connecting with that nice 10-pointer, perhaps I could feature it in the paper one Thursday this fall?

      @Alain D, no pressure at all; you know I’ve always got something to say. Yes, I remember that article about your son and it’s great he’s got it laminated for posterity. I’ll let you in on a little secret; my very first outdoors column from April 25, 2002 is also laminated and currently resides on my own wall!

      @imacdon, thanks for the comment, I’m pretty sure I featured you and your boys in the outdoors column a few times over the years, and hope to again…well, if do something noteworthy again this fall that is..hehe


      1. Oh and forgot to say thanks for the support guys, keep in mind that if you have any news items, Club updates or whatever, please feel free to send me a PM about it. There’s a good chance I may be able to include something in the column on it….

        In the past (as you prob know) I featured a lot of local businesses and smaller organizations in the field. It was one of the few places where you could get the inside story on certain hunting/fishing events or activities.


    1. Oh man, Chessy you know there is local outdoor business here in Ottawa I featured regularly in early days of the Outdoors Column, until I discovered they were supporting anti hunting/fishing groups. I never spoke of them in print again..I guess I’m going to have to boycott W*lm*rt now too!


    1. Iggy, you’ve probably never noticed, but over on the lefthand side below my Bio is a ‘Contact the Outdoors Guy’ button…of course, you never really needed to look there.


  8. Unfortunately, if mcdan can steady his shot he will probably have more chances that I this year, so good luck to him . It doesn’t matter to me if I get it or him atleast we know the time we have put into our spots is finally paying off.

  9. finally they see the error of their ways…congrats Jeff…..keep up the good work………..is that a squirrel in your pocket?

    or are you just really happy to be back ? hehe all the best.

    1. Ahhh Flipper thanks for the note…make me laugh!!

      I’d like to say it was only a squirrel but right now its more like a ground hog..hehe


  10. its salmon season now the ganny is now full of salmon ….sons first fish of year


  11. Congratulations Jeff and the Ottawa Sun for bringing back the Outdoors Guy column. With the Fall just around the corner this is great timing! Looking forward to some good reading.

    1. Thank you Barry for the kind words..its great to hear from you again by the way.

      Hey, perhaps this will be another banner year for Mr Scollan? Or you could always leave some biggies around for the rest of us..and you just reminded me to ask for a photo of your completed mount.

      With your permission Barry, I would love to post a shot this fall of the completed product? I’m sure Rick wouldnt mind.


  12. not to steal any thunder Jeff, but I’m a little bit taken aback
    goy my Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine today
    and flipped it open and I see a picture of a guy walking with a young lad. The young lad is all decked out in blaze, and the old man with camo blaze, not legal. Now to be fair, it seems that he is wearing an orange vest but it’s completely open and not legal that way. I have a blaze camo jacket just like that and I was told by the MNR that it’s not legal.
    I guess it’s who you know, not what you know, but who you are.
    I think that OOD should be way more responsible than that! ! !
    The guy has a gun on his shoulder so he’s hunting. No?????

    1. Iggy, I think your first mistake was …………edited……..sorry, was that out loud?

      If you could do me a favour though and check the credits on that image?


  13. lol i had a run in with the mnr officer last year iggy… if you have a gun even if in trunk and ammo handy. you have the means of taking that animal therfore you are hunting even if driving down a road. as i was told. if you are driving down road see a deer get out of car and put on your orange and get gun .. you were hunting before blaze orange was on cause you were searching for game animals…. i spent a hour and a half on the side of the road ..and 2 hours on the phone to his supervisor… lets just say the supervisor was “your lucky it was not me or you would have been charged” check out your post on the camp site .. i posted a pic of last years pic that i brought to ofah attention .. there was some heat over that pic as well

  14. Sure Jeff will send you a shot of the mount this fall.
    He looks great. Rick did a super job . Lots of compliments on his work.

