Turkey and trout just around the corner

Although we are still a few weeks off with plenty of snow left to melt, sportsmen (& women) at this time of year generally fall into two categories.

1) Turkey




2) trout


Which one do you choose?

Send me your spring plans and I will feature you (and all your secrets) in my next Ottawa SUN Outdoors Column. There’s no money involved, in case you’re wondering…



34 thoughts on “Turkey and trout just around the corner”

  1. Both, I’ll try to get out for some spek fishing up near the camp and possibly in Algonquin, and I’ll be turkey hunting for sure, I’ve got two spots this year for turkeys

  2. I will be doing turkeys as we get more than enough trout while most guys are culred up in front of the fire place watching reruns of heartland with there wives and girlfriends … for tourt there has been lots of new tequniqes that i have learned this year and new styles of bait. been a unbelivable year to trout

  3. Jeff, I’m going to have to send you a newer picture…….No sap to boil last weekend,
    I’m heading up tonight, buckets should be over flowing. Happy Easter.

    1. Imacdon, please do send me new pics this spring. I have very few good turkey images..as you’ll see in the next Bounder column.

      Oh and the boys up north are going crazy boiling..were still going strong last night at 10:00..and I predict today to be another good day.


  4. Trout.
    Spring is for fishing and fall is for hunting. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m inflexible, it just means I’ve been blessed with so many outdoor opportunities that it’s hard to keep both activities going at the same time. Even before ice-out it’s; trout fly-tying, trout in lakes, trout up north, trout in streams, trout on Lake Ontario, portaging for trout, trout in my dreams, and my special trip for Quebec red trout (landlocked arctic char). With all that best time of the year fishing going on, it’s hard to break away for spring turkeys. And besides, everyone knows turkeys are for Thanksgiving.

    1. Yes Maple, I’m with you on that one..which is no surprise really since Ive been hooked on trout since the age of 5! Back in days when I’d pedal my bike to nearby Green’s Creek(Not the one around here) and love nothing more than pulling those spunky 6-7″ brookies out from the undercut banks!

      Ahh, there’s something special about them and I can’t put my finger on it..of course today hooking into a 3 – 4 pound brookie from our ‘Lac Perdu’, is even more exciting!!


  5. I only dream of trout, none very close to here and we haven’t been to Lake Lavielle in Algonquin in a few years now. Don’t do turkeys yet either.

      1. I guess noone even noticed the last paragraph of today’s column…oh well.



  6. Easy there big fella, I haven’t read it yet, been real busy, cleaning windows all day, I’ll get to it, I bought a Sun today, much rather a paper in my hand than reading off a computer
    I’m old fashioned

  7. you had a column today?

    The spec picture was from a trip last year if I remember correctly. So tell me, is that a normal rig for trolling for French specs?

    1. Heartless bastards..hehe..jussstt kidding.

      johan, that is one of the usual rigs we use but there are several. That one in the pic was actuallhy a prototype at the time
      and Williams sent me some to see if they work. That photo made it into the Williams brochure about 3 years ago.

      Iggy, You will be quite impressed with the spread the SUN gave me again this week…but unfortunately the Pembroke column did not
      appear on line today…it is only in print version. They told me it would be available online from now on.


    1. sniff..tks Chessy, you’re the only one who cares.

      They appologized for it not being available online this time, and assured me that it would from now one. That Pembroke column will only run once per month for now, but eventually will appear the opposite week to the SUN column. The idea being that there’s one every week between the two papers the way it used to be.


  8. So the Pembroke column will be totally different than the Ottawa one?
    I did eventually read your column and enjoyed it, a whole page and the last page, a lot of people read the last page first because of the sports. You’re getting famous 🙂

    1. Iggy, the Pembroke column will be completely different and will cater more to hunters and fishermen up-the-valley. Yes, I have been luck to get such good exposure lately..I expect that to die-down once the hockey playoffs arrive.


  9. morning jeff i can’t wait to start laker fishing bye the way if you ever have any spare time there will always be an extra seat for you on my fathers boat to catch some lakers on the rideau this summer will keep you posted and will try to send some pics to all have a great easter weekend p.s. make extra holes in belt

  10. What hockey playoffs.. the sens got smoked last night both on the ice and in the boxing ring…. looooosssseeerrsss

  11. i live in rocklland ont. for the last four years i have seen the same bunch of turkeys one off the hens is gray almost whit have u seen or heard off this . im trying to get a pic. i just cant get close . if u can halp find out anything give me a call ….613 219 7459

    1. Mike, I live not too far from you and I have never seen gobblers that looked like that. Is it possible they are domestic turkey..from a farm??

      Rick, you ever heard of this? I know there was some mention last spring of pigmentation issues with these birds, perhaps that is what mike is seeing?

      Would love to see a pic if you ever got one!


  12. New Column??
    Where/when can we find it?
    I’ll be at my usual spot for turkeys…try to get two before the bugs arrive.
    First week is always the best for the toms…
    I’m also very excited to be heading up to Kenauk for the first time (thanks to you)
    Heading up with my father in law and my son…
    Any tips on what to use for rainbow and specs mid may in Kenauk?

    1. Hey Bill, I’m really glad to hear that! You have me beat..been probably 4 years since I went trout fishing at Kenauk!

      There is no real science to catching those early season trout at Kenauk..I’ve had more success with brookies than rainbows. I generally slow troll a Williams/mooselook rigged with a 12″ snelled hook and tipped with a juicy earthworm.

      It’s a pretty simple method but it sure works during early season! My favourite spoons are the mooselook wabler (Silver and Gold) Williams Flasher, Williams Wabler (W55 Lite) and Williams Thinfish.

      Worms caught from either side of river will work..hehe

      Good luck and have fun!


    1. Sorry fishr, I forgot it was you who mentioned those special turkey..was thinking Rick talked about it.


    2. fishr, I really hope Mike gets some pics of these Rockland-area birds…in case they are of the leucistic variety.

      Mike, sorry but you’ll have to bring your camera with you everywhere now.

      I know we chatted about all this last spring, but I forget if anyone else has ever seen any. Hunting Mom, every seen these up your way?

      Oh and Johan, I haven’t forgotten about your trout question…


    1. Awesome Chessy!

      Is it just me, or does the bottom of the fish ladder seem higher than usual? Maybe water levels have something to do with it??
      You would almost want a higher success rate in successful jump attempts, wouldn’t you? I see why you have that mat placed against the concrete wall…to keep the fish from smashing their heads on it.

      Pretty neat stuff Chess..brings back memories.


  13. YOU win a prize Jeff. the entrance to the ladder has risen due to damage to the ladder . some brainiacs told us the last 3 years we could not stop fish from going through ladder so we left it open all winter long. we usually closed it mid november depending on weather and opened it after first ice melt in feb. the powers to be caved but now costly and very manual labour to fix it. we now have the right to close it as strucktural damage now over ride the fish

    1. Hey Chessy, finally it’s ME winning a friggin prize and not the other way around..hehe

      Well, it’s pretty obvious to me (& anyone else who watches that vid) that there’s a sizable leap required to get fish up that first level…doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure that out.


  14. Lol. You are right but when your dealing with the public they know best . Working on another video but need daughter to mount chest waders and get me some footage,that’s what kids are for hehehehe

    1. Oh man, tell them to be careful with those chest waders on! I almost drowned using a pair of those when I was a teenager. Fishing the Gander River, Newfoundland..course, if you had read my first book you’d know that..hehe


  15. My kids have been in chest waders for most of ther lives lol they always carry a knife with them . And they never wade alone

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