Animals Rights 'No Experience' Kijiji ad speaks volumes


Based on the Kijiji ad I just read, the forthright and honest animal rights activists of our region are running low on recruitment.

Oh No better start an online campaign!

The following post, currently running (till the Site’s admin pull it down) on the popular ‘For Sale’ Site Kijiji, entitled SHRINE CIRCUS PROTEST, reads as follows:

Join your fellow animal lovers in educating the public about the cruelty involved in animal circuses. Activists will be present for all Shrine Circus shows over the weekend, handing out literature and holding signs (all materials will be provided, but feel free to make your own sign). Our approach will be friendly and informative.


Outreach times are as follows:

Friday, August 7, at 2:30PM and 6PM 

Saturday, August 8, at 11AM, 2PM and 6PM
Sunday, August 9, at 12PM and 3PM

Such a lame public plea for support with a strong emphasis on NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, only goes to prove that defending rights of circus animals is more about shit disturbing than it is the well-being of animals. 

Not surprising that these misguided animal rights do-gooders would prefer their new recruits be ignorant and ill-informed. I believe they would fit-in better that way and, of course, are easier to brain wash too.

Trust me, I’ve had my dealings with these people at previous Shrine Circuses and its quite apparent they have little experience and no common sense; straight out of a Kijiji ad no doubt!

The protest approach will be ‘friendly and informative’ they say, now there’s a good one. These people’s main objective is to make children cry (as they did to my daughters) in an attempt to block access to events which raise MILLIONS of dollars for an organization that runs charity hospitals for sick children.

What happens when the day arrives and one of their kids requires spinal surgery, and the Shriner’s Hospital is their only option?

Who’s children will be crying then?




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  1. Jeff, their children will never be hurt cause they are wrapped up in a @@#$% cocoon their whole life.. these people have no idea of the REAL world. I am just glad Darwin never looses

  2. This kijiji solicitation proves that these demonstrations are nothing more than an anarchist adrenaline junkie extreme sport. The participants are not only not informed they’re usually not employed or employable. This is nothing more than entertainment for them.

    I have had many conversations with true grit animal rights activists (the ones who can professionally debate using supporting arguments to qualify their opinion). In the end they walk away understanding our position. I don’t waste time with the anarchist type and I tell them why and walk away.

  3. No doubt some of the least known cicus and entertainment companies treat their animals with less than ideal conditions, even mistreatment. However, a company such as the Shrine Circus or Barnum Bailey have high standards of animal care. The benefits of donations, and wonderful entertainment for children (of all ages!) are too great to quantify here. Here, read what the Shrine Circus does to provide a safe and healthy environment for their animals. This has lead to nearly 30 years of successful passing of animal health tests.

    1. Tks GPG for passing along the Shrine circus animal care information, that’s fantastic!


  4. This doesn’t surprise me… Anytime you hear about animal rights activists, they’re comments/actions are pretty much always based on passion fueled emotion with little or no basis on fact.
    It was the same when Chretien and his horde brought about Bill C-68. The “more gun control” screamers had no clue about how stringent gun control in Canada was at the time, just raw emotion…

  5. Gun control.. come to port hope and see gun control…. the new bylaw proposed bylaw is horrendous

    1. gun control bylaw Chessy, what’s that one all about?

      Must be similar to Ottawa’s No Discharge Zone for firearms.


  6. well its worse .. the proposed bylaw is 300 meters from all property lines and it must be farm land where a farmer makes a substantial portion of there yearly income from the farm.. if its not farmland you can not discharge a firearm on it . if it goes through we will not be able to hunt (discharge ) a firearm in port hope . and there are some other issues with NO HELP from certain organizations at all untill it became public… they said they did not know. yet the chair of a zone lives in town .. is it not his job to monitor towns and townships for this type of action. I am on my way to court in toronto so i can not carry this on for the next 2 hours i have 600 signatures from people of this town to send it back to for more consultation ..

