Hunting for outdoor oddities


The moose and deer season brings with it, among other things, plenty of time to stroll the backwoods.

In between animal sightings and enjoying the wild splendour of the Great Outdoors, we often stumble upon things unexpectedly. The woods are a wild and woolly place and often play host to the weird and wacky. 

Hunters travel long hours over hill and dale; covering a lot of ground in the process, so it’s not uncommon to come across things in the woods you wouldn’t expect to find there. 

I call it hunting for outdoor oddities and it provides something to talk about back at camp if nothing else. 

Here are a few of things I’ve come across over the years while out hunting, and I invite you to send in your own oddities list: 

While moose hunting one time near Parent QC, my buddy and I found a string of advertising balloons from a Detroit, Michigan car dealership. I calculated they flew over 1500 miles before landing in the Quebec woods. 

One time in the bush near our hunt camp in the Laurentians, we found a ‘love mattress’ with a bunch of girly magazines lying on it. 

We have, over the years, found several marijuana plantations over the years and one time even ran into the gardener as he was trying to escape. 

One time, we found the remains of what appeared to be a weather balloon stuck in the trees.

A few years back we discovered a pair of stolen ATV’s someone had hidden in the woods covered in brush.

So, now its your turn. Drop us a line with your oddities list!


102 thoughts on “Hunting for outdoor oddities”

  1. I was bushwhacking in Algonquin Park to fish in a lake that was off the beaten path with some buddies and one of them found an old bottle, he kept it and being cheap like he is, promptly said ” I’ll bet this bottle pays for my whole trip”
    It did and then some

    Another buddy quit smoking on a moose fly in, the first time he walks over the first portage he sees a package of smokes on the ground, yup, full, he took it as a sign from above and continued smoking

    1. Iggy, I wonder where your friend would be if he found a pack of Nicorette gum instead….hehe


  2. speaking of algonquin park, we were portaging years ago while trout fishing and had a break close too a lake (i have to look up the name of the lake again) when somebody notices a stove pipe sticking out of the ground. it turns out we were sitting on the roof of a dug out cabin, as we found the entrance on the down hill end. it was really hard to spot and it was there for a long time judging by the big birch growing on top of it.

    found a dog leash tied to tree once in the middle of the bush. i have a weird or curious personality enough to check if dog was still on the end of it, but found no bones or collar.

    found a huge burl the size of a beach ball in our bush when we first bought it but now i cant find it again@$#%

    1. McDan, I wonder if that dug-out cabin was some remnant Aboriginal dwelling…you’d have prospectors all over that thing if you told someone where it was!

      I’ve seen burls too..never quite that big though..should have taken a photo of it.


  3. I was canoeing on a lake just north of Gatineau a few years ago when we decided to take a break and hike a bit. About 20 feet from shore, I found the dried and bleeched skull of a cow, complete with horns, hanging between two branches of a tree. I couldn’t tell if someone had placed there for no other reason than to freak someone out (most likely, yet still difficult to understand considering it was in a location very few people would ever stop to wander around), or the cow died that way, or if the tree grew under the skull maybe it lifted it?

    This past summer, I was fishing and again decided to stop for a break on shore. This was a beautiful sandy beach. On this beach was huge old tree. Upon closer inspection, the tree trunk was hollowed at ground level. I bent over to see if anything lived inside, and instead found an old rusted-out iron bolt about 3 feet long at least 2-inch diameter with a 4 inch wide square nut at one end and a big rounded rivet at the other. The item was cool, but the location was strange indeed.

  4. yes jeff never thought of it that way. i have it marked on one of my maps i would just have to find it in attic, of course that was before gps. the dug out was clean as a whistle and it was bare of anything from what i remember.kinda of wondered if someone was still using it seasonaly. its been years since i’ve been back but would like too someday and maybe spent some time in it.

  5. found a cross in algoquin park in the middle of nowhere made out of a tree. (some logger must have gotten killed) talk about spooky. found lots of dope, lots of cheating husbands and wives. of all the years of moose hunting it has rained and rained hopefully go back up for friday afternoon …

    1. Chessy, the cross is freaky but you finding all these cheating wives and husbands is just plain weird!

      Got any pics?