    1. Rob, I zoomed right in and still couldn’t see any deer in that picture..hehe


  15. @ rob I know .. i had use my tag and was driving down a road to catch up to my group . it was daylight hours and i had my gun uncased and in the back seat of the mini van.. i had my orange on and he stopped me.. this is where it all went south i had not seal as i had use mine . it was a long drawn out conversation

    1. Chessy, I guess the CO had to prove some sort of ‘intent’ of you hunting. Was his real beef with you having your gun uncased, and still wearing blaze orange?


  16. RSD, I think you need a firearm with you.
    I didn’t really understand Jeff, about…..edited….but, it’s ok
    that’s your perogative
    doesn’t make it right though, what that picture depicts

    1. Don’t worry Iggy, it was just a personal knee-jerk reaction I had when you mentioned that publication..which was really unrelated and I thought should be removed.

      Now, going back to the photo in question…YES, I think there may be an issue with what you’ve noted. If you don’t want to post the photographer’s name, you could always send it to me by PM.

      We really need a CO here on our panel to weigh-in on the legalities of this, and other things that come up for discussion….even a retired one would do!


  17. Jeff that might be a good thing for a column here and there … or at least a part of one anyways … get questions off here and toss them at a CO for answers … lots of grey areas or things that the act’s are vague about.

    1. Rob, that’s an excellent idea actually!

      Im going to talk to pal Scott Smithers – Biologist with the Kemptville District MNR – see if he has an pull in that regard.


  18. @ jeff… the CO said he dont need to see “intent” he just has to show the MEANS to take a animal. when the hour and a half conversation was over and when i got home I called his supervisor(enforcement supervisor) to find out the law he explained to me that the warden was correct and that they have case law to prove that i was breaking the law. Its like the highway traffic act they can get you for anything you just have to prove yourself inocent at a cost

    here is the fish and game act elaws read them and get to know them

  19. the only problem with getting a CO on here and answering questions is that it is his interpertation of the law… each question should be made with the district in which you are going to hunt in and you should be asking to speak with the enforcement supervisor at each district in which you hunt. From what i have been told each Enforcement supervisor sees things different that is why our fish and wildlife laws need to be completeley overhauled

  20. Well, Dave Arbour who runs the spring and fall Sportsman’s Show in Carp might be your answer, it’s not like we don’t plug his shows, if that doesn’t work I’ve got John Fitchett’s number. He was the CO up in the Calabogie area and you couldn’t fine a nicer gentleman to be a CO. Great guy

    1. That’s ironic Iggs, just got an email from Dave this am regarding the show…its my top story next Thurs btw…was he a CO?


  21. Sure was, and a hell of a good one, now he runs the shows and also runs firearms and hunter safety courses. My son and his buddy got their license with him and I sat through the weekend with them.

    BTW, just to clarify, I get the OOD magazine because our hunt camp belongs to the OFAH. Not my choice, I’ve talked to them about some of the stull the OFAH has done to backstab hunters but there are a few old guys in camp that always say the famous line “well that’s what we’ve always done”
    So be it, I’m not going to fight, so I get the magazine and always flip through it. It’s a rag compared to Outdoor Canada

  22. chessy there is no way I’m going to check in with an enforcement supervisor every time I switch districts, I’ll take my chances, behave, hunt safe and hold my breath

    I see The Canadian Hunt Camp Part II is closing down, no action whatsoever, too bad, but it looks like you have a new home anyway greg LOL

  23. lol never ever hid the fact that i am greg on that site ….. me and you know who dont see eye to eye alot of times. i am bullheaded when it comes to certain stuff…. some think I am a A$$ but others who don’t for instance today. this is true.
    My son found a wallet with money in it and all of the id as well he carried it with him all morning fishing looking for the the guy who lost it all morning when I went down to take him something to eat he informed me that he found a wallet. I looked in it to find id but came across a comfort inn key card. i drove to the comfort in and inquired about card the guy had left(filming movie in port hope) but his boss was still there in another room. anyway to make a long story short all the money was still in it and the boss said only in a small town would that happen and good parenting .. any way i am proud once again of my son ..

