Living with the glorious gobbler


Here in the National Capital Region we have all gotten use to seeing wild turkeys in our daily travels. 

Regardless whether you live in the east, west, south or across the river, chances are you’ve spotted a wild turkey or two along the way.

This is a good thing, by the way – an example of biodiversity if you will, and the fruit of a wildlife management initiative more successful than anyone could have ever imagined! 

Whether you are an avid turkey hunter or simply enjoy bird watching, the glorious gobbler is one resident I am happy to have around…and you should be too!

Here is some great wild turkey images captured this week by our friend Keebler. Thanks Keebler, I love the contrast with the fresh snow on the ground! 







10 thoughts on “Living with the glorious gobbler”

  1. Hey Jeff, why does it say
    “Comments Are Closed”
    at the bottom of your trail cam story
    Good turkey pictures, saw a big flock of them on my way up to Round Lake on the weekend, too bad that’s the only birds I say. Walked for over 10k on Saturday and other than getting lost and seeing a lot of very new country we didn’t lift a bird

    1. Sorry Iggy, I decided that since it was a review/field-test I would close it off to comments.

      You were in Round Lake…see any Fraggles….lol


  2. don’t know what Fraggles are but we went to the Wilno Hotel on Friday night and they had the Country Music Jam, it was great, had a ball, then hunted for birds Saturday but got lost, thank goodness two ATV guys came along and stopped to ask if everything was OK. They ended up taking us back to the truck, about 10 km from where we should have been.
    I also have a trail cam although probably not as good as the one you tested, but it takes infrared at night and I got some great video of deer, coons, fishers and bears, my buddy got a bear and a moose. They really are a lot of fun. Mine only takes a 4G SD card but I have two cards, every time I pass it while hunting I just switch cards and fire up the laptop when I get back to camp. I’m thinking of using it as security at my cottage. All I need is for a vehicle to go down my lane and I’ll have the license plate number, day or night and they won’t even know they’ve been filmed

    1. Sounds fun Iggy…I have a friend from Round Lake who told me stories about the people who live in shacks up in the hills around town…a group of old hippies apparently. They drive pedal bikes even in winter..and wear ‘gum rubbers’ on their feet.

      They sound quite interesting actually…the locals call them Fraggles…I assume it’s because of the hair….lol


    2. Ah man, not a good time of year to get lost Iggy….especially with those Fraggles out there….


  3. actually, there are communes up there with left over draft dodgers from the US army. Apparently they grow marijuana along with a bunch of other natural foods. There are a bunch of Polish descendants as well and they are hard working people that are both neighborly and helpful. I really like the area, always have since the first time I went up there. Right from Renfrew to Algonquin. Only problem is there wasn’t any birds to be found

  4. nice pics keebler. I dont seem too have much luck locating them while season is open but sure see a lot of them when its closed.
    Jeff doesnt the word or name fraggles come from the muppet show?

  5. Hey McDan…yes, they are called Fraggles because of the show Fraggle Rock…the Jim Henson production that came after the Muppet Show…my buddy never told me why they were called that, but I assume they must look like Fraggles/Muppets with the long shaggy hair…everytime he told me stories about these Fraggles I started cracking up…lol

    Apparently when there’s a party of something in town, they’d drive their pedal down from the hills (wearing ‘gum rubbers’ on their feet) and really party down…man, it must be just like the muppet show!

    Sounds like they are very friendly and harmless though…and apparently the talk of the town.

    We’ll have to get Iggy to hang out there more often…get the lowdown for us


  6. welll don’t know if it’s Fraggles I’ve met up Wilno way, but let me assure you, you’ll never meet better, nicer more hospitable, happy, loving life people.
    They are pure Canadian friendly people that are more willing and happy to help you out than any people you’ve ever met

    1. I would have to agree with you buddy from Round Lake is salt of the earth…a real good hearted country boy(like me)..would give you the shirt off his back…in fact, every time we were at the trailer this summer, Randy would stop by with something for us..potatoes his Dad grew in Round Lake..or homemade pickles,…you name it..just a real good guy!

      And I didnt mentioned it early, not that it mattered really..but he too is are many folks in that region.


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