Dream Bucks alive and well living in Nepean


For those of you – hunter or non-hunter – who truly appreciate pure unadulterated awesomeness, take a gander at this local deer known as the “Dream Buck”

 You don’t need to be a hunter or wildlife enthusiast to appreciate the rarity of such a magnificent buck who spends his time these days roaming the enclosed fields off Fallowfield Road.


With all the mediocre deer sighting reports this fall, it sure is nice to see evidence that true trophy bucks still do exist in our region! 


Thanks to Rick Poulin for sharing these fabulous images!

Below are photos of the 10-point buck people have been talking about.  As you can see, it was taken late summer while he was still in velvet.

This guy appears to be the Dream Buck’s rival and hangs out in the same area. As you can see, he is equally as impressive!




71 thoughts on “Dream Bucks alive and well living in Nepean”

  1. Nice pictures LOL

    I get a woody every time I see this big boy. Opps can I say that on a public forum?

    1. It’s ok Rick…I do too, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It just means we’re normal!


  2. Is he in the fields of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency?

    I hope he lives a long life and passes his superior genes on to as many offspring as possible.

    1. Hi fishr…I hate to pinpoint his exact location..but I believe it is in that area. It’s all fenced and government property as far as I know.

      Yes, lets hope he does spread his progeny throughout the Ottawa area!


  3. i’ve driven past there with my DSLR hoping to snap a pic of him. what a buck!
    On a slightly different note, there was another big 10pt who was hit on Terry Fox last week. I got there 5 minutes too late or I would have claimed him. Glad someone got him b/c it’s sad to see them lie to waste after getting hit. That’s a shame too of course. The driver was ok. I thought maybe it was this buck b/c it’s not that far from the experimental farm as the crow flies, but probably not.

    This makes me want to drive by there again tonight!

  4. The fact his general location has been now given.That is now a death sentence.All the fenced in government land can’t keep a poacher from plying his trade. I remember seeing a number of good bucks just off Tim DR. in Kanata a couple of years ago.One day while filling up at the shell station on Eagleson Rd. in Kanata i noticed 2 MNR Trucks and 2 cop cars hiding behind the gas bar.All were looking with binoculars way across the field.When i asked the attendant what was up he said that a truck went up the road and unloaded 4or5 guys who ran into the bush early in the morning with crossbows.That happened by the way after it was announced on the radio for people to get a look at some nice bucks by a caller.
    Hope he makes it .Nice Deer


  6. HI Jay,

    The 10 pt i spoke of got hit by the corn stand on Terry fox between Fernbank and Hazeldean 🙁

    Paul, I never even thought ppl would still be that nasty, but you’re probably right 🙁 hopefully he makes it – i just want to shoot him with my camera

  7. my knees wobble and my heart thumps every time i’ve seen those pictures. Buck fever maybe, buck admiration defenitly. what a buck. thanks Rick!

  8. I heard that the army went in off Cedarview and culled about 50 deer a couple years ago. The NCC had a controlled hunt of 10 guys who were only able to get a few, then in came the army with their night scopes, and the rest is history. Six years ago , I remember taking my mother to Cedarview for a drive on Christmas day to see all the bucks with my spotting scope. We saw 12 bucks and two does. Four bucks were huge and one 12 pt with a drop tine was enormous.

    1. StevieB, that is a story I’ve never heard before…anyone know if its true?


    1. Ok Keith..you will need to tell the rest of that story!

      Did the Dream Buck tangle with that 10-pointer I hear about?


  9. Jeff the story of the army doing a cull is an urban myth. It never happened!

    I will send you a picture of the ten point in velevt. He is jaw dropping as well.

  10. Well I was in Ottawa Archery across the road from there and all the guys said it did happen, I wasn’t there when it happened but there were guys at the shop when it took place.

  11. Iggy, Iggy, Iggy give your head a shake. Do you for one minute really believe anything those yahoos at Ottawa Archery had to say? LOL

    Just image a group of trigger happy troops with full metal jacket munitions firing in total darkness with cars and houses within range. The potential for catastrophe makes the whole scenario ludicrous. It just shows to go how rumours can have a life of there own.

    1. You’re right Rick…I does sound a bit too Americano for this Conservative town..at least, Id like to think so!

      But what about the ‘controlled hunt’ part of it…did that ever happen?