    1. GPG, you didn’t miss a thing..it’ll be in next Thursday’s paper!


  24. good for you chessy, you should be proud of him.
    If he grows up like his Dad he’ll be fine
    say, what kind of movie was it…..blue ????? LOL

    Don’t forget everyone, next weekend is the Carp Hunting Show

    1. Iggy wrote “good for you chessy, you should be proud of him. If he grows up like his Dad he’ll be fine” You guys want to be alone?

      Seriously though, having values like that for a teen these days is something rare. I mean look at the four sickos in Gatineau just charged in connection with that poor College girl’s death.

      Good for you Chess, obviously this is something passed down by the parents and you’re doing a good job.


  25. Awesome Jeff ……right back where you should be!!! Talk to you soon on the radio …..moose call season isn’t too far away

    1. Thanks Doc for your support..now and over the years!

      For a guy who doesn’t hunt (wildlife) you’re a great advocate of the sport…looking forward to coming in your show anytime you’ll have me!

      CHEZ 106.1 is always number one in book!!


  26. actually Jeff, it’s still a mystery, the cops say those four had nothing to do with the killing, but might charge them with indignity to a body, that could mean anything, that they moved it, that they stole something from he body ie purse money, to a bunch of very sick things. I don’t even know why the cops said it, they should have either charged them or shut up about it. But no, now they leave a maybe hanging over the four people and a million people worried about what it might be. Dumb @$$es, just cops being cops

  27. Doc of Doc and Woody 🙂

    can’t wait for this Thursday first column
    The Sun should promote it all week
    but what the heck do I know about marketing

    shot the 300 UM today
    180 gr not bad but the 200 gr has a he!! of a punch, I can shoot it without a flinch but it’s strong
    very pretty gun, out of the Rem custom shop and shoots tacks

    1. Iggy, I could afford it Id hire you as my Marketing Director!

      Sounds like fun with the new rifle…I know when my buddy first got his new 300 win mag, his shoulder was sore for a week…hehe


  28. Congratulations Jeff, any chance of getting it in the Toronto Sun as well ? They always print the same bimbo on the back page so why not something useful and informative like your column ?

    Let me know when you wanna do a trapping segment in fact let’s plan an outing on the line this fall…

    1. Hey, thanks Trapper…great to hear from you btw.

      My column won’t make print in the Toronto paper, but might make the online version I’m not sure. As with the Blog, you’ll still be able to read it online…although its wayyyy more impressive in print..hehe

      Hope all is well at your end?


  29. Good for you and those that read (subscribe) the Sun Newspaper.

    When they first pulled you out, I wrote to them that I would cancelled the subcription. They made their choice, I made mine. I never go back on a decision.

    1. Thanks LeGrand….but just so you know, the decision the let me go 2.5 years ago had nothing to do with the Ottawa SUN specifically, the direction to cut positions came from much higher up in SUN Media.

      There were a number of people across Canada let go at the time in an attempt to cut costs – including Toronto SUN Outdoors Columnist John Kerr after a 22-year run – at at time when the newspaper industry as a whole was in peril.

      Just for those who may not have realized…the cancellation of the Outdoors Column back then, like the Ontario Spring bear hunt had nothing to do with popularity or lack of interest.


  30. even if they see their evil ways, come on The Large, now is the time to e-mail them and tell them that they’ve finally made the correct decision and your coming back. It’s called support for the hunting community

  31. Received an e-mail from Canoe “Comment refused”

    Hi, We wish to inform you that the comment that was submitted on 2011-08-29 11:34:01 on the Outdoors Guy shall not be posted since it does not respect Canoe.ca’s netiquetee. We would like to invite you to carefully read the terms of service of Canoe.ca’s blogs at:

    1. LG, sorry man…the site is really acting up these days…your message accidentally got sent to spam folder and I retrieved it right away when I realized. As you can see, your message was posted.

      Sorry, it was certainly nothing personal just bad timing.


  32. come on do we get a preview of the first print article?????
    Dont worry Le Grand I used to get them all the time… welcome to the club… lol

    1. Sorry Chess, I’m sworn to secrecy!

      So, has the boy caught any more nice salmon…or wallets??


