37 thoughts on “Amazing, Croc discovered in Ottawa River”

    1. Ellwood Blues, is that really you? I love your radio show on CHEZ 106 by the way!

      Hey, remember me that time I shook your hand at the Liquor store in Vanier? I was the tall guy wearing camouflage…


  1. very scary…i know i saw one too at petrie island this summer except it was white….told the kids to be very carefull and stay away from weeded areas but my youngest didnt listen and she is full of foot prints on her back….called the ambulance and they just laughed at me when they got there……to bad nobody,s taking this matter more seriously……please bob monnette do something

  2. Joel, you saw a white one? Ah man, those are rare too!

    Geez, ever since I watched Crocodile Dundee back in the 80’s, I’ve been paranoid of Crocs!

    And now to find out that people are spotting them in the river, just brings back all those old fears…forget Bob Monette, I want Jim Watson on this!!


  3. don’t let the MNR find out there is a white one at Petrie, they’ll shut the place down and ban us from hunting them.

    1. Dont worry Iggy, I’m sure they found out about the white one already..my guess is they find us here to be a great source of information!


  4. they spy on everyone you know LOL
    I hear they are going to close the
    white croc hunting like they closed
    the white moose hunting up north

    Speaking of a Croc, what the heck would Elwood
    Blues be doing on CHEZ when we have The DAWG

  5. DAWG 101.9 FM
    best blues station I’ve ever heard, it’s great, but some of the announcers are DAWG awful 😛

    1. There you go again Iggy…spelling Dog wrong!

      Why don’t you ask Ellwood Blues which station he prefers?


  6. thanks bruce for the info on the albino croc now at least I know what attacked my daughter….and for all the other guys, please take this a little more serious,my girl is still in therapy and we are considering croc boot camp this summer to help her come to terms with all types of shoes.

    Please pray for a quick recovery!

  7. See Paul, I didnt want to put anything too thought-provoking out between Christmas and New Years…we’ll save all that for the New Year.


  8. Hey Jeff i think there great , my daughter has a pair of domesticated pink ones and even takes them out for walks in the winter time .!!!

  9. Hey benthooks, Ive seen the pink ones around..you know they got that way from eating lots of shrimp!

    Btw, what was the name of that sausage place in NDC? Should I call them first, or could I just bring them a batch of my own venison hamburger?


  10. wow very informative Jeff. Thanks for the info on crocs, it sounds by all reports that they are fairly established here now. Where have i been not to have spotted any. I will keep my eyes open from now on. never mind watching for turkeys, deer etc.. while driving. I will be on the Croc whatch from now on.

  11. Hi Jeff it’s called Lavergnes meats it’s right across the road from the veggie stand , i think i would call first .

  12. I got a few crocs this summer, outta the Ottawa River…boy, they were sneaky, they were camo colored…I got them stuffed and now I’m wearing them…very comfortable. 🙂

    1. Yes, evidently we are all a little twisted, but hey, that’s part of our appeal if you ask me.

      Rick, I will be sure to bring my next croc out to you for a quality ‘action mount’ but I’ll need you to go easy on the tape measure!

      Serge, enjoy those crocs..perhaps you should take them on holidays down south or something?

      Benthooks, thanks, I plan to drop some stuff off at Laverges early in the new year…I might even be dropping off samples if you behave yourself.

      McDan, I’m glad you fond this so informative..I am actually thinking of writing my next book on Crocs..ya know, the northern variety we have up here…I’ll be sure to save you a copy!

      Iggy, my guess is that we are too weird for Elmwood and he has headed back to Bluesland…

      Paul, my New Year’s resolution is to put more thought and effort into my Blog posts…so watch out!

      Well, have a great New Years one and all..and stay tuned for an AWESOME Record Crossbow buck story in a few short days..

      By the way, Chessy has a bit of news from Virginia he may want to share, but I’ll leave that up to him.

      All the best!!

      Jeff Morrison – Outdoors Guy

  13. I wouldn’t mind a taste of the sausages, I didn’t know Laverne’s made wild game sausages? I’ve bought beef from them and it is excellent
    Just last week I brought about 50 lbs of deer bear and moose to Mossy’s in Smith’s Fall to get about 75 lbs of sausages for the guys. I’ll trade ya.

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