BIG FOOT image captured on Washington State Traffic Cam!!

The Internet is abuzz this week with news that a Big Foot has been spotted on a Washington State Government Traffic Cam! Man, this is exciting!

The image does appear to show a tall, dark creature lurking along the treeline and looking very much ‘Sasquatch Like’. Can you imagine if it really was Big Foot? It sures matches the description.

I have read many articles, seen scads evidence of foot prints, hair samples and watched that famous Patterson-Gimlin video a million times. I truly believe that Gigantopithecus is real and it is only a matter of time that we find solid evidence of its existence.

Have you heard the audio from earlier this summer, taped in Northern Ontario? Strange howls, something very large and almost otherworldly, not quite wolf and not quite bear. I have seen vids of similar strange howling captured on Vancouver island, and other parts of the Pacific Northwest. There is something out there!

What do you believe? Drop me a note or share your own Big Foot theory!
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