  6. I’ve written about this before but we also found a wooden cross with a name scratched on it while travelling through Algonquin Park, we also found an old shovel that was used to build the old railroad in the 1800’s, we left the cross but took the shovel and turned it in a Kiosk and were told it was headed to the Algonquin Park Museum
    This was back in the early 70’s when I went from one end to the other with The Ottawa Boys Club (now known as The Ottawa Boys and Girls club)

    1. That’s awesome Iggs, I forgot that story.

      Were there any of Chessy’s cheating husbands attached to that cross..hehe


    1. Yes, he seems to have a lot of inside information there…a little too much perhaps.


    1. That’s right GPG, that’s all you’d need!

      I’m still trying to picture all these cheaters out in the bush….what are they hiding behind trees or under rocks?


  7. Ya, behind trees I guess. I know what he means though…

    I was working in the west end years ago, and decided to go for a drive during lunch. I came upon a trail in the woods and decided to go for a walk. There were a few parked cars there and didn’t think twice about it. Later, I crossed paths with an older man and he introduced himself and asked me if I wanted to go for a “walk”. That’s when my radar alarmed me! Back at the office, my coworkers told me it was a common meeting location for closet gay men. I dodged a bullet there!

  8. back seats of cars that shouldn’t be where they are, and Chessy sneaks up on them and peaks in the window, but it’s harder to do now that most rear windows are tinted.
    So now he’s decided to spill the beans

    1. hehe..Iggy, I can see him sneaking around in his camo looking in car windows…hehe, come on Chess get in here, you’re missing all this!


  9. was out in a rather large corn field near my house near almonte when after the goose hunt which was very successful it was very nclose to dark , i started my car noticed eyes glowing off in the distance too my binoculars night vision and observed a large 10 or 12 pt buck watching us pack up our gear 40 yards away no bow in the car but a nice feeling to know that this buck will be back since there is a about 50 apple trees along the fence line will send pics when i stick him have a safe hunt mike jones

    1. Wow Mike, that is exciting!

      Better not count your chickens, though, I use to do that and it never worked out for me. It is nice to know you’ve got a big boy around.

      This week had a new roof put on my house and even with the hammers going and all the noise, a doe and fawn still came out to my feeder about 100 feet away..not a care in the world!

      Nice to hear from you Mike btw, and sorry for not being better about the emails..its an extremely busy period now right before deer season.


  10. I once found very round boulders about 6 feet high and 8 ft wide right in the middle of the hardwoods with no other rocks, hills or anything around. It was a long stretch of hardwoods, chalk full of old trees. They weren’t smooth – definitely untouched by humans. There were 3 of them and I kept wondering if it was an old riverbed or something, but it was on top of a large elevated area so that didn’t make sense.

    To date, it’s honestly the weirdest thing I’ve seen as those rocks were so out of place. I’ve seen large boulders before, but usually on top of hill or rock cut, but not like this.

    And of course, I can’t remember if I ever took a photo of them.

    1. Keebler, these sound like Glacial deposits..if you can picture a lot of our region was scoured by glaciars many moons ago. I see other weird formations in the mountains back home in QC..hard to imagine the power involved.

      And YES, you should have photographed it!


  11. I re read my thread and it’s a little confusing. Not so good with the written hinglish
    Ya I can just see a stocky guy all camoed up, sneaking up on the back window of a car, only to find two gay guys
    huggin and loving LOL
    poor Chessy, he’ll never be the same

    1. Iggy, it sounds like GPG ran into a bit of that on his lunch break…hehe…not that there’s anything wrong with that.


  12. QUOTE:jeff.morrison says:
    October 20, 2011 at 12:34 pm
    …hehe…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    end quote

    we are forced to say that at work now
    just to CYA
    sounds funny though, and it doesn’t sound right
    but I know where they are coming from
    the ones that tell us to say that, that is.