    That’s better, was getting a sore voice from yelling
    So you tell me why, in one year, we used to see hundreds, the next year we’d only see three or four, and don’t blame the big snow year because it was before that.
    However, you make a good point about the danger.
    Like I said, I wasn’t there, but I love conspiracies LOL

    1. Sounds like something was ‘piled up’ four feet deep..but it wasn’t deer!


  13. well explain the sudden drop in deer?
    Phone the NCC, your a writer/reporter, they’d tell you the truth

    1. Ok Iggy, I like man..but please never call me a “Reporter” again…hehe

      Did you hear any rumours about the controlled hunt in that area? It just seems so far fetched with the way thinking is these days..


  14. we had tons of deer in our area…looks like the army has been busy all over ontario…… or i know with all the rain coming they are probably hiding on the arc

  15. I didn’t say I was there, I made it very clear I wasn’t, and I could care less who believes and who doesn’t, I’m reporting my findings, and rumour, nothing more nothing less.
    Now lets talk about UFO’s and the grassy knoll

  16. Iggy three things conspired to get the deer numbers down.

    Did you notice the brows line along Cedarview? The deer simply ate themselves out of house and home because there were so many.

    Second they changed the farming techniques. If you had been around you would have seen a plow following the combine when they cut the corn. This eliminated a lot of potential food for the deer.

    Third there was a mandate by the administration to NOT FEED the deer in winter both institutionally by changing farming and storage techniques and by individuals who worked there and liked to see deer.

    The numbers were incredible at the peak. I could see 200 deer in the short drive around Fallowfield to Cedarview to West Hunt Club to Greenbank to home. Often 60+ in a group. After the changes were instituted the deer numbers dropped by more than 50% and continue to drop. There were simply too many deer in the confines of the Ag Canada grounds. Nature returned the heard to some what of a balance with the food resources.

    Several groups have worked on trying to get a controlled hunt on all NCC and city land in the Ottawa area for a few years with little progress. There has not been a controlled hunt on the Ag. Canada property off Fallowfield.

    Iggy if I swore LADAS WERE BETTER CARS THAN TOYOTAS and said it every chance I could would you believe me? LOL

  17. WOW i just read on wikileaks that the government has been killing our deer for years. it also says that they are making high end buck deer so that people see them and buy tags…..

  18. I guess your theory could be right, I guess they all jumped in front of cars in one winter.
    Speaking of NCC
    Two stories.
    I had a buddy that told me I could hunt (bow only) on his farm out in the east end, only problem was he leased from the NCC,

    they got wind of it, told him if they caught ANYONE bow hunting for anything, groundhogs included, they would terminate his lease.
    Another guy I met in the west end, had a fruit farm, leased from the NCC for over 40 years. The NCC Nazis saw a wooden tree

    stand on his/their property. They told him if they saw another tree stand, his lease was terminated. He didn’t even know it was there.

    Needless to say it was gone and now he checks his property for tree stands every week.
    The NCC is very very anti hunting even if it’s safe
    The NCC should be held accountable for ma lot of the deer/ vehicle accidents in the GOA

  19. maybe we could get a reporter to look into this LOL
    but not Jeff, he’s a writer, and a damn good one

    1. tks for the praise Iggy…I like it..now, back to the deer and NCC…

      So, does the NCC actually come out and say that no hunting is allowed on their land??

      And so the lease holders are allowed only to harvest crops…but not wildlife from the land they paid to make use of..even if it is completely legal?

      Can you imagine if all the lease holders with camps in northern ON & QC were told that?

      “Ok boys…you can use this land see…but dont touch any animals and noooo funny stuff!”


  20. Hi Guys,

    I see how some of us can attempt to deny the truth, as far fetched as it can be, but it really did happen. The controlled hunt was held for two years consecutive, 10 designated guys who were hand picked by Mr. Foster himself of Foster’s farm. The ten guys had to wear full orange from head to toe, shotguns only, season began October 1st to December 31st, all occurrences had to be documented thoroughly for NCC stats. The hunters were allowed to keep what they shot, unlimited possession limits. The MNR, OPP and NCC were all involved. I spoke with a “person in charge” requesting to be part of the controlled hunt but their response was no as the hunters were already established. After the second year’s project, the numbers of harvested deer were not great enough for NCC’s satisfaction, therefore, they called in our army. The army were our selected sharp shooters/elite force, so therefore no bullets were to fly astray, and never did. This is true everyone, and they went in as quiet as could be and left the same way. Apparently their is a ditch on the property where they were indeed buried, therefore the proof would be still there. Sorry dudes, but this is not a myth. You have a simple choice as to believe it or deny it. Don’t you love our society folks.