  33. anyone have a good wild grape wine recipy. just picked a pound of them sunday. could’a picked more but ran out of time. they are really bountiful this year. never made wine with wild grape before so though i’d ask here first.

  34. caught a few more fish at the ganaraska but the fish that came in either went up or back out to lake… but salmon season for river fishermen have just started ..

  35. @Mcdan…

    Ingredients: Grapes, Water, Yeast

    Press all juice out of grapes, remove all skins, place in pail, add yeast and an air lock device for primary fermentation. After about a week put the juice in a demijon and attach the air lock. Let this ferment until the specific gravity stabalizes and is as close to zero as possible. Make sure all instruments that the juice touches has been sterilized with Metabisulphite.

  36. Ingredients: Grapes, Water, Yeast

    Press all juice out of grapes, remove all skins, place in pail, add yeast and an air lock device for primary fermentation. After about a week put the juice in a demijon and attach the air lock. Let this ferment until the specific gravity stabalizes and is as close to zero as possible. Make sure all instruments that the juice touches has been sterilized with Metabisulphite.

  37. Made it a time or two….it tastes like Wine……It’s much easier to make it from juice though. Even the wops I grew up with in the Sault use juice now….The pectins in the grapes can spoil it really fast if air gets into it….If it smells like geraniums then dump it….

  38. I need some tips, I’m going up to check my trail cam on Wednesday afternoon, I know there will be video so I’m bringing my laptop along, how do I transfer the video from my trailcam to my laptop so I can clear it and put it back out. I have a 2GB SD card but I’m not sure how to transfer it and then clear it to start over. I have another 1 GB SD card but I’m not sure if it’s big enough for two weeks

  39. @ Iggy, Go to your “C” drive and create a new file….call it what ever you want. (I don’t recommend somehting like “Iggy’s little deer” your computer guy will think you’re nuts the next time you take it in for a tune up)

    Does your lap top have a slot for an SD card ? Look on the front right under the space bar (there may be a plastic dust guard in it so pop it out first)

    If not, then you’ll need the trail camera cable or a card reader. Either way connect the card to the lap top and it should automatically recognize it and open. If not, you’ll have to open it via the ‘my computer’ command. Click on ‘my computer” (it’s an icon on your desk top) (desk top is where you see all your applications that are on your computer).

    Once in ‘my computer” select the drive that refers to the SD card. open it and then copy all the files that are on it to the new file you created. To select the files, once the SD card is opn. click on ‘EDIT’ at the top of the page then click on ‘SELECT ALL’ this will highlight all the files. Hover over one of the highlighted files then ‘RIGHT CLICK” Select ‘COPY’ then go to your new file, open it then once in there RIGHT CLICK then PASTE.

    Once you’ve confirmed the transfer then go back to your SD card and “SELECT ALL – HOVER OVER ONE-RIGHT CLICK- DELETE

    1. Great explanation Trapper..only thing I’d add to that procedure is, when using a Bushnell Trophy model, each time you re-insert the SD card into the cam, make sure you scroll thru the Menu and perform the ‘Format’ routine. Depending on the type of the SD card you use, this will help prevent card-reader error each time you take out and put in a new SD card. Take note that re-formatting the SD card will also erase everything that’s on it, if you haven’t done so already, so make sure you’ve got those images/vids saved on your pc.

      You can ask sure-shot Dave and Chessy about this procedure when using a Bushnell…course, now that I say all that I cant recall if you have a Bushnell or not…hehe


      P.S. Trapper, another thing I’ve done to view trailcam images after I leave (if I don’t have my laptop around) is to insert the SD card into a digital camera and see them that way. I do that while at hunt camp sometimes..sit in the tree stand and review photos.

  40. @ McDan

    You sure they’re grapes LOL

    They should sweeten up once the weather turns colder. If not then adding sugar is an option. For wine I’d use brewing sugar though as it disolves easier.

    Alcohol is created by the yeast removing the sugar so keep this in mind and measure your specific gravity when adding the sugar. Also, the more sugar = more yeast as well as longer fermentation.