    Chessy must be out snooping around in the bush LOL

  13. Those big rocks are interesting, and so is that burried cabin. If you ever find the location in your maps, and don’t mind someone else going out trying to find it again, let me know. Sounds like a good weekend adventure.

    On those formations, where did you find this? It reminded me of a reference in a book about an ancient site of rock formations near North Bay that archeologists say were created by humans and that would pre-date the Stonhenge. The area is closed to the public, and very little information is available online. I’m not saying these boulders are anything similar, just thought I’d share the interesting site.

  14. I know…I know… .hence the reason why I always have a camera with me now 🙂

    I think the area was north of Kynoch, Ontario. I would guess you’re right about the glacial deposits, but it was just a very weird location with no other rock related areas around. It was as if an alien shipped dropped them there with the sole purpose of one day confusing me.

    Which it did 🙂

    1. Hey, Check out the nice buck taken near Carleton Place!

      I added it to the bottom of the Bragging Board post


  15. I have seen many a bare butts go over the the front seats of cars over the years. heck we even pulled up to do some duck hunting and the old truck camper was a romping. . i have caught married people to this day they can not look me in the eye, what i want to know is at 5 am having sex on a dead end road where are there spouses ??? and iggy although not out on the hunt we did one night years ago go to the beach ( known in port hope as the west beach ….you guessed it 2 males….my brother will never be the same, he got the eye full as i was driving and he was doing the scoping . … ps strangest thing this year so far was a van broke down with a broken tie rod (MINE ) had to wait two days for the part.. stuck in the woods…. my luck sucks. pss happy anniversary to my wife

    1. Hey Chessy, Happy Anniversary btw!!

      Did you bring the van into the Park? Ah man, your luck certainly isn’t improving…hopefully you, at least, had a bit of fun hunting?

      Any moose left up there?


  16. lots left up there…. yes the van is there for the bedding .. so it doesnt get wet.. that is the only way we have found to keep it dry . even wrapped in plastic it still gets wet. the roads are good to the park just a few bad spots . it rained every day up there. it was horrible .. if most gangs got lucky and shot one opening morning before 11 that was the only time it did not rain, the park rules are you must walk from camp, i can drive because of my back. but can not hunt from it must be out of truck , and no person in there right mind would hunt in that weather .

  17. Hey Jeff, a buddy of mine just e-mailed me and said he saw an Elk on his farm on the weekend, and he wasn’t drinking either, his farm though is in Quebac near Low, now where would that have come from, does Quebec have an Elk restoration program?

    1. Hey Iggs, that’s weird. There isn’t any elk program in QC that I’m aware sure it wasn’t a Muskox? They have a program for those..hehe..course, that’s in the high Arctic.

      Must be a day for weird..and old colleague from Limoge just told me about a cougar he had in his driveway early this am! Said the thing jumped and took off like a bugger when he started up his vehicle!


    1. What do guys think about that cougar sighting in Limoge? I told my friend they’ve been spotting in Castleman and around Larose forest in the past.


  18. There is an ELK farm west of Luskville off the 148 Hwy, and they sell some of them to an outfitter north of Montebello for clients wanting to either hunt wild boars, buffallos, Elk, or whatever. Low is a little off to the west, but maybe it escaped (outfitters has high fence all around his territory).

    By the way that Elk farm property is for sale.

    1. yes, there’s an Elk farm in my hometown also..near Tremblant..but I highly doubt they’d ever let one escape.

      You know what they charge for those hunts??


      1. BTW, anyone listening to 1310 NEWS, I’ll be on later today talking about the deer season and being careful on area roads.

        I’m also gonna be on CHEZ 106 with Doc & Woody Thurs am…doing deer calls and chatting about the season.


