Deer fever setting in early


(Me and ‘Old Toothless’ 1996)

Man, deer fever has really set-in early this year!

Yesterday before work I spent 15 minutes staring at a young buck in my back field. This guy is a nice looking 2-year old with what appears to be an 8-point rack in the making.

The fact that I’ve seen this buck probably a hundred times over the past two years didn’t seem to matter. I was running late yet I watched his every move until he disappeared from view – a sure sign that deer fever is starting to set in!


(Old toothless was estimated to be 7.5 years old)

Recently my Dad and I have been discussing our ‘plan of attack’ for opening morning of deer season – where to set up the men and where to start first, it all needs to hashed out (and sometimes rehashed) until we get it just right.


(Great teamwork with great results)

Yup deer season is on the way; all the signs are there.

But it’s only July?

I guess you can never really put a date on this sort of thing. Some years ‘the fever’ arrives in September and other years its July. Deer fever is a curious ailment with symptoms being the only thing you can count on.


(Notice the tag is affixed and plainly visible)

My guess is I’m not the only one starting to think about it. What about you folks? Anyone else out there suffering from deer fever early this year?

Therapist’s believe the best way to deal with an ongoing condition is to talk it out, so here we go. Let me know how deer fever has affected you.

Together we should be able to get through this.


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  1. Aug 1 is when we start putting out more corn and less frequently and start patterning the deer as they come through. No bucks lately … maybe the bear took the one I saw earlier in the year. Have a pair of belisles to sort him out this fall. Either way hoping the larger doe presence at the feed sites will help bring them in, down to my last 10lbs of deer for the year, so need to fill the freezer!

  2. Too early for me, I start thinking moose around the 1st of September and don’t give a lot of thought to deer other than putting out my camera around then.

    However our moose tags will be out right around the first of August and the deer tags not long after.

    Still enjoying the cottage and summer fun, although I was up there yesterday and the power has been out since Sunday. Everything in the fridge had to be thrown out and Q Hydro says they might have it up by the weekend. Got an e-mail from a resident on the lake today saying they have already replaced seven poles and one I saw yesterday had snapped in three pieces had a big transformer on it.

    1. That’s a real drag Iggy, I know the power at my sister’s cottage in that area just came back on Wed evening..guess it could be worse, we could have a cottage or trailer in the Val de Bois area.

      Did you see photos of that campground that was flattened by all the big white pines?


  3. oh … bear snares

    heck even moose season … I’m up in 38 again this year … diff is the wife and kids are coming around … so meant picking up a second moose gun, picked up a 1895g a few months back just for that purpose … will be happy with a pair of calfs … bull/cow will be too much and will end up giving a lot away

    1. Rob, its nice that your moose hunt will be a family affair this year.

      Chessy, are you taking your daughter moose hunting in the Park again this year??


  4. I hope so …. depending on her health ..I thought things came in threes mine are multiples of 10

    1. Yeah Chess in French they say; “Jamais deux sans trois”..I guess in your case its “Jamais deux sans dix”..

      That’s a real drag man, I hope it works out for you. I know last year you bought her the new outfit and everything.


  5. yes i outfitted her in a new crossbow two.. but she started to get pain in joints when cold.. she has what is called psoriatic arthritis it is in her hips she has been to sick kids she can not even play baseball this year. she has a sever case for a 17 year old.

    1. Hey Chessy, I’m really sorry to hear that…poor kid. Hopefully they have some meds which help?

      Ok, I think you’ve had enough bad luck for one year!


    1. Chessy, I hope you can turn things around soon.

      You going State-side again this fall?


  6. I had what I would call Deer Fever..It all started when my husband said something I didnt like. We have our arguments just like any other couple. The problem with my husband and I is we are both very stubborn we both think our point of view is the right one and we both have to have the last word. .My hunter headed downstairs mumbling something and I headed to the top of the stairs making sure not to mumble. He headed back up the stairs mumbling and I followed right behind making sure not to mumble and have the last word..I have no idea what came over me. I suddenly had all the energy in the world and I was going to fight this out. I had been sick quiet and on the ugly side for two weeks and I was going to win this battle. I was showered had my make-up on my nails were painted and was feeling very confident. .My hunter thought he had the last words at Im tired of arguing and am done discussing it. He sat in his chair and I look over and what is on the tv? HUNTING the fuel to the fire. For the love of everything inside me I was going to have the last words..I said the unthinkable Im so mad at you right now I could shoot a deer. I looked at the tv and theres a guy in a tree stand whispering and debating on shooting the deer theyd probably been watching for 3 hours. For the love of deer shoot the damn thing. Id grab that bleep firearm out of his bleep hand and all it would take is one bleep shot and wed have ourself a BBD – Big buck down. And you think Id have to bleep track him for 3 hours and call my bleep little camouflage buddies to come help? Bleep No. Those bleeping little what rhymes with wussy. And that is the last of this bleeping conversation..And with the battle of the hunters my husband had the last words with Youd shoot your eye out and I think you need your mouth washed out with soap…..Share with others ..

  7. hi jeff its been awhile since i’ve written i now have 16 deer in my field 4 are very big bucks 3 are allready 10 pts or more very excited the sleepless nights will start very soon

    1. Hey Mike..good to hear from you again!

      If I were you, I would keep that field location under wraps…I don’t know of any area around here with that many big bucks congregating..

      Sleepless nights, eh? I’m with you there!


    2. Mike, If you’d like to share some photos of those deer with us, I’ll post them here at the Outdoors Guy?

      And I won’t even give away their location..promise!


  8. for me both moose and deer season are just an inconvenience to trapping season…..

    @ Chess, sorry to hear about your life’s challenges hope things get better, If you need anything I’m only a phone calll or e-mail away.

