Merry Christmas to all Hunters and Fishermen


I would like to wish all the avid sportsmen and women out there a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Thanks to everyone who made the Outdoors Guy a fun place to visit and share your thoughts on hunting, fishing, conservation and whole load of other topics we’ve beaten into submission with a large stick over the past 12 month.(Over 35, 000 comments in the past year)

Without all you readers and contributors out there, this Blog’s first year would not be nearly the success it has been.

From what I have seen (& heard) the Ottawa SUN Outdoors Guy is one of the most popular Blogs in the entire region. (Well, when there’s no hockey on)

Hey, who says hunters and fishermen aren’t being heard?! Sure, we may ruffle a few feathers along the way and some folks may not agree with everything said, but you certainly can’t say it’s been dull.

For the greatest site I know to kill(sorry, I mean harvest) time during the day – chatting about the Great Outdoors – I would like to thank the Ottawa SUN for making it all possible.

I know this Blog would never have been a reality anywhere but here at the SUN..and hey, have you seen the front page of the paper recently? Readership is up considerably, and I would like to think we all played a role in that!

Merry Christmas one and all, and if you have not stopped by for a visit, we look forward to seeing you in 2011 for outdoor news, information, rumours, opinions and a whole lot more covering the greatest recreational activities known to man.

All the best to each and every one of your families in health and happiness..(Note to self: next year got photo of myself wearing a fur coat)

Yours in the Outdoors,

Jeff Morrison – The Outdoors Guy

56 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all Hunters and Fishermen”

  1. same to you Jeff, thanks for a great blog and keep up the good work.
    and to all you other nimrods and fisherman out there, Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year Jeff. Thanks for providing the venue to spread the gospel of the great outdoors including but not limited to Hunting, Fishing, Butterflying watching, Maple Syrup boiling, trail camera photography, Trapping etc……

  3. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year Outdoors Guy. May the tree be filled with the best fishing and hunting gadgets on the morning of the 25th.

    This Blog keeps me reading the Ottawa Sun on a daily basis and maybe it has something to do with the Sunshine Girls …Wink Wink!

    and to all others……. all the best in 2011………. Well maybe not all! hehehe!

  4. Joyeux Noël et Bonne et Heureuse Année à tous.
    (There, that shouldn’t create any problems, I guess).

    Great Blog.

  5. Oui LeGrand La francophonie est importante au Canada
    Joyeux Noël et Bonne et Heureuse année à tous….Bien presque Tous!

  6. Merry christmas to all…

    Alain there bringing the sunshine boy back in the new year… ( first pic is of jeff is sprawled out in a fur blanket,naked….. so much for a happy new year lol

  7. A very merry christmas and joyeux noel too all. Enjoy your families this holiday season.

    I sure hope i didn’t get a calendar for christmas!!

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to another year in the outdoors, fishing and canoeing/camping and who knows, maybe I’ll start hunting finally! Ice fishing and winter camping is just around the corner too. Hope you all get what you wished for on Christmas morning… That calendar of Jeff lol

    1. It is really me who should be thanking you of all: Serge, GPG, Bruce, Tom, Rick P, Benthooks, Iggy, Keebler, Alain, Trapper, McDan, Bruce, Maple, Savage Joe, Paul, LeGrand, Billy of the Valley, Mark W, JamesR, Brian McDougall, Bryan Dodds, jaye.newton, Bob C, Wayne Smith, Dave Coates, imacdon, Michael Attwell, stevieB, Eric, Choker hater, Don Wells, ..etc…etc..

      I didn’t recieve over 35, 000 comments this year all on my own..

      I hope to continue all this next year with bell’s on…and my clothes on too (sorry Chessy)…with some luck we’ll attract a whole new crop of regulars to the Outdoors Guy.

      It is honour btw to have someone like Tom become a regular contributor..and he’s never hunted in his life…that is quite telling I think


      1. Hey, if anyone is still around..where is the best place locally to have deer sausage or pepperettes made up?

        I havent done any in years..and the last batch I did was prepared by Uncle Jim’s in Pembroke..but I’ve heard about other places much closer to town which are very good as well.

