Bass season on the way!

Bass enthusiasts of Central Canada will soon be out in hordes for the coveted bass opener.

And if you don’t think there’s anything special about Micropterus – be they salmoides or dolomieu – just ask one of Ottawa’s bass organizations.

The Nation’s Capital is becoming a largemouth & smallmouth fishing Mecca, thanks to groups like Renegade Bass, Bass Anglers of Ottawa and the Petawawa Bassmasters.

Speaking of bass, where is your favourite bass lake or river? Without giving away all your secrets, I invite all you bass nuts to tell us where you like to pursue old bucket mouth!

Drop me a line with your bass plans or send me a tip I’m not fussy.


2 thoughts on “Bass season on the way!”

  1. hi Jeff
    Thanks for keeping me in your distro list 🙂
    Ill be taking part in the annual Open Bass Tournament, on the Ottawa River in Lefaivre Ontario, on Sunday June 23 rd, 2019.
    Hope to contribute to your Outdoor Guy Blog with some great pics.
    in the meantime time here iam with a nice tiger muskie

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