Trail camera bragging board

First off, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this first Trail Camera Bragging Board.

Without all you guys in the field, this never would have been possible.

It is truly amazing to see how many people today are using modern wildlife surveillance equipment as a scouting tool for big-game. I, for one, am a huge proponent of trail cameras for a variety of outdoor situations. 

So without further ado…sit back and enjoy some of the incredible photographs provided by the many fanatical readers and contributors of the Outdoors Guy Blog!

In this first image, our friend “Trapper” sent in this photo I call ‘a covey of coons’ Trapper says it’s going to be a great trapping season at this location for obvious reasons:


Here is a fine collection of images submitted by “Billy in the Valley”. They include a shot of Billy’s ‘deluxe tree stand in the sky’, a fine-looking black bear and a great whitetail buck (Which, I’m told, he harvested shortly after that photo was taken) and a raven(or crow) that Billy calls the ‘Black Angel’.






Here is Chessy’s contribution proving that coyote’s do enjoy eating apples (among other things):



Here are some truly unique shots of ‘bucks in velvet’ sent-in by Shawn Lyons. They were taken with incandescent flash (you can tell because its the only way night images will ever appear in colour)

I suggested to Shawn that he consider changing his camera angle, but apparently it’s because the deer are so close when the images were taken. Whatever the case, Shawn’s photos offer a neat perspective: 


Here is Rick Poulin with the fine buck he took in September during his annual hunting trip to Manitoba. I know its not a trail camera image, but I have been meaning to post it.

Nice job Rick!


McDan sent in these great deer feeding photos; including one spectacular ray of sunlight…perhaps that is the Deer Gods shining down on him…thanks Dan!



In these images, you’ll see ‘yours truly’ trying to contact someone on the two-way radio and delivering some apples. In the third photo a doe can be seen wondering what happened to the Acorn Rage. I’ve also included a bonus photo of my old friend Grand Daddy…for no other reason than I simply like to stare at him! 





Our ‘Whitetail Guru’ friend Rick Poulin just sent-in some excellent ‘Before and After’ photos of a whitetail buck and black bear. Below, Rick Poulin’s trail cam pics show a buck and boar which were later harvested by he and his hunting partner:

Rick’s ‘Before’ bear:


Rick’s ‘After’ bear (the black animal on the left) :


Rick’s ‘Before’ buck:


Rick’s ‘After Buck’:


Finally, here is one of Rick’s favourite trail camera photos; he regards as one of the best he’s ever taken (and you can see why):


Billy of the Valley sent it a close-up shot of his Mega tree-stand which, unfortunately, rules out any chance of a Lady Gaga after party:


Sorry to Terry Alguire for over-looking his collection of trail cam images from 2009 (Obviously Terry is surrounded by a plethora of wild game):

Great looking buck but what the heck happened to his ear? I once had a German Sheppard with a lazy ear like that. Was that an old injury, Terry?



Reader Serge Picard(aka 3D Man) just returned from a successful moose hunt in 15B and provided these incredible timber wolf photos below. After tagging out on moose, Serge tried baiting some bears and these timber wolves showed up.

With all the photos we’ve seen of eastern coyotes (brush wolves) you can sure tell the difference when looking at images of bona fide timber wolves.




Jeff Scharf – who has a hunt camp in Barry’s Bay – is an avid hunter and a follower of the Blog. He told me that while over in Afghanistan he’d log onto the whenever he had the chance, just to read the Outdoors Guy.  In Jeff’s words; “When you are stuck in the middle of the desert, it was sure nice to read about the hunting and fishing back home’. Thanks Jeff for the fabulous image of two very inquisitive bucks, and best of luck finding them this fall. Great looking owl too..what is that Rick, a Barred Owl??


Here are Savage Joe’s trail cam images taken in the span of just one week.  SJ says he is a long-time reader and first time contributor, and from what I see here he needs to contribute more!.

Talk about variety!!!






Here is trout expert Grant Bailey’s contribution of a fine 8-point and some gobblers – showing clearly that the man is much more than just brook trout:


Now, if I have somehow forgotten your trail camera image, please let me know and I’ll post it right away. If anyone else has images they would like to share, let ‘er rip! 

Ahhh, isn’t Fall a wonderful time of year when captured on a trail cam….. 


23 thoughts on “Trail camera bragging board”

  1. Grand Daddy sure is a nice fella, hope you get to send a dart his way Jeff.
    FYI.. Mr. Dble Brow in the B& W pic, was always hanging around my Top Landing, about 1.5 kms. from where I finally, after two seasons, saw him for about 11 seconds, at the “Mega Stand” (built 07/ 09) on edge of a Hemlock Swamp. on Dec. 11/09 he presented a perfect broadside, and from 15 yrds. took a 125 gr. Thunderhead thru both lungs and liver, from my lil PSE Compound. Went about 137 yds.

    I had built the Mega Stand after finding his left shed about 350 yrds. south of the location.
    Base is at 22′, is 48 ” X 70 “, secured to 3 trees @ no less than 15 points…you can dance on it!
    There are 2 other Bucks wot are somewhat larger than he…hope to see one of ’em this year.
    Some great Pics Guys!
    Good Luck All this season.

