2018 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition Review(With Photos)

Toyota’s ultra luxurious Tundra 1794 Edition pickup truck, I road-tested this fall, made for one classy deer hunting season indeed. The new 1794 is Toyota’s entry into a small but elite class of western-style pickups, along the likes of Ford’s King Ranch, and pays homage to the Texas ranch founded in the year 1794, where the Tundra plant is now situated.

This classy and rugged pickup features a chrome-surround grille with bright silver insert, a chrome and silver bumper, 1794 Edition badging, moonroof, and a powerful 5.7L iForce V8 engine producing 381 hp. The Tundra 1794 is a beautiful and burly beast to drive and as smooth and firm a ride as any I’ve seen; considering its mammoth 5600-pound size.

The Tundra garners highest marks for reliability and resale, which are both huge in my books. Long-term maintenance and repair costs combined with high residual value make this truck a sound investment and perfect option for anyone wishing to keep their vehicle a decade or more.

The last Toyota truck I owned was 16 years old when I sold it with still lots of life left. Thanks so much to Tina Allison of Toyota Canada for the opportunity of road-testing this great vehicle.

For more info on the Tundra 1794 Edition: https://www.toyota.ca/toyota/en/vehicles/tundra/features-benefits

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