Ethical treatment of animals my ass!!


(A Police detective in a hazmat suit prepares to bury a puppy killed by PETA)

The wheels seem to be falling off for our good friends over at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

A recent Expose of Animal Shelter practices by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has produced some shocking results.

The report indicated that approximately 2,000 animals pass through PETA’s front door every year with the vast majority of them – 96 percent in 2011 – heading straight out the back after they have been killed.



(Photo of PETA ‘death kit’ confiscated by Police from the organization’s van in Ahoskie, North Carolina)



Last year, 733 dogs entered this PETA Animal Shelter. They killed 602 of them. Only 12 were adopted. Also in 2012, the oganization impounded 1,110 cats. 1,045 were put to death. Seven of them were adopted.

Among the other shocking discoveries was a dumpster full of garbage bags, where Police found the bodies of dead animals all killed by the Organization. PETA described these animals as “adorable” and “perfect.”

A veterinarian who naively gave PETA some of the animals, thinking they would find them homes, and examined the dead bodies of others, testified that they were “healthy” and “adoptable.”

So I ask you, is this an Organization you want to support? Where are all the Millions in donations going?

The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach yet still not surprising given some of the antics we’ve seen, over the years, from these clowns.


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  1. Brutal. I wonder what statement they will come up with to try to justify/sensationalize/weasel their way out of this one… The bleeding hearts will no doubt say that it “had” to be done. Blah, blah, blah.

  2. The statement they come up with last Imelda they were caught was the. “Animal would rather die than be captive by a human. Something along those lines

  3. Shame on them. and shame on any arsehole who supports them. All they are is a group of anarchist activists……

  4. I am sure you won’t find any supporters looking at pages directed at sportsmen unless of course they are cruising looking for the previous post about the ‘unethical’ slaughter of a turkey. Obviously its understood to be far more ethical when you hold the animal down before you kill it. Then in a final show of respect, toss it in a dumpster.

  5. Walleye on the river opens this St Lawrence river opens this weekend. likely be able to walk to the US stepping from boat to boat.

  6. peta what a joke all these aholes should have a needle stuck in their arse and told goodbye now your dead. how do you like this . looking at the shot of that puppy that is being bagged makes me sick to think these pieces of crap try to tell me anything about hunting would cause me to have no problem shoving my fist down their throats

  7. They have no brain, to think on thier own
    now Pamala Anderson can get on in life without one
    but most of the other idiots in PETA, really should get a life
    and stop killing innocent animals

  8. This while they harass legitimate hunters fishermen trappers and farmers

  9. Don’t dismiss and entire organization based on one article that doesn’t appear to have credible sources. Do your Own research.

  10. reading morgans comment once again and looking at that shot of the puppy that morgan should be taken on a long drive up to the arctic and left for the polar bears lets see how fast he can run . bet you would love to have a fur coat lol

  11. Morgan this is just another in a long line of similar articles about PETA! I suggest you do some research yourself!

  12. In The Toronto Sun yesterday

    TIMMINS, Ont. — An annual Mother’s Day getaway sisters Denise Didone and Louise Seguin turned out to be a life saver for a man they saw at the side of a bush road being mauled by a 400-pound black bear.

    The sisters decided to camp with the girls just outside Cochrane, Ont., and were looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

    But when they returned from a trip into town for supplies, they saw Joe Azougar fighting off a 400-pound black bear.

    “I grabbed my sister’s leg and said ‘look a bear’,” said Seguin said. “It was one of the biggest bears I’d ever seen and it was on all fours over something and it was thrashing around.”

    At first Didone thought Azougar was “a trash bag or something.”

    “Then we saw the leg and the foot, and I turned to my sister and said, ‘Hit the horn,” Didone said.

    The bear, distracted by the approaching vehicle, had let up on its attack.

    As Didone moved towards Azougar, she shouted at him to use the strength he had left to reach their van.

    “He collapsed back down, and I knew I had to get him moving because he is a very big man and there was no way my sister and I would have been able to get him into the van.”

    What followed was a frantic 13-kilometre drive to the hospital in Cochrane.

    “We saw it, we saw the shape he was in,” Didone said. “A big piece of his scalp was hanging off. His shoulder was torn to pieces and his clothes had almost completely been torn off,” she said. “He is a strong man … and he wouldn’t have survived the way that he did if it hadn’t been for his will to live, because he fought that bear tooth and nail.”

    Azougar recounted the fight for his life in an interview on Saturday.

    “He knocked me down and I covered my head, he took my shoulder apart,” Azougar told QMI Agency. “He … then he peeled the skin off my head and started biting my skull. I could feel his teeth against my skull.

    “I jammed my thumb in his eye and so he went back to my shoulder.”

    Despite Azougar’s efforts, the bear continued the attack.

    “The women that saved me, no I don’t know them. If you meet them, you thank those angels for me,” he said. “They are my angels, without them, I wouldn’t be alive.”

    The sisters visited Azougar in hospital Monday.

    “We had been worrying for two days about this man,” Seguin said. “We knew that we had to see him, to see that he was alright, especially considering the state we’d left him in at the hospital.”

    Azougar is recovering at Lady Minto Hospital, his torn flesh held together with 300 stitches.

    “He was smiling, he was happy,” Didone said. “Obviously, he has morphine to help with the pain, but he just kept calling us angel one and angel two. He kept thanking us over and over again.

    “We didn’t fight the bear off, we just scared it and did what we could,” Didone said. “We aren’t heroes, we just did what we could, what we would have done for anyone.”

    The bear responsible for attacking Azougar…

    1. Man Iggs, I had a way better weekend than this guy! He’s lucky those girls came along..yikes!!


  13. I support a slightly different version of PETA….
    People Eating Tasty Animals…. Using Jeff’s Cook Books or course…

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