  21. As per the comment, Hunting on NCC land. It has been strictly prohibited for as long I can remember – 25 plus years. As per the tenants, they are not allowed to discharge any firearms whatsoever, even to control a groundhog problem and even if you were outside city limits.

  22. yes jeff they do.. im am just waiting for them to release what happens at some deer camps….. 🙂

  23. Oh, one more thing before I sign off for the night. The NCC’s Controlled Hunt happened mainly on the west side of the 416, Hunt Club north, not in the Ag Canada property where they were confined, sort of speak. And sorry Rick, there are plenty of cedar and crops around the Lonstar Ranch, NCC property, Ag. Canada and the privately owned lands to keep most of the herd healthy. Sure natural selection does happen, but not in a 3 month period. We know the four legged predators were not the problem. For a healthy deer herd, they need water, food and few natural predators, and the deer there inside the greenbelt do have it pretty easy, therefore they totally sustained their population numbers, until the powers above (NCC) moved in.

    1. Obviously, a controlled hunt in that area – if indeed there was one – was kept very very quiet..even most of the real active hunters/conservationists in our community are not ever aware of it.

      The hunters/shooters they choose for these hunts, in my opinion, were prob not a highly trained or experienced group…moreso, a group of friends/landowners invited to participate and told to keep it to themselves.

      Sounds a bit like the controlled bear hunt they had in the Outaouais for several years…before establishing a seperate season for bears in that region…they finally realized a controlled hunt was a band-aid solution to controll black bear numbers…the gov’t was involved in that too but it wasn’t so hushhush….and they invited the public and the landowners to get involved…at a reasonable price I might add.


  24. chessy says:
    yes jeff they do.. im am just waiting for them to release what happens at some deer


  25. iggy… the only thing that matters is you belive. there are some things that i know that no one belives and i aint talking wareing tinfoil hats.

    mcdan.. i have looked over the documents. something about you suprised me… would you like to tell us now before it hits the internet ???????? lol

  26. i dont think we need to get into details about hunt camp we all go to bed at 9 p.m so we can get up bright and early hunt all day and then go straight back to bed. i think it is fairly obvious…

    1. Well boys, thats the way (sadly) it is at our camp…gone are the days of partying till late at night…3:30 AM comes earlier now


  27. stevieb what you describe was not officially a controlled hunt it was nuisance control. It was not open to the public Mr. Foster was given nuisance control tags to cull some deer off of the Lone Star property and the fields north of Hunt Club at the 416. The Log Farm property was not part of the cull. Mr. Foster designated people to act as his agent to cull these deer.

    I personally witnessed this cull. I saw dead bucks in the ditch including one trophy. I also help load one buck that was salvaged for the meat in the back of a pick up. I was not a shooter!

    This is not the same property I was referring to in my previous post. The property I was talking about and Iggy referred to about the troops being called in is the fenced area of the Canada Food Inspection Agency. This is Agriculture Canada property not NCC property. The fenced property is managed completely differently than the non fenced areas west of 416.

    While it may seem to be semantics as to whether it was a controlled hunt or a cull/nuisance control the MNR did not want this to be considered a “hunt.”

    1. So Rick…the majority of the meat in that ‘nuisance hunt’..and the racks all went to waste..except for maybe one deer you helped load onto a pickup?


  28. Jeff that is correct most of the meat was wasted/left to rot! According to the rules you were not to take the meat. They modified the rules after a lot of complaints. Part of the reasoning for not being allowed to keep the deer was to prevent “trophy hunting.” At least one landowner in Lanark was known to have sold tags to hunters who wanted to take velvet trophies!

    Just to show how deer react to being hunted/ shot at. Before the shooting started you could see 30+ deer in each field well before dark. By the third day after the shooting started the deer went totally nocturnal. You were lucky to see a deer in daylight every other day.

  29. Iggy that is the Canada Food Inspection property. The property that has the chain link fence surrounding it with all the no tresspassing signs on the fence.

    The property west of 416 is low fenced and this was the property Mr. Foster got the nuisance tags for.