  19. wow jeff.. are you spelling like me now.. “coygar” is that part dog part cat??? finally i can get you back lol

    with everyone carrying a cell phone or digital camera I am suprised there is not a photo of just one of these sitings

    1. hehe..good one Chess. You know yer mind is the first to go during hunting season..least, that’s what the wife tells me


  20. hunting season opens this weekend for deer with a gun in Quebec. I’ve been invited up to be a dog, I’m not buying a license but I’ll wonder through the bush with my blaze orange on.
    Jeff, you know Quebec hunting laws better than most of us, what are the legalities of this. No gun, no license but blaze orange from head to toe

    1. Iggs, I know that situation very well and it is totally legal so long as you keep in mind certain things.

      Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, I had my brother-in-law’s join us at camp for that reason. No rifle, but lots of blaze orange and it worked out swimmingly..well, most of time till one of them got lost and ended up on private land. But thats another story..hehe

      One of them even got stopped by a CO one time who wondered what the heck he was doing. The CO even asked to see the knife he had in his pocket..inspected it for blood. He just couldnt get over the fact that someone was walking around in the deer woods with no rifle.

      We told him to NEVER say that he was chasing for us, or doggin as you guys say. At one time it was illegal to drive hunt in QC..not sure not that it is..but anyway, prob still better just to say you’re joining your friends in the woods for a nice walk.

      You’ll have a blast Iggs..get to stay at camp too?


    1. Hey Alain, sorry man I was on shortly after 11:00 this am, and it was brief.


  21. no I’ll be staying at the cottage, but out early in the morning to “join my friends for a quiet walk in the bush”
    One weird thing in Quebec is you don’t have to wear an orange hat, just a vest, but I’ll be wearing the hat anyway

  22. iggy do you know what you are doing is against the law, if you are participating in the hunt you are hunting. walking through woods towards standers you are in for some serious poo poo.. i took my son years ago and he was 10 he was barking beside me.. and the warden warned me not to do it again

  23. yes chessy you’re right, iggy you may find yourself in a bad position were you have to defend yourself ,which is sometimes more difficult than imagined. be careful!

  24. different province, different rules, don’t forget Quebec is distinct
    I will never admit I was hunting because I wasn’t, I didn’t have a license
    and didn’t have a gun. PERIOD
    And when I walk through the bush, even when I’m dogging, I don’t bark

  25. mcdan, I don’t know what you are reffering to when you say

    “find yourself in a bad position were you have to defend yourself”

    from a deer?
    or in court?

    1. If Iggs just walks around the bush with his friends, I can’t see how he’d get in trouble.

      As I mentioned in my case with the brother-in-law’s years ago, the CO didn’t have a prob with them joining us, he just found it weird..and perhaps a little suspicious but thats it.


  26. “hunting” includes,
    (a) lying in wait for, searching for, being on the trail of, pursuing, chasing or shooting at wildlife, whether or not the wildlife is killed, injured, captured or harassed, or

    this is ontario rules…

    1. Oh man, Chessy is now the voice of reason…we must all be going to h*ll….hehe..kidding


  27. @ jeff, been in the situation before, with my son, and i am not the voice of reason just a person that hates dealing with the law and will try to do everything to avoid them

  28. But in this case Cheesy, I think I’m following the law, as it is different in Quebec than in Ontario. I wouldn’t do this same thing in Ontario, but I sure am looking forward to doing it in Quebec.
    Usually when I dog in Ontario, I don’t see deer. I dog most every day and have never seen one, but last year in two days I jumped two deer in Quebec. The bush is a lot different, mostly hardwoods and some coniferous trees in the valleys and around water,but not much. At our camp in Ontario it’s double the evergreens and full of balsam and cedar so it makes it so you can almost be on top of them and not know they are there. Just different, and there is no easier bush walking than in hardwoods. Plus it gives me a weeks head start and attuned to the noises and smells of the fall bush instead of a keyboard and ceramic flooring

    1. You’re right Iggy, the bush is much different on that side of the river. The Laurentians where our family camp is, and even the Gatineau’s where your cottage is has lots of big hardwood stands and some pretty high peaks too!

      And then there’ the old-growth hardwood forest at Kenauk in Montebello..some of cleanest, largest hardwoods you’ll ever see!! Watching deer come off a knolls and slip through the hardwoods is something magical.

      And way better than staring at hardwood flooring as Iggs pointed out..