    1. Ok Chess, so suppose you have a farmland-owning neighbour who’s given you permission to hunt on his/her 100-200 acre parcel of farmland, BUT he/she does not actually make most of their income from said land?

      This bylaw would mean you are NOT allowed to hunt there? AND should you decide to hunt there and are caught, this would imply that law enforcement is required to pull the landowner’s financial records…to see what portion of their income is derived from the farm? HA!!!!!!!!!!!

      And, I assume the bylaw enforcement people of Port Hope have CRA agents on speed dial now? To investigate the incomes of all landowners within town limits?? You think landowners have any obligation to provide bylaw people with personal financial information? Give me a break!

      Man, I guess Ottawa isn’t the only place dealing with red tape!


  7. 100 to 200 acres is hardly big enough to hunt Jeff.
    Chess says “300 metres from all property lines.”
    So in order to have a one square metre shooting spot, the property has to be 600 x 600 metres. That’s already 90 acres. And you gotta sit right dab smack in the center of it to squeeze the trigger. How stupid is that?

    Here’s a thought, so let’s say you find such a piece of active farming land, who is going to police whether or not you discharged your gun in the middle of it?
    I mean you could walk around in it all day firing your gun and how would the cops know if you were actually 300 m from all property lines?

    Boy, the putz-meter must have gone off the scale with that one…

    1. Yes Herman, I realize 100-200 is was just a hypothetical number I was throwing out. You are right though, the bylaw makes it near impossible to hunt on most farm properties.

      Oh course, that was town council’s goal all along wasn’t it?! And was/is a bylaw such as this all about safety?

      I highly doubt it!


  8. well jeff yes you are correct

    defiention of a farmer as seen in the bylaw
    “Farmer” means a person, partnership, couple or similar arrangement,
    actively involved in and earning a substantial portion of their yearly income
    from the cultivation or foraging of crops, livestock or poultry production,
    raising or training of horses, and orchards, market gardening, maple sugar
    bushes, tobacco crops or other forms of specialized crop production, and
    may be required to provide verification through their membership in a
    legitimate farm organization or valid Farm Business Registration Number

    and in the bylaw it says a hunter may only discharge a firearm on farmers farm land

    we have 549 signatures and the town hall will be packed on tuesday.. oh yah the ofah will be there …ya only 2 weeks late

    1. Well the towns people are sticking together on fighting it! Was there a specific incident or something which led to such hash changes to the bylaw?

      Couldn’t a farmer have a business registration # and STILL have considerable income elsewhere? just sayin…


  9. There is one specific person who we have to blame for this. The police have been at his house five times. He shoots from sun up to sun down even I would be pissed if I had to listen to that all day long. The police could and should have charged him under the noise bylaw but instead the one town councillor has come after law abiding gun owners, and your comment on safey is a good one. There has never been a safety issue on the old bylaw so how can the municipality enact section 119 of the municipal act (safety issue) when there never has been a safety issue? I have spent many a hours talking to town council on this and the majority are not happy that this has come to head when there was nothing wrong in the first place. Its going to be a gong show on Tuesday night .. I am just glad they don’t charge admission for council meetings

  10. Very interesting Chessy. I hope that by-law gets tossed in the trash. From what you say, it does sounds like the citizens and most of the councilors are on the hunter’s side – lets hope so! Keep us posted on that gong show expected tonight – I’d like to hear the outcome.

    1. Unfortunately Chessy, the expression ‘one bad apple can spoil the bunch’ comes into play here. Sounds like council is doing this ALL because of the individual you mention. They are trying to punish everyone for the actions of one idiot!


