British singer Morrissey goes on Animal Rights rant

Britain’s Morrissey – the so-called singer of 80’s band The Smiths has sparked controversy and outrage over a highly insensitive Animal Right’s rant during a concert recently.

Some 25-years ago, his alternative rock group received mediocre attention as one of the cookie cutter alternative bands of the era. (If I recall, a couple of girls in high school listened to them)

Apparently the lead singer and songwriter was  babbling about Animal Rights even back in 1985 on the ‘Meat is Murder’ album – a collection of songs laced with vegetarian rantings.

This time, the highly vocal vocalist from Manchester has crossed the line with his comments at a show in Warsaw, Poland, seen as insensitive and retarded by most of those in attendance.

Before starting into the song Meat is Murder – according to a British newspaper – the delusional vegetarian told the crowd, “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown… Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried S**t every day.”

The comment sparked immediate outrage and angry fans later flocked to Internet chat forums to vent.

Morrissey – the radical Animal Right’s activist – has even banned the sale of burgers and sausages from being sold at venues on his current tour, which I doubt will be much of an issue with the number of people who will likely attend his shows.

Good for you Mr. Morrissey, you’ve proven once again the depths a person can stoop in the ‘name of animal rights’, and you have graciously provided one more reason NOT to listen to your music. (Not that we really needed one)

I hope families of the those victims of the Oslo tragedy tear you a new one!


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  1. While I agree that rotten ronnies and kentucky fried crap hardly amount to food, it never ceases to amaze me when veggies go on like that; like they are trying to guilt the rest of us into doing what they do in some self righteous manner. If they spent 5 seconds in the wild to see what other animals do to their prey, they would get off their high horses about what we do to ours.

    And it still boggles the mind how they can think that a diet that requires taking pills so you, you know, don’t die, is healthy?

  2. I wasn’t taking a dig at you or your story, I was taking a dig at idiots that spew off this crap, people who seriously believe they are way more relevant than they actually are.

    1. No worries Iggs, I knew what you meant.

      It’s a double-edged sword for me when these stories come along. The more I write about them, the more it promotes their cause. But then on the other side of the coin it p*sses me off so much I need to get it out.

      The Doctor says it’s good for me to talk about these things.


  3. what the doctor meant was it’s good….good for him, every time you do it gets a few more visits to his couch

    1. hehe..the only time I go to Doctor is to bring my kids or have my PSA level checked.


  4. Deliberatly trying to derail this thread. Any more pictuires like the ones on the “Lodge” Iggy and I will need many more visits to the couch!

  5. Check out the “Spring pictures” thread over on the “Lodge” site, last page.

    I do not know if it is allowed to be more specific about the “Lodge” site?

    1. Rick, you can say just about anything here…provide the link if you want to, I haven’t been to the Lodge in ages. Glad to hear its still up and running actually.


  6. QUOTE “Good for you Mr. Morrissey, you’ve proven once again the depths a person can stoop in the ‘name of animal rights’, and you have graciously provided one more reason NOT to listen to your music. (Not that we really needed one) ”

    Can’t say it any better than that……

    @ Rick, people are still wasting time on forums like the lodge ? I admit I too was addicted and got caught up in the debates some good, some classed as stirring the pot, and some simply to get under the skin of the participants or forum owner (right Iggy LOL, sorry buddy)

    Oh and before someone pipes in and comments on the social aspect of it all…I say get away from the f***ing computer and get out in the woods.

  7. @ trapper, I visit allot of fourms, and spend alot of time out doors . with that said some people live there lives through other peoples stories. these last 3 months i have spent more times surfing the net looking at what people are catching and hunting then ever before with out online fourms i think i may have went nuts spending all hours of the night and day in hospitals. I for one think it got me through the hump so to speak

    1. Chessy, I totally agree, there’s nothing wrong with ‘living vicariously’ through other hunters and fishermen..I mean, its part of the reason I got into this outdoor writing gig in the first place.

      If you truly love the outdoors, but don’t have the luxury of being there every waking moment, why the hell not enjoy other people’s experiences! I’m glad you had something to do to get over that hump.


  8. hey larry, is your last name nutbar

    invisible belief system

    if it’s invisible, how do you know it’s there?

    are you a freak larry

    me thinks so

    1. Ahh Iggy, I just about wet myself when I read about the ‘invisible belief system’..these people should try comedy!!


  9. To Rick

    I happen to think there is enough beer in this world to make them pretty
    unfortunately, there wouldn’t be any left for me

    1. Rick, you’re not purposely trying to avoid the animal rights issue are you? That was a slick move there trying to change the subject..hehe


  10. @Johan says:
    July 29, 2011 at 1:19 pm
    What is it with these morons? Eat what you want, and shut your tofu hole.

    It’s called left wing, let me tell you what is best for you BS
    but it doesn’t mean I’ll follow it

    this goof is probably at home now eating a big red in the middle moose steak!

  11. invisible belief system: I believe my diet should be balanced between the available food at the time, and not involve pills and supplements to stave off malnutrition.

  12. First off, my sincere thoughts and prayers go to those unfortunate souls and families that had the misfortune of crossing a true sociopath. To those who witnessed and survived the unspeakable events my thoughts and prayers go to you in hopes that you can move on from this ordeal. I cannot for one second imagine the horror that all those who were there felt in that moment.