      Man..I’m there now..and for real on friday afternoon!


      1. Keebler just got back from moose hunting, go check out the Braggin Board!


  29. @iggy i hear you, laws are different for sure and yes sure does beat looking at 4 walls
    @jeff good luck to you

  30. says “comments are closed” so congrats Kebbler, you should keep the s’tash going for Movember

  31. Not to go off subject here, but I’ve been following the series of news articles the has published this week regarding the Long-Gun Registry. I came upon this one today and it has got me all up in arms about the one-sided reporting the CBC has published. This article uses statistics to prove the worth of the LGR, and it doesn’t take a genius to quickly figure out how the CBC has bent the statistics and reporting to their pre-concieved conclusion that the athe LGR saves lives. This is not reporting, it’s a campaign of misinformation.
    Here it is:

    What’s most interesting are all the reader comments on the subject that seem to show most Canadians want to get rid of it.

    Here are a couple more articles from this week:

    1. Thanks GPG for the long gun info. I had actually intended on putting together a Long Gun Post, but with leaving for deer camp tomorrow I didn’t want hunters to get all caught up in politics right before the hunt!

      So what was the end result?

      Will Harper be pushing through legislation to finally scrap it? Is it safe to celebrate its demise at deer camp this year, or should we hold off?


  32. I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon

    Quebec had already announced months ago it wanted to keep using some kind of long-gun registry if the Harper government killed the federal version, as expected.

    But this week Ottawa made it clear that, in addition to destroying the registry, it would also eliminate the data compiled over the past decade.

    “We know that the federal government, in the last (Conservative) election campaign, said it would abolish the registry,” Dutil said.

    “We don’t agree with that but we learned about it during the election campaign. But they never said they were going to destroy the records.

    “We are formally, ferociously opposed to that.”

    The announcement from Quebec came amid a flurry of reaction in the wake of the federal announcement.

    Supporters of the Harper government have been waiting for years to celebrate the end of a gun-control measure they consider intrusive, expensive and ineffective.

    A spokesman for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews offered a brief and adamant response to the Quebec announcement: “The long-gun registry data is under federal control. Our legislation will destroy this data.”

    Earlier Wednesday, Toews told the Commons the registry had done nothing to keep weapons away from criminals. He said the government intended to destroy the records in order to protect the privacy of law-abiding gun owners.

    “The only reason the NDP wish to retain these records is to reinstate the long-gun registry whenever it is in the position to do so,” Toews said.

    “What we will do is abolish the long-gun registry once and for all.”

    The Tories also sought to sow divisions on the opposition benches over the issue. New Democrats have traditionally been split on gun control, with the fissure existing largely along urban-rural lines. The Tories took delight in reading old statements from NDPers who oppose the registry.

    But the Opposition put up a united front Wednesday — especially when it came to destroying the database. One member, Jack Harris, called the move tantamount to creating a $2-billion bonfire.

    Nathan Cullen, an MP from northern British Columbia and an NDP leadership contender, said the party caucus is much more likely to be unified in its opposition to the bill this time because it includes not only scrapping the registry but the records as well.

    “The government has way overstepped and shown themselves to be quite spiteful in insisting that the records be burned on the front of Parliament Hill,” Cullen said in an interview.

    Cullen had promised his constituents in past elections that he’d support scrapping the registry but he said he can’t support destroying the records as well.

    “They’re making it very, very hard for me to support them.”

    Cullen also questioned whether the government has the legal authority to destroy the records. The bill specifically says the Privacy Act will not apply to the destruction of records.

    A spokesperson for federal Information…

    1. Hey Chess..we weren’t suppose to talk politics. Now everyone will be stressed out for the deer hunt…hehe

      Of course my camp is in Quebec with a camp full of QC hunters, so I’m sure I’ll be hearing all about the Prov’s intention of having its own long-gun regisitry..uggghhh.

