29 thoughts on “PETA Person of the Year is Pam”

  1. she’s been “stuck” more times than a pin cushion
    had more cosmetic surgeries than Kenny Rogers
    and gives blonds a bad name
    but I’d still take a run at her LOL

  2. First of all, PETA does not care about animals. PETA wants political power. PETA’s choice of a women with STD’s is fitting for PETA. I doubt any children should be allowed to view Pam.

  3. Oh here we go. Of all the celebrities to pick they choose a washed up has been actress with enough silicon to keep her afloat (which i might add is an oil based product) and colegin filled lips(which i think is an animal by product or at least oil based again) and if i’m not mistaken there was a photo shoot of her on a fur hide. Then again maybe it was a good choice from our viewpoint for them to chose a ditsy blond airhead who’s only talent lies in not having any clothes on. P (pam) E (equals) T (terrible) A (actress)

  4. Ahhhh! Leave poor Pam alone she loves those cute cuddly little fur critters..She don’t meat there is a contradiction eh?Tommy

  5. Can you imagine your daughter coming up to you and saying I want to be just like Pam because she is PETA’s women of the year.

    What a great role model eh PETA, you have hit a new low in morality!

  6. How low does an actress have to be in the ratings and obtain visibility to have to accept from her agent an image related to an organisation like PETA.

    Maybe Pam bellieved as a dumm blond that PETA stood for


  7. I wonder if she realizes that one of the base products for high end make up and perfume is Beaver Castor….

    1. Ahh Rick, I remember seeing a picture of her..actually, I think I ran into her when I was in Cayo Coco last January…ol’ toothless Mary, we called her.

      Sorry Iggs


  8. @mcdan
    I take exception to the “once in a while” comment
    I suspect it’s more than once in a while

  9. jeff did you get my pictures from va the big buck ( for down there ) and the new trail camera pics??

  10. Chessy, I got the pic of your daughter and the 7-pointer but thats it…did you ever replace the Bone Collector?


  11. @iggy i meant FOR a while
    @Rick Poulin i’m sorry to have to admit I don’t know for sure
    @chessy inhale is what i was talking about

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