        I know a lot of these places used to be booked right up with sausage/pepperette orders after the deer season, but with a lower harvest these days, I don’t imagine its that bad anymore?

        Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  9. Thanks Jeff, and same to you and all those who regularly contribute. While I’ve never hunted in my life, I find this blog to have interesting topics, and wonderful debates on Animal conservation, and a great balance in reporting facts on the animal population in the Ottawa valley. Allowing opinions from the other side of debates that regularly occur here also shows how fair and responsible you are. (Try posting a different opinion on the nemesis site and you’ll see that they aren’t as concerned about being allowed open debates)

    I look forward to next years topics, and interesting debates (along with a few laughs)

    I wish succesful hunting and fishing for those who enjoy their hobbies, as well as continued vibrant animal populations in the area. (Maybe not coyotes)

    To the vegans who post here, I hope the farmers have a great selection of veggies for you this coming year, and that iron suppliements go down in price.

    Merry Christmas to everyone (or if you prefer Shalom, Allah be with you, may buddha bless you, or happy holidays)

  10. I have one…but they would be a bit far for ya. Vogels near Green Valley. Awesome sausage and pepperettes.

    There’s a also a guy where the 17 meets the 417 East of Hawkesbury who is suppose to be real good. But out your way Jeff, I unfortunately know no one. Sorry.


  11. Scotch Corners Meat makes my favorites. Pepperettes, summer sausuage and garlic fresh sausages are great. I’ve had others, but keep going back there. They’re only open until the end of December. Better hurry! Just past Carleton Place. If you want samples Jeff, I’ll be right over with some.

    Oh yeah. And the 35,000 comments? That’s because you’re such an instigator !!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all. And a healthy 2011.


    1. Thanks Maple…but you’re right, Scotch Corners is a bit a stretch, although still not as far as Pembroke!

      Instigator, come on now…hehe

      By the way, I cleaned and re-bottled all my wild garlic and found a new recipe where they are soaked in brine over night before pickling…and then a 4 to 1 vinegar/water mixture is boiled along with 1/2 cup of sugar, and let cool. See, I didn’t boil anything which may have been my problem, either that or too much Alum.

      I’ll let you know how it works out in the spring! (Only 4 months away, ya know)


  12. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Jeff. The best of luck to all you hunters and fishermen in 2011. Gals too! I have reports that the Garden Market in Smith Falls makes very good venison sausage. Have sent some there so will find out in the near future.


    1. Thanks Barry, I will add that spot to the list..and also thanks again for the wonderful big buck story….I told Rick P I would gladly post some images of the mount, if he(or you) wouldn’t mind, as they become available.


  13. I’ve been going to the Sausage kitchen in the byward market for a number of years now.Exellent quality and service on both.

    1. Ok James, you win…that spot is realllllly convenient!

      Do they allow customers to bring-in their own venison, etc, to make sausages/pepperettes, etc??

      Thanks for the tip…I will let you (& everyone else know) how it works out!


  14. Jeff you can also try Bank Street Sauage and Deli ( Bank and Walkley) . I bring my venison there every year for pepperettes. I think Iggy and Legrand have tried them. I think they are delicious!

  15. Good sausage tips guys! I may have to try some of those places.

    Enjoy your Christams dinners with all the trimmings.

  16. Maybe Santa should bring you some sausage making equipment .. nothing better than making your own

  17. i dont live near ottawa .. but i get mine at no frills . they can order them in for you ( i orderd in a case ) a few years back.. they come in small packs each pack does about 25 lbs…. dont ever by synthetic ones they are horrible

  18. Don’t worry too much Serge, it was more out of interest. I’ll probably be going to one of the places closer to town.

    Take care


  19. I would love to know how to do my own sausages/peperettes (& jerky for savage joe)..sounds like Chessy makes his own.

    I should check with the No Frills in Orleans to see if they can get the casings in.