    1. Just to let everyone know, I have just put up some new photos on the Bragging Board.

      If you have any more good ones, please send them in!


  2. If these pics don’t get you going for the season nothing will. Fantastic pics everyone. I always find it fun just to know what’s going on when we aren’t around to see it.

    Billy, I think I would label your stand the Penthouse. Just need a little heater and you wouldn’t ever have to leave.

  3. That’s right Mark..and from what I see of Billy’s stand, we’d all fit in there safely and comfortably.

    It would be an awesome spot for a wild game dinner and after-party! Maybe invite Lady Gaga and her meat bikini…talk about the first thing that comes up.

    Where are you in Arnprior again Billy??


  4. Yeah know, her plans for the hunting season..favourite cut of venison, that sort of thing…


  5. LMAO… Lady Gagme could not wear the meat dress there, it’s where that big bruin hangs…she’d be bait…LOL

    Aye, I be Atween the ‘Frew and the ‘Prior Laddie…

    I should send u a pic of the front..has FaKeTweE Camo (TM)…and a No Girlz sign….LMAO

    Oh WTH…will send it to you Jeff…

  6. i love the first pic with all the racoons … it reminds me of the days i used cmeer deer product… coons coons and more coons

  7. Nice photos everyone. I like the before and after shots. Jeff, good job on the Chez106 morning show! Had me laughing alone in the car on my way in to work!

  8. Thanks GPG…nothing funnier than moose calls on the radio…hehe..except maybe the looks on my colleague’s faces when I pull out the old birch bark horn!

    Glad you heard it, its always good fun..and Doc & Woody are great promoters of hunting and fishing (& me)


  9. Great shot of the buck entering the field Rick, would never have guessed it was a trail cam. Amazing what Technology can do these days.

  10. Just to let everyone know, keep checking back on this Post as I’ve added more images last night and again this morning.


  11. seeing that moose pic reminds to wish all the moose hunters out there best of luck!
    tomorrow morning, i’ll be thinking of how many moose are shot on opening morning 🙂

    I won’t be heading up until oct 19th for when more leaves are off the tress and less hunters in the bush (although, if i HAD an adult tag, I’d probably be out tomorrow morning 🙂 lol

  12. Awsome timber wolf pics….saw one on Bellamy Rd. in Lanark a few years back. HUGE, TALL and his freakin tail looked about 8 inches in diameter.

    Glad to here our Guys and Dolls in Afganistan love Jeff’s Blog.

    I have about 15 years worth of “North American Hunter Magazines” I would like to send to Afganistan, however, I do not have a name to send to, and this is required. (My son is stationed in Petawawa).

    So if anyone has a name I can send these to in Afghanisrtan please advise, they can spread them out in the R & R areas for all to enjoy.

    Years and years of great stories, pics & tried & true hunting methods…and of cousre the always welcome and now missed humour of Canada’s own Jim Shockey! (Jim no longer writes 4 NAHC).

    1. Billy, that’s an excellent thought! Let me look into it too and see the best way to get them sent over there..

      I’m a big Shockey fan, the life that guy has….have you seen some of his Alaskan Moose Hunting videos??

      Happy Thanksgiving with you next week!


  13. i really wish i could catch a glimpse of some of these bucks in person especially grand daddy

  14. does any one have pictures of the deer last night…. there were alot of deer in the headlights as the leaf ran over the senators last night did any one trail camera get them… even the cheap cameras would have picked it up because the senators looked like they were playing in sand

  15. as based from chessy’s comment on the sens there is an easy way to describe their game agaisnt the leafs

    Definition of Anomaly
    n. 1. Deviation from the common rule; an irregularity; anything anomalous.

    1. Savage Joe, that was great!! Nothing personal Chess….but I doubt very much even the
      cheap trailcams would pick up an anomaly like that!

      Where you been hiding anyway Savage Joe…you’re new in these parts.


  16. SAvage Joe, great pics, looks like you have the one stop shopping centre there. Jeff, I am loving all these trail cam pics. As you know the Ottawa Sun does a contest for fishing every year and people love to see the fish people catch. Its always a hit. I personally would love to see the results of everyone’s hunts this year. Maybe we can do an informal braggin board of the hunt this year in late November once everyone has had the change to get out. I’m talking moose, deer, bear, fall turkeys and wing shots. I am hoping to get up to North Bay this year for deer, the only opportunity that I have had present itself so far this year.


    1. Hey Mark….that’s a terrific idea!!

      So long as no one gets too offended with our ‘grip and grin’ harvest photos…I will ask that people try to keep it in good taste.

      I guess North Bay is great area for deer hunting..its just the highway getting there is the scary part…two serious accidents involving moose this past with fatalities.

      A girl I work with’s daycare provider was involved in one of them…four people in her car and luckily they all survived without serious injuring.

      The other car wasn’t so lucky!


  17. I know where savage joe’s been hiding!! nice pic’s all . I took some cell phone pics of 16 turkeys walking by cabin window on friday but they didnt turn out too well. it was like a parade going by window while i was having morning coffee LOL You sure can see the different qualities of trail cams when you can compare pictures together like this.

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