  30. but the military went into the Food Inspection Agency property and cleaned up, stacked deer four feet high, tried to hide it from the general public to avoid the bad press. I also heard they have a downed flying saucer in there too.
    The second part I made up, the first part is ??? true

  31. According to my sources with the NCC Game Wardens and biologists Iggy the army was never on the Ag. Canada property!

  32. i saw this bad boy today! I didn’t have my camera with me b/c I was on my way to the new SAIL store, but OMG! There was another truck stopped. I saw a doe bedded down. Thought maybe that was it, but then I drove past the truck and through the misty rain – ALL I COULD SEE WERE ANTLERS! OMG!

    So I stopped, got out and saw him standing there. Massive awesome deer. About 175 yds away. So sad I didn’t have the camera, but thankful I saw him! Will be bringing the camera on Friday when i’m up that way again 🙂 lol

    Also, SAIL has some great deals. 20% off most items, plus no HST until Sunday!!! it’s at the ottawa trainyards.

    1. To heck with the Sail Sale…no camera??? Ah Keebler, I am very very very very disappointed in you…yer suppose to be the vid/camera/gps guy…I’d expect you to have all-of-the-above with you at ALL times!

      Very disappointed indeed!


  33. lol i feel bad enough! 🙂

    i usually have it with me, but i knew i was going to be in shopping and didn’t want to leave it in my truck 🙁
    it would be about $1700 to replace! and even then, a picture of that buck wouldn’t be worth it (although, if i had a chance to SHOOT him, I’d probably do it 🙂 lol

    and to be honest, in the misty rain, the picture would have been terrible,

    but fail not my friend, the camera will be with me from now on! 🙂 lol

    1. Sorry Keebler…keep looking, but Ive got a feeling that ship may have already ‘Sail’ed…hehe…get it?


  34. savage joe says:
    I don’t think we need to get into details about hunt camp we all go to bed at 9 pm so we can get up bright and early
    hunt all day then get back and straight to bed. i think it is fairly obvious….

    o.k. armies shooting deer, controlled hunts on NCC properties etc… but CMON savage joe you meant a.m. right
    Chessy: people that know me well say nothing would surprise them about me LOL p.s chessy that only LOOKED like womens underwear o.k

  35. savage joe says:
    i dont think we need to get into details about hunt camp we all go to bed at 9 p.m
    so we can get up bright and early hunt all day and then go straight back to bed.i
    think it is fairly obvious….

    first army is shooting deer, controlled hunt on NCC properties etc…now this… 9 p.m CMON S.J.
    I think you and Jeff mixed up your a.m’s and p.m’s quite honestly!

    Chessy: those were NOT womens underwear o.k ! they were just a new style…. for hunting…. they are…ah

    1. OK guys, whats with all the underwear talk…..it actually reminds me of the time our buddy Jim turned 40 at deer camp..and came out in the morning wearing bikini underwear….lol..course, that was 15 years ago now..Im sure he’s in boxers again.


  36. sorry for the double comments chessy has me really flustered and i didnt realize i was on older comments. did i mention that chessy has m… oh yea i did

  37. with camera in hand, I saw the big guy today, but I didn’t get a pic of him. 2 does were bedded down behind a cedar and I didn’t see them as I was sneaking up on the big guy who was bedded down all but 40 yds from the road! They jumped up, scared me, warned him and he took off.

    BUT, I did managed to see 2 other nice bucks with some video and pics.


    1. Ok….can anyone confirm if the big one Keebler filmed on Friday is the same buck we have photos posted of above….while in velvet??

      It does look similar…


    1. OK, I just heard from a colleague(who saw him) that Dream Buck was out on full display yesterday afternoon…can anyone confirm?


  38. Anybody have any luck last week with a muzzle loader? Anybody have any advise for someone looking
    to purchase a muzzle loader?

  39. Jeff the buck Keebler has on video is NOT the same buck as the velvet buck.

    I have seen the one Keebler photographed on a regular basis.

  40. didn’t hunt with muzzle loader,,, had success in rifle season got an 8 point buck,,,, so let the rest go for seed
    but i would suggest an inline of some kind,,,, that the back of the breech removes,,, i have a lyman and don’t get me wrong shoots nice and very accurate but is a side hammer and only access is down the barrell,,, makes it harder to clean and in line hides the primer from the elements as mine is open and with the hammer on half lock there is the possibillity that the primer can fall off,,, all said i do like mine as it is a lot of a replica and has an octagon barrel with antiquing on all the steel plates,,,,

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