    Anyone else make their own with success?


  20. Merry Christmas Jeff and all the other contributors!

    I think this blog is a great voice for hunters and fishermen alike.

    Aside from sharing those passions, we’re also passionate about conservation and I believe it’s something we need to be strong about so thank you Jeff for continuing your passion with us.


    1. Thanks to you Keebler for your great input…you are another one of the fine ambassadors of the outdoors!

      So, while up at my parents for Christmas, I’ll be (hopefully) making a copy of the old Mistassini Fishing Video you made for me…I friggin lost mine..dohh!!!


  21. jeff jerky is easy… if you want simple…. take soysauce and worchester sause.( my kids dont like the worchestersause) soak meat in soysauce for 24 hours with some brown sugar take out and put in oven on lowest setting and leave door open a crack till you find the desired chewieness of the jerky you want … the most important thing is to get meat all the same size ( thickness)

    sausages .. are easy to…. we make about 100lb at a time .. we mix 50 50 50 % deer meat and 50% pork meat (picnic roast when on sale ( grind the whole roast not just fat) and add the spices you want ..( make a few hamberger paddies to the bbq and taste if that is what you like then make saugages (remember it will be a little stronger once frozen and sits for a while….

  22. jeff, let me know how you make out…i can’t remember if i deleted the footage. i might of, but follow up with me regardless

    1. Keebler, I brought back my parents copy of the ’74 Mistassini fishing DVD..I expect to be able to make copies ok…opps, better watch what I say….I’ll let you know how it turns out..

      I actually think you asked me about the footage and if I needed it any longer, and you may have deleted it..

      By the way, for anyone who doesn’t know, Keebler run “Memories2DVD” a business thats covert diff formats of video and still-shots to DVD format – using some very expensive high-tech equipment…trust me, I’ve been to Keeblers and seen his shop!!

      I guess the idea is not to misplace the DVD’s after they are made….hehe


  23. Thank god that’s over for another year…..Heading to the trap line for a few days away from the next round of hustle and bustle.

  24. We traveled all day to get away from the nonsence trapper but found our selfs right in it! Virginia got about 3 inches of snow and things have come to a halt. I went down this morning to get coffee and bojangles is closed due too weather ?????? I even saw a grader with chains on all tires… I cant belive how a little snow has shut a place down……. i will be checking my tree stand out later this afternoon, hopefully there are some deer around 🙂

    1. Wow Chessy, sounds way worse than here!

      Hopefully they get things cleaned up ok and you see a few deer..I dont imagine Viginians are use to all this?

      What is bojanges btw…its like a Tim Hortons or something?


  25. yes it is bojangles it is a resturant here in the states….. today was a sustained 50 mph wind … day 2 of vacation was a bust … tomorrow is suposed to be in the 40 .. we are on our way to go shopping going to get new trail camera and some more hunting stuff

  26. we just started seeing deer today…. the guy i am hunting with missed 2 today a 11 point and a big doe… he is going to check out his muzzle loader as the doe was only 50 yards away i have saw 11 but no shot with crossbow. migh have to take muzzle loader out instead of crossbow …. seeing that i cant take camera back to friday i have it up in the back will check tomorrow to see if any pics on it.. the wife and kids just came if from more shopping and they almost hit 4 differnt deer on the way here (its only a 20 min drive to burnt chimmney ) the deer are moving now that the wind is gone

    1. Thanks for the update Chess, sounds like things are starting to heat up down there…and I dont mean the weather.

      If there was any way you could send me images of hunting in Virginia…I would post them here.

      Now, go get that 11-pointer!!


  27. never got the 11 pointer but had a good day last night i got a doe and this morning i shot a 7 pointer and tonight i shot a doe …. tomorrow is the last day … wish me luck .. the weather is now great in the mid 50s

  28. Well i did not win the lottery but did shoot another deer today… that makes 4………. starting to rain and going to wal mart to buy sd cards for my camera … sandisk cards .. 4 gigs only 12 bucks

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