      See, now I’m getting stressed out…


  33. lol i but this up for the NIMB’s …. (as long as it is in quebec who cares) i am sure there are some political signs still laying around they make for good targets . … tell your QC hunters to vote pc next time… but it even looks like some of the PC will back out of the vote due to destroying records. so it looks like a bill that will not pass even though the pc have a majority. maybe that was the PC plan the whole time …. OH WE TRIED but the majorty of people said NO ….

  34. I think Harper will actually get this done. There was also talk of doing away with the PAL in this bill, instead going back to the old certificates rather than a license. I think they are shooting (pun) high to find a middle groung to finally get rid of it. If anything good can be said of Harper, is that he gets what he wants despite the negative attention. We’ll see, but I don’t think we can celebrate yet.

    Good luck at your deer hunt Jeff… and with the QC hunters! I would think all hunters would agree with getting rid of the LGR.

    1. tks GPG, and YES every QC hunter I know is in favour of getting rid of it, that’s for sure!

      Man, hope all this stress and politics doesn’t effect my shooting ability…hehe


  35. Here’s a good way to improve your shot… just picture the initials LGR in the kill zone! hahaha

    With a majority in the House and the Senate, the Conservatives are likely to succeed in passing this bill.

  36. Nothing can stop them now but themselves. just goes to show you what sleaze bags these NDP’rs are, they wanted to keep all the info and reinstate it. What a slimey move, and there is no way a province can have their own registry without putting up borders between provinces. Not going to happen, it’s just crybaby whining from all the left wingers

    1. Ok Guys, nuf with all the politics I’ve got soemthing really important I need to find out.

      Where in Ottawa’s east-end can I find Ginger beer?

      I want to make a Shandy at the hunt camp, but I can’t for the life of me find any…I know its kind of oldschool, but somebody must still drink it!


  37. A SHANDY



    reminds me of when Gary Stocking who owned Golden eagle Outfitter in Elk Lake can to hunt with us and drank Khalua and milk all week God that’s bad

    1. OK Iggs, that hurts…its been awhile ok. Im trying to get in touch with my feminine side I suppose.Honestly, they used to be huge where Im from..and manly too.

      Tks GPG, I’ll check out Farm Boy on way home…and there’s a Jamaican grocery on Mtl Rd that might have it also.


  38. You got my attention now Jeff! lol
    I never heard of Shandy before. Sounds like a good drink.
    I make my own Lemocello and it’s very good mixed it witth ginger ale… but now I’ll have to try a version of Shandy with it.

    1. Ok, I’ll be open to criticism and ridicule..but what the heck here goes!

      GPG, to make a Shandy you need 3 beer of any brand and 1 bottle of Ginger beer. Pour them all into a pitcher and then add ice. They’re actually way better as a summer drink..I use to drink them after a day of golf.

      But really, they’re good any time you’re thirsty!


  39. Ah ok… I thought it was lemon juice (or lemonade) added to beer, according to a google search. that’s why i though of limoncello with beer.
    That’s funny iggy!
    Hey, beer, rye, and rum are classics, but they get old and heavy after a few days at camp.

    1. Now these Shandy’s are not to be mistaken with the Twist Shandy made by Labatt’s back in the 1980’ THOSE were girly drinks Iggy!


  40. well I guess you can drink whatever you want, and I really don’t like hard stuff, I’ll stick to my Coors Lite bought in Quebec at $1 a beer for cans, a glass of wine at dinner and a glass of port after with a stogie after dinner
    Thank you very much.
    But I’ll pass on panty stuff

    1. I’m with you there Iggs..cept for us its the occasional Drambuie after dinner..and a stogie for sure…but I have to smoke it out on the camp deck with the ‘no cigars in camp’ rule.


  41. It’s nice to see real men who are unafraid to express their love of girly drinks….
    Me? I quit drinking all alcohol over 2 years ago but can assure that if you have to put fruit in your beer bottle, or mix it with pablum you shouldn’t be drinking either. Beer has feelings too, you know!
    On a hunt related note, nice appearance on the Doc and Woody show Jeff! Always entertaining! I also want to say that when you hear those bag-o-horns on the radio they don’t sound near as good as the real thing but I bet your knuckles don’t get sore.