    To those who use a tragedy such as this to justify their personal agenda I have no time or patience to explain to you the depths of disgust that I want to convey to you. Be a vegan man, but please there is no comparison to this event that remotely relates to your cause. Anyone latching onto this story to promote anything has truly missed the point that a madman used his personal agenda to create this evil act, and by using this story to promote your own agenda shows that you are willing to demean human life for your own cause. In my books, it makes you a sociopath as well.

  13. “That was a slick move there trying to change the subject..hehe” Fools like that do not deserve one single moment of my time.

  14. Morrissey’s remarks are idiotic, but I have to take issue with Mr. Morrison’s description of the Smiths as a “cookie cutter” alternative band. They are one of the best bands ever. Yes, musical taste is subjective but it was great back then to have a guitar band emerge from the silly synth bands scene singing about alienation. Come to think of it, the best part of the band was Johnny Marrs’ guitar playing.

    His remarks in Warsaw are still idiotic, though!

  15. The only thing more annoying than Mo’s rant is the pretentious writing of this article.

  16. chessy … missed out on both (wife and I) this year … so calf it is …

    just as pissy today

  17. got three actually, we applied for two and getting a bull tag from the outfitter
    so one cow and two bull between seven guys 🙂
    anti hunters and anti meat eaters should not be allowed to comment here

    1. Good for you Iggy..and too bad Rob, but at least you’re getting out this year.

      Oh and Xamy, a Canadian guy writing about a loudmouth Brit…and I’m the pretentious one?


  18. the count down begins, soon I’ll be able to use my extension of manhood to take down my own wild animal, that has very little fat and no cholesterol, only eats wild vegetation, never gets antibiotics and taste like no other animal

    1. “that has very little fat and no cholesterol, only eats wild vegetation, never gets antibiotics and tastes like no other animal”

      Even the Animal Rights folks cant dispute those facts Iggy…or at least Id like to see them try!


  19. well I am no animal right activist but moose meat has cholesterol… Good points
    Low in saturated fat
    Low in sodium
    No sugar
    High in iron
    High in niacin
    High in phosphorus
    High in riboflavin
    High in selenium
    High in vitamin B6
    Very high in vitamin B12
    High in zinc
    Bad points
    High in cholesterol

    1. Chessy, I dont believe any wildgame meat would be described as ‘high in chorestol’, especially compared to raised farm meats…sure, they prob all have levels of cholesterol but all are low compared to beef, pork and chicken. Even bison has lower cholesterol than beef.


  20. 3oz beef tenderloin has 71 140 grams of chicken breast has …..119 4 oz of talipia has 55 . people on cholestorl diets should be aware of what they are eating… we went to a all deer and moose thinking it was low in cholestorl and it is not. my wifes doctor informed us of it when she had her cancer surgury getting her back on a healthy diet …. also deer has 75 mg higher than beef these are all choices of prime cuts .. if you get into burger it is higher .. here is a website for you to do your own checks …

    1. That’s interesting would automatically think since wildgame meats are low in natural fat, they’d be low in cholesterol as well..


    1. Chessy, bison is still lower than beef, isnt it? I think I better check my source again.


  21. Morrisey’s comments are tasteless; but from the perspective of an animal rights activist his comments are somewhat accurate to the concept of murder. I am not a vegetarian nor do I support these comments. But if you are going to comment on the comments then you need to identify the subjectivity of the author of the quote.

    The part I would really like to comment on is; how ‘insensitive and retarded’ are used in the same sentence. Was that intentional and insensitive? Hmmm, I sense a double standard for word usage!

    Further more, although music is subjective your critic of the Smith’s is not well informed. Most critical experts view the Smiths as an influential and seminal band. I would like to know who the Smiths were ‘cookie cutting’?

    I guess my criticism is of the commentator. I think that most people who have heard a Morressey diatribe before are not to shocked. It’s obviously reactionary and musically uninformed. I have gleaned from this commentary that using a sensitive issue to make your point is just ‘insensitive and retarded’.

    1. I knew the jabs at Morrisey’s music would draw some attention, but honestly when someone spouts off that way…its just makes you want to hit him where it hurts!


  22. i was just given website to check what deer moose and all the other food was good… when you start looking at deer burger it gets “high” most people are under the understanding it contains little or no cholestorol….. and switch to deer and moose … but it is still “high” for choletorol diets

  23. 217 walleye
    they call me the walleye slayer now
    biggest 4.25 lbs
    2nd 3.75 lbs caught by 🙂
    3rd 3.5 lbs caught by 🙂
    lots of fun laughs and a darn good time

    1. Awesome walleye catch..send me some images and more details so I can create a post on your trip.

      Here’s your chance to really brag!


  24. burger probably gets a high cholesterol rating because it gets cut with pork fat or else it’s too dry, and I’m having a very hard time believing moose and deer are worse for you than pork and beef. Yes of course they have cholesterol but my doctor says it’s much lower than domestic, still not good if your on a low cholesterol diet but I’ll never quit eating red meat

  25. Still being a total idiot anyone who beleives this animal rights nonsense needs to have their head examed and besides that despite their so called gity free vegan lives their still eating a living thing like all those vegtables

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