Keebler's Wild Turkey Hunt


Our buddy Keebler enjoyed a nice start to his 2013 Wild Turkey season…check out the story of his hunt:

So my buddy’s land is in between 2 farms.  The turkeys travel back and forth throughout the day, but don’t roost there so I opted for a late opening day hunt.

I set myself up and gave one hen assembly call.  Normally I make a call, wait a minute or 2 so I can hear any responses then set up my camcorder.

That didn’t work this time.  I was just reaching for my camcorder when I heard something walking.  A bearded hen came out!  I let her go – no sense shooting the poult breeder.  She looked for turkeys, but didn’t see any (I didn’t use decoys) and she left.

I waited 3 minutes and assembly called again.  Waited 5 more minutes and gave 1 gobble.  Nothing in response whatsoever. Since I knew there was at least 1 turkey in the area, I didn’t set my camcorder on.  No sense getting busted because I couldn’t see how far she had walked away.

Then I heard more walking coming from the direction in which the hen left.  I turned my head cam on and waited.

And out stepped this beauty of a tom. I saw the beard, the redhead, my safety was off and I slowly moved my 12 gauge for a shot.  He wasn’t fanned out…just walking with his head pivoting looking for the gobbler (which was me!) He stood there and took a few steps back the way he came, his head was up the entire time looking around.  Bang, he was down instantly.  22 lbs  8″ beard 1.25″ spurs.  Great colour to him. 



Not bad for a 20 minute hunt…





10 thoughts on “Keebler's Wild Turkey Hunt”

  1. nice bird on the way in to work this morning saw about half a dozen on the 417 by magee side road on the shoulder of the queensway looked like they were all waiting to run accross the road they coulnd’t figure out which one to send first too bad 10 seconds 2 late would have had a good chance to pick one up hitchhiking

    1. tks imacdon for the info. Keep us posted on your quest for tom turkey!


  2. Out again this morning and chased around a couple jakes, closest they came was maybe 40 years to me and Bob the Butcher had the same one at 25 yards but we both chose to leave them till they grow up

    1. Iggy, how long will you pass on the Jakes before taking one? I guess you’ll hold out till the end of the season for a big boy to show up?

      Say hi to Bob for me…and tks for the updates.


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