    Wine is like a mutual fund, you can’t be in a rush to see the benefit.

  41. congrats on the move back to Sports Jeff! It’s important for the outdoorsy folks to have representation 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear how everyone does in their hunts this fall 🙂


    1. Thanks Keebler, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of tomorrow’s Ottawa SUN…I’ll be signing the first 100 copies for free…hehe…kidding.

      I’m with you on the hunting stories, and my guess is you’ll have your fair share this fall.


  42. woo, I’m supposed to figure that all out while sitting on a rock, at my camera, in the middle of the bush, smoking a stogie playing with a laptop?
    I can’t take a lot of pressure like that so I’ll give it a whirl but if it doesn’t work, you might see this ball of flame flying through the air like an asteroid, don’t mind, it’s just me.

    @Jeff, I see you deleted my comment about the wine! :'(

    1. Iggs, what comment about wine? Sorry man, I never saw it!!

      All the Bloggers rec’d a message from the Boss about Blog related difficulties these days..and that someone is working on it. Sorry if your message got lost, if you could please repost it, I’ll make sure it gets up!

      Regarding the trailcam/SD card, I know it does sound like a lot to do when you’re suppose to be enjoying the outdoors…what a second, did you say stogie??


  43. love having a little Cuban stogie when I’m alone in the bush, man it’s relaxing, even dogging I light one up.
    Nothing like it, and it masks human scent

    Don’t worry about the wine post, how could I repost it, I don’t save these things, I was just being a smarta$$ anyway.

    I’ll send you some video if I get anything worth while, and I can figure it out.

    I have a cord the plugs into the side of the computer that the SD card fits into, as soon as I plug it in it pops up a window on the screen and away I go

    1. Seriously Iggs, I’m going to check into that when I get home..I’ve never seen a post just disappear…that’s weird. Even the really risqué stuff I get to see and make a dec’n on before its gone.


  44. DONT be so cheap and buy another sd card… take the one out and put the new one in .. take picture home and look at it with a beer…… just put sd card in and wait for widows windows to open. when it does click “open to view files” when that window opens put mouse pointer over file and click copy .. then make a new folder on your laptop . open that folder and click paste. all files will transfer to your new file . when that is done close both your sd file and your new file .. open new file and view pictures . do not delte your sd card till you see all pictures you are done .. when you go back out to switch cards again you can formate card with the camera or you can put back in laptop and hit format card…. its that simple… googl luck iggy

    1. chessy, you never Format the card in your Bushnell when you first put it back in? I read somewhere you should always do that..at least with the older models.


  45. Iggy – I was just going to suggest what chessy said… buy another card and swap it… done. I’ve seen some 8g for $30. Besides, you probably want more memory if you’re taking video.

    Questions for smoking while hunting. What are your thoughts on it, and how much do you figure it plays a part in hunting? I am a smoker, and my truck does smell a bit like smoke. Should I go so far as to cover the seats with a blanket that has been washed with smell retardant? Should I hold back from smoking completely while out in the bush? What about campfire smell?

  46. Jeff nope not on the bushnell i have. when i slide new one in it shows 0000/2465 so i am good to go.. why anyone would carry a laptop even a peice of junk one worth a couple a hundred bucks in the woods instead of a 15-20 dollar sd card is … well a IGGY sorry iggy ..

  47. GPG quit smoking … if you think you can not just make one visit to princes margret hospital… its sad… and not a nice place to be

  48. first off @ chessy, I have two cards but one is a 1GB, I like to leave the 2GB but this time I left the 1Gb but I won’t be back for two weeks
    got lots of coons, a few deer and two really nice bears

    @GPG, I never smoke on a watch, only when I dog, however a few vets have told me and I’ve seem it myself, smoke doesn’t spook game. they smell it every day and it don’t smell like a human. We had a guy that always had a small smudge on his watch and he saw more big game than any of us. It masks human smell.

    @chessy, don’t inhale, it won’t hurt you…..maybe
    what a great night, exciting to watch a bear bite your trail cam

    1. Thanks Iggy!

      Please note, anyone reading my column today – the Carp Gun & Hunting Show is on Sat and Sun this weekend, and does start on Friday as my article seems to imply!