  11. the councilors came to the right decision last night . they have deferred the bylaw until Sept so that more consultation can be done with the stakeholders of the town,mind you the council chamber were full so where both flights of stairs and landings leading into the chambers . council asked for permission to break protocol so they could vote on the issue before people could respond to questions after the unusual delegations at council (our council has a bylaw that does not allow delegations and only by special circumstances and must be approved by all council members, we had 3 last night) they got permission to vote and the mayor asked for a deferral and it was unanimous

    I talked to 2 council members after the meeting and they have brushed up on all the rules and regulations on hunting and firearm ownership (as they had absolutely no idea about guns or hunting and they admitted that at a earlier meeting that i had with them ) since then they did there home work and they both said that we are legislated to death all ready and feel there is no need for more legislation whether municipal or federal or provincial. I think September will come and they will pass a bylaw that is quite liberal and make the noise bylaw suitable so that people shooting in there back yards need to relies that disturbing there neighbors is not a good idea. The best part was every council member i talked to said they would vote for a referral that was 4 of the 6 and they stuck to there word, nice to see a honest politician hats off to the town of port hope elected officials

    1. way to go Chess..looks a win for the good guys. Lets hope for a positive outcome in the fall.


  12. Jeff i am sending you a post from FB on what type of person we are dealing with. Please do not post it on this forum as it in my opinion absolutely disgusting and shows what a P.O.S we have to deal with in this town and it will bring back unwanted memories for some individuals .I would like to hear what your thoughts are on the letter

  13. Just because someone has not had the experience of attending a protest does not mean he or she is ill informed. You’re reaching Jeff. And if you actually did go to the circus, you know very well that the activists did not attempt to block anyone’s access. And speaking of ill informed, if you read your circus ticket, you would have seen the comment on the bottom that said the proceeds DO NOT SUPPORT the hospitals, they support the Shriners themselves. Not sure why posting an add informing people about the protest is such a bad thing, but of course you always have to invent something to dislike about animal rights activists. Cheers!

    1. Jason, my real beef with the ad is the fact that it’s basically an invitation for inciting anarchy! “Come one come all…no experience required! Let’s cause trouble and put a stop to what we perceive as cruelty to animals – despite the organization’s excellent track record of animal care.”

      If an open invitation to cause trouble and interfere with the public isn’t anarchist behaviour..I don’t know what is!

      A personal dislike of animal rights people really has no bearing on this..


      1. This weekend I received a nice PM from someone named Don, who wanted to thank me for my blog post on the Kijiji Shrine Protest ad. I questioned him as to why he chose to write me in person, instead of sharing his thoughts here on the blog.

        None-the-less, here is Don’s email for everyone to enjoy:

        Just wanted to thank you for writing your take on the Kijiji ad that the Animal Defense League had posted, re. the upcoming Shriner’s Circus Protest. I hadn’t seen the Kijiji ad and after reading your article, lame as it was, I have now pencilled in the protest times as I hadn’t heard about it!!!

        Thanks so much for writing about it! Now many more people know about the protest times and dates! Wow! You have done more to advertise the protests than the Kijiji ad accomplished! Thanks! Thanks sooooo very much! My friends and I plan on attending now! 🙂

        Well Don, it should ME who is thanking you for pointing out the fact that this protest is being run by the ‘Animal Defense League’, since nowhere was that mentioned in the Ad.

        Thank you sir, at least now we know who to target should anyone decide to turn the tables and Protest the Protesters!


  14. Good giggle there from ol’ Don… Maybe if Kijiji isn’t working so good Jeff, I can post an ad with you for the old clunker truck I want to sell?
    Jason says “… you always have to invent something to dislike about animal rights activists” – not so sure about that. They seem to always be able to get folks to dislike them easy enough on their own.
    Here’s a little tidbit I found the other day, did you know that there is a group trying to save the fish and habitat destroying scourge, the Double Breasted Cormorant, called “Cormorant Defenders International”?
    I gotta wonder where do all these people get their ideas from…

    1. Ok Herman..’Cormorant Defenders International’…give me a break, now I’ve heard everything! Its almost like they spin a wheel and think..”pick a cause..any cause!

      Send of over pics of that truck..seems I’m getting better exposure than Kijiji is.


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