    1. Come on Trapper, don’t be a hater. I used to love trapping too, but would never forgo hunting season.

      You must still have a little love left in your heart?


  9. trap … you mean you don’t scout and put out boxes long before season? moose season is a reprieve from carrying all the wood around and baiting etc etc etc

  10. depends on way too many things at this point it is a capital NO .Wife lost her vacation to cancer removal (2 weeks recovery) we have to go some time in december for the 6 month check (crossing fingers) hopefully the boss will close office between christmas and new years but with christmas falling on a sunday probably not … lets just hope there is next year family trip

    1. Man, what’s going on there Chess..I’m really going to prey that things improve in your household.


  11. @ Rob, We scout and put out boxes year round including the hunting season. But I still rather be trapping. There’s too many citiots in the woods during hunting season.

    @ Jeff, I still love getting out there but trapping is my preference.

  12. ps…..apparently I missed the antlerless deer draw deadline too…..On a good note, we got our year end trapping report in well in advance and picked up another trap line so all is good. Come on winter.

    1. Oh well Trap, probably just as well you missed the tag draw…give them a chance to recover some more.

      Congrats on the extra it far from your camp? Will you be able to run this one on top of your current area? With a helper, I assume?


  13. oh ya…deer fever has hit me hard already. same with moose. it’s going to be a wild fall for me personally if everything pans out the way it’s supposed to go. i bought an additional bow tag for where i hunt deer, then the wifey finally confirmed her promise from a few years ago that when the kids are in school full time (which has been 1 year already), then I’ve got 2 FULL weeks of rifle season. I won’t sleep that Sunday night before opening Morning – first one in about 15 years!!!!

    Lots of moose and turkey hunting planned. it’s sad to see the long days shortening, it’s sad to see the corn getting taller, but us hunters know go time is just around the corner and that makes it all a-ok 🙂

    1. Geez Keebler, business must be good, we’ve hardly heard from you since you won that big award…hehe

      I must admit I’m quite envious of all the hunting you have planned for this fall, but I promise not to be resentful…you SOB! I bet you’ll have those Garmin Rinos working up a storm!

      Keebler, I’ll have to show you my new Magellan eXplorist 610 Canada. It is slightly different than your Garmin, but I really like the touch screen, built-in digital voice recorder and camera..those are right up my alley! I’ve been using an old Magellan Meridian Color (which is a fab unit btw) for nearly 10 years, but this year I’m getting with the times.

      Good to hear from you and feel free to send us some recent vids or images you may have.


  14. you propeller heads, what would you do if you needed to find your way out and there were no batteries?
    I’ve just got an old black and white, no touch screen, cheapy, but I’ve also got an old compass.
    Kind of like owning a TV with rabbit ears
    I have one of those too but I hear they too will be obsolete soon

    1. Iggy, if my batteries die I simply reach into my other pocket and pull out the trusty old Silva Ranger!


    2. Oh Iggy, and regarding the TV with rabbit ears…apparently we’ll soon be able to pick up a bunch of ‘digital channels’ through the antennae on our trailer. Don’t ask me how/why, but word on the street is that anyone with an antennae and newer style television will be all set come August!


  15. @ Jeff. the new line is adjacent to the current one so we will run both from the current camp. As for helpers it’sa family affair with both sons and wife all licensed trappers.

    @Iggy…I always carry a silva ranger and at least 12 extra batteries

  16. The GPS takes 2, the two way radio takes 4. And throw in a piece of steel wool and you can easily light a fire in the rain by shorting out the battery by touching each end with the steel wool and the wool will catch fire.

    1. Hey MacGyver, that’s a neat trick. Ever tried it?

      I usually carry at least 8 batteries..enough for the two-ways and my GPS 2 seem to last forever..especially on the new unit.

      I have yet to change batteries on the Ranger.


  17. I’ve got a 60cx … if I get 16hrs out of a set of batteries I’m doing good … cut it by half in winter

    I wonder if the new version (62 something or other) is any better?

    1. Rob, my father has the Garmin 60cx as well..what do you think of that unit? Have you ever used the maps they have available on Micro SD card?

      Let’s just say Garmin and I are not the best of friends after I wrote a rather unflattering review one time..the unit seemed ok, but the mapping detail on those Micro SD cards sucks the big one. My 10-year old Magellan had much better(and more accurate) topo detail!

      The lake we were camped on one time didnt even show-up on the unit, and its 1/4 mile across!


    1. OK Trapper, Im going to try it at camp this fall with an old unit I have.


  18. Ya I don’t use those, I just use the mapsource dvd to update the maps to a regular sd card. I’ve got two of em, one is relegated to tractor duty, the other is on the atv/snowmobile so at least I can plug it in. In winter time I have a card with the snowmobile trails on it. Figure maps for canada are pretty massive … so would need pretty hefty card to cover it all.

    Can’t really speak to the quality of the topo maps, I don’t really use them, went around with a etrex for the longest while till I started finding a use for the routing features in the fancier ones.

  19. In my opinion, 2 1/2 years is the perfect time to take an eater deer. Big enough to give a decent return on the harvest and still young enough to be tender. Go for it Jeff.


    1. Maple, I dont hunt these bucks at my place, they’re more like pets..or a research project you might say..

      Nice to hear from you…hope you’re enjoying PEI?


    1. Great shots of that doe and fawn, and I you’ve got a yearling buck on your property as well…they sure seem to like that feeder.

      I have several deer coming into my feeder and apple tree these days, but have yet to see any fawns. Was nice to see my 3-year old 8-point buck…he disappeared for about a month and just came back last weekend.


  20. ya he’s a bit too small so far … once he pushes into the 150lb range he’s fair game. There is another, but so far have only seen them at night … at the end of the month ill be putting out a bushel of wild apples a week at the site so hopefully that will bring them in during the day more

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