      I apologize for the misleading information.

      (Wonder if I should call the Carp Arena to warn them about potential line-ups tomorrow?)


  49. Thanks for the advice Chessy. My question was more about the smell in the truck (and on me) rather than advice on my choice to smoke, but I do take your advice seriously (honestly).

    Iggy, that’s interesting about the masking of human scent. I don’t plan on smoking in the field, but yes when in the truck and at camp and I wondered what the lingering smell might affect. Thanks for the info.

    1. GPG, I should really make this topic a post in itself..we have had this discussion at our camp many times!

      We have a guy who smokes in camp..and in the bush sometimes. I honestly dont know if cig or cigar smoke spooks game, I tend to think it would..but again, we know a guy back home who smoke cigars constantly while hunting and has taken more deer than the average hunter up there.

      So the question remains….I honestly dont know but suspect any foreign odor would not be good. I also smoke cigars during the season, but only at night and outside on the camp deck. (Cause stogies are banned inside the camp)


  50. huh\

    Thanks Iggy!

    Please note, anyone reading my column today – the Carp Gun & Hunting Show is on Sat and Sun this weekend, and does start on Friday as my article seems to imply!

    I apologize for the misleading information.

    (Wonder if I should call the Carp Arena to warn them about potential line-ups tomorrow?)


    @@@@@and does start on Friday @@@@@@@@

    1. I know, I know…just call it ‘opening night jitters’…I’m sure all the bugs will be worked out by next column!

      I left another comment correcting the first comment…uggh, I need a nap..if I was new to this they’d prob tear me a new one!


  51. I couldn’t bring myself to smoke inside, ever, even in the winter, I just go for a walk in the winter.

    as for game, they smell smoke all the time and it doesn’t produce a danger signal to them, they smell it wafting from cabins, forest fires, camp fires, and me walking through the bush dogging looking for the next watch, wondering in circles 🙂

  52. I’d definitely like to read a post on this topic, and include techniques and tricks to eliminate scents (or produce masking scents).
    I wish I could make the trip to Carp this weekend (Saturday! haha) but I will be traveling to Timmins and meet up with some of the moose hunters in our group. Sept. 16 is coming awfully fast!! We’ll be target practicing with our bows, and looking at topo maps I had printed of the area we’ll be hunting. And maybe we’ll have a few beers too!

  53. very!

    I won’t be able to make it,
    long weekend
    last of the summer
    work Saturday
    cottage Sunday
    pulling the dock out Sunday so I don’t have to worry about it during the hunt
    how much more inconvenient could he make it
    do you figure he did it on purpose LOL

  54. GPG Sorry for ranting on you about smoking, been to princess margret for the 1st treatment for my wife, and it is unbeliveable the age gap of people i am not anti smoking my whole family smokes, myself have never had one in there mouth . as far as smoking on watch its really up in the air litteraly

  55. @ trapper: yep, pick them the years that they produce well and wife usually makes jelly but she has had enough this year with the berries she’s picked.

  56. Hey Jeff: We’ve got a shotgunning day going on near Danford Lake (north of Wakefield) next Saturday, September 10th, to raise a little money for wild turkeys in west Quebec. Called “Plumes et Visou”, the day will include sporting clays, instruction, skeet, and a chance to shoot live birds over trained field dogs. Tickets are $150. and cover ammo, lunch and dinner. This is the second annual event and we expect about 100 shooters. If interested, please leave a message at 613-683-5969. It was a blast last year!

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for the note and I wish you the best of luck on your fundraiser day. Unfortunately you haven’t given me enough ‘leed time’ to include something on it in my Sep 15th outdoors column.

      If, however, you’d to like to send me some details next Monday(Sep 12)on how it went, I can run a follow-up on the event.

      My father has some great memories of Danford lake-area, you sure have an awesome setting!

      Regards and best of luck,


  57. I hear ya Chessy, no worries. It must be a difficult time for sure. Good luck to you and your wife.

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