Moose season almost here, anyone going?

With the annual moose season just around the corner, guys like our pal “Doug” (shown in the above photo) are chomping at the bit to get back to nature for the annual pursuit of the beloved swamp donkey known as Bullwinkle.

For enthusiasts who still hunt moose in Ontario, it will be interesting to see how this fall turns-out given recent changes set forth by the MNRF, following the announcement that moose in the north are in rough shape.

Even the QC side has seen its share of decline in some areas, from what I’ve heard.

All this to say that the status of the herd and moose numbers will not deter those who enjoy it…

In recent years, our deer gang have taken-up hunting moose with crossbow during the brief ‘bull only’ season which runs for little over 1 week in the Quebec Laurentians, around our deer camp. Although I haven’t taken-up crossbow hunting yet, I join the gang to put up some trail cams and try out a few calls.

With limited tags and numbers dwindling up north, guys from the Blog like “Tim” are contemplating a moose hunt closer to home where numbers seem to be more prevalent.

For those who still make the effort to hunt moose each fall, the reward may be nothing more than the sights and sounds of the great outdoors in the early fall, while for the other chosen few it may be successful moose-wise. Either way you look at it, pursuing moose is a special and longstanding tradition (sadly) enjoyed by less and less people these days.

For those about to moose hunt – we salute you. Please drop me a line with your moose hunting plans for this year?



12 thoughts on “Moose season almost here, anyone going?”

    1. Should be in luck, weather is supposed to turn on Wednesday!
      Any word yet from the ‘scouters’? Sure is hard to scout with most of the leaves on still.

      Buddy of mine got turned around this weekend in VERY familiar bush. Before he realized it, he was wayyy off headed in the wrong direction.


  1. Not going north this year, first time not getting a tag since the start of the draw system….not impressed. Friend drew a bull tag archery for 55B area, three of us are heading up to the “deer camp” for a chance at a moose. Fingers crossed and gear slowly getting put together………

    1. So Mike, you’re another guy hunting moose from your deer camp, seems to be a trend. Anyone in your gang consider jumping the river and hunting QC-side this fall?
      Not that QC’s moose herd is ‘flourishing’ by any means, but it would appear things are not as dire as in ON.


    2. Hey Mike, does Crooked Rapids campground in Eganville still have their kids derby each summer? Just curious…I recall featuring that event (you organized) in the Ottawa SUN years ago.


    1. Hey Sureshot-Dave..good to hear from you. Such a shame that you cannot bring moose hunters into Olive.
      Any indication this year what the moose numbers are like in your area?


      1. Yes, it is definitely a shame! Judging from the tracks and sign, and the dozen or so hit on the highway this summer, I’d say there’s more moose up here than what the MNRF thinks. Bear baiting allows me to cover a lot of territory, and I see fresh tracks/sign pretty much every time I’m out. Should be interesting come October 14th!!

        1. Well Dave, perhaps if the MNRF kept in closer contact with Lodges and Outfitters, the overall “resource knowledge-base” would be improved.
          At least bear tag allocation for Lodges appears to have gotten (a tad) better? That’s a whole other kettle of fish..


    1. Hi Paul, you realize there’s good moose opportunity just across the river from WMU 48 – QC’s ZEC Pontiac, Restigo, Dumoine etc
      Sure, it will cost you but not having to deal with a tag draw would surely be a nice change..


      1. Ya
        Could try that some year. Pretty bad we have to leave our home province just to hunt.

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