    1. Thanks Johan…ahh, I think. Geez, I havent had one of these Shandys in prob 20 years…thought it was be nice for old times sake, but now I’m starting to feel bad about it.

      Yes, the Doc & Woody bit is always fun and good for a laugh…not always good for quality thats for sure. And those ‘rattling horns’ btw was an old plastic thing made by Lohman game calls..I dont even use it during the season as I have a set of real sheds for that.

      Thanks man and good luck to you…and everyone else this fall!


      P.S. MMmmmmm…Pablum

      1. Sorry Keeb, Im still bitter over all the Ginger beer jokes….hehe

        Oh yeah, for anyone who missed my Salute to Deer Season on CHEZ 106’s Doc & Woody Show, they’re replaying it tomorrow am between 9:30 – 10:00…on the Best of D&W.


  42. Coors Light… now there’s a “man’s beer”, right? haha
    I think as long as there’s not a umbrella or a vegetable in your drink, you’re safe!

    1. Yeah, my sister says Coors Light is just great..and her girlfriends agree…hehe

      Sorry man, couldn’t resist


  43. No it’s not strong, but I don’t need strong, it’s thirst quenching

    f@#$ you guys, notihng wrong with Coors Lite at a buck a can

    and you want to start that @#$% your sister is right

    she has good taste

    and I know…………..nuff said

    Mike in Sudbury got a nice cow moose, sent me a pic, dandy, AKA IceKing

    saw over 20 deer yesterday, not me but the gang I was with, took one buck and saw a dandy, I mean a dandy, in a field with another 6 pointer and the big one made it look small

    1. Iggy, you guys saw 20 deer in one day??

      Man, I think I should be hunting on the ON side!


  44. Chessy, that song/video is funny! I’ll be sending that out to the hunt group!

    Iggy, hahaha! That buck-o-beer deal is awesome, I brought 4 cases up to camp for some of the guys there! They also have a mixed pack of 20 Coors, 20 Export and 20 M for $5 more.

  45. thanks Iggy!

    Best of luck to all the hunters hitting the bush after whitetails in the next few weeks! 🙂

  46. I like Coors Lite but not Ex, so I’ll stick to my light beers, going back up to the farm on Thursday to see how the boys are doing on the Quebec side and I’ll stop in and pick myself up a 60 for 60

    1. Just got back from first rifle hunt at our family hunt camp…no deer taken yet and sadly, I don’t think there are any more around than last year.

      Saw as many friggin predators as I did deer!

      Of course, picked up deer(& wolves, moose, bear) on our trail cams..and the big buck we’ve been hunting for the past three years is still alive.

      We havent figured out where the heck he hides during the season though!

      Hope you guys do better during rifle season than we have so far.


  47. Jeff, look in the woods directly behind camp. Wouldnt surprise me if you walk by them every day to go for your hunt. Many a gun season, around Wednesday evening, and most evenings after I will see eyes at night in the pasture adjacent my back yard. I mean it’s like 50 yards from my house. There is only about a .5 acre cedar bush and they just seem to move in when bush becomes overrun with hounds and stinking men dressed like pumpkins. You can walk or drive by on the trail and as long as you don’t cross the fence, they will sit tight. Two years ago three buddies, who only get out on the weekend, decided to push that section because I have told them about deer close to the house. Brother one says to brother two (the dogger) that he should take his shotgun in with him, brother two says, “it’s only a 3 minute walk, I’m not carrying it in there for that short of walk” and berated brother one for his ‘stupidity’. Brother one goes into the next field, nephew stays in the pasture; exits covered, seems like a good plan! I was outside so decided to watch, and as soon as brother two’s feet landed on the other side of the cedar rail fence, the 10 pointer that was lying there listening to the argument was jumping the opposite way back to where the dogger came from. I wish I had a picture of his face as he watched that big bugger just walk away, turning back once to look at him liklely mumbling what I expect was “dumbass” in venison lingo.
    He was with a doe and a fawn that bolted out in front of the nephew which made that 3 deer in total in a bush as big as my garage and just as close to my house.

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