Trudeau's Coyote Christmas Card


Since we are already on the topic of Animal Rights, what do you think of the Trudeau Family’s Christmas card?

Apparently PETA didn’t think much of it at all.

Personally, I thought it was quite well done and the fact that they picked ‘coyote fur’ is also interesting, considering we have a burgeoning coyote population across this country.

I would think PETA would be happy they chose coyote instead of wolf, but I guess not.

The company who made the coats and blanket – Canada Goose – has stated that they respect both animals and the environment and that their fur was harvested under the latest humane methods.

What do you think about the card and PETA’s reaction to it, drop me a line!


34 thoughts on “Trudeau's Coyote Christmas Card”

  1. I think its great that he is doing what he wants ..But he is still a liberal and I wont vote for him even if he does choose real fur….

  2. Beautiful Fur and a great family picture. PETA are a deranged, fringe group that can go pound sand.

  3. personally I don’t like the guy, didn’t like his left wing father either, and I really don’t get this except it’s a publicity stunt, to get his name and face out in the public as often as possible. Trust me, this guy doesn’t wear fur, but it worked, and makes him that much closer to running for the leadership of the Lieberals.
    Just don’t forget “The War Measures Act” and the tanks rolling down our streets

    1. Come on now Iggy…you can’t be blaming the War Measures Act on Justin…he was about a year old at the time of the October Crisis.

      Let’s keep it in perspective, the Trudeau’s wore fur because they wanted to I’m sure, and some people took offence to it.

      I doubt it was any big political statement….but I guess you never know.

      P.S. Ok, I just checked..he was only born in 1971..1 year after the October Crisis…but I digress

  4. Hats off to Justin Trudeau for his lovely Christmas card to Canadians at large. Hats off to one of the best Prime Minister Canada ever had; Pierre Elliott Trudeau!

    I support what Iggy says, Heck take a look at all the other Christmas cards from Harper, Iggy, Jack, Mckay.etc etc….of course it’s a publicity stunt to get their name and face out in the public as often as possible. This is their lifeline. I wonder if businesses send out Christmas cards to their clients with pictures of their family?…. Of course they do… they are in business to sell. sell, sell.

    What gets me is when some of the politicians don’t even indicate Merry Christmas; all they write is Happy Holidays…Heck Harper had the courtesy to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah in his card. Iggy did not even have the “Christmas balls” to have it on his Christmas card. Oh! Not the Iggy on this blog! The other Iggy on Parliament Hill LOL

    I love the card from Trudeau I think its very classy and looks very Canadian! Bravo Justin! As for PETA… don’t get me started!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all !

  5. Just how stupid and idiotic can a liberal supporter be to fall for a charade such as this. This guy’s father was a moronic twit who reallu f–ked this country (except for quebec). You liberal pinheads (remember the proven study of the liberal brain?) who say you’ll vote for this trudeau offspring should take a LONG walk in the snow (like your messiah did) and just keep walking WAY out into the wilderness..Oh, and by the way don’t turn back.

  6. I applaud Mr. Trudeau for standing up for a long standing Canadian tradition and for proudly showing his family in fur.

    We need to stand up to these raving lunatic animal rights people. Fur is the true “green” product unlike faux fur which is a by product of the petroleum industry. Canada has the most stringent modern fur harvesting methods on the planet. We need to educate the public to the lies and misinformation spewed by the antis.

    He needs to do a lot more than this to get me to support him at the ballot box however!

  7. Honest to god, I didn’t post under the “I Know” name above LOL

    but he’s not all that far off my feelings
    don’t forget the Canadian costitution that was rammed down our thoats, that now has the courts tied up in knots
    and applies to the rest of the country but not Quebec
    Oh and official bilingualism, but not in Quebec

    do I sound bitter
    And hey Jeff, he’s riding his fathers coattails, if he wasn’t Trudeau’s son you would have never heard of him

  8. I will congratulate any and all polititoins who have the gonads to where fur.Will i vote liberal,not on your life. Forget the war measures act or anything like that. Bill C68 was my beef and forever will be. When is an organization like our beloved (OFAH) going to promote fur as a truely green product that Canada has an abundance of and should utilize. Who among our political parties is going to grow a pair and state the economic opportunity for jobs for our country in the fur industry. So whatever his motive was it was also a plug for the fur industry and i say,Good job

  9. I think the photo and the sentiments are in excellent taste. Coyote fur makes one of the best hood liners there is. Good choice. And as we know, there is no shortage of them. Kudos for Trudeau’s fur and Michael Jeans raw seal meal. We need more of that reality.

    As far as PETA’s reaction to it,? Who cares.


  10. No, Justin is not his father, but if he turns out to be half the man he’ll have my vote, and I’m not a liberal.
    We should all, including peta, remember what this country was founded on, it wasn’t Timmy’s.
    Not since PET have we had leadership with the gonads to do what he did when he did and where he did it.
    It’s not like a coyote is endangered, ask the people in greely how they would feel about wearing coyote fur instead of fleeing it. The Trudeau”s have long history with fur, as do the many hunters and trappers on this blog, it should not be an insult to pay homage to the people who make their living from making the some of us feel warm and fuzzy.
    Perhaps it would be more politically correct if his wife wore a burka at the same time.
    Do peta members play baseball bare handed?( they don’t deserve capital letters ).

  11. Just wonder how many death threats he will receive for wearing a Legal product. It really is amazing to me how these groups get away with trying to demand that their way of life is the only way. I probably have so much disrespect and hatred towards animal rights organizations, because they do not believe in democracy, they do not believe in freedom of expression. They use violence, use mistatements (lies), try to bully others into their way of thinking. They use Propaganda in a way that the Nazis could only dream of (YES I went there – I stand by the statement) They have been caught on numerous occasions planting evidence. They have destroyed property, they have encouraged others to do so. They have assaulted public officials, politicians. They care not who they verbally assault. They do not respect the law or the majority. They engage in ruining individuals livings, look at the seal hunt, you know that they are going to keep going until we are forced into being vegans. I may be ranting, but we asll know that there isn`t one statement in here that has been fabricated by me. But I expect to be run down by the naz….er nutters.

  12. I’m not going to get into the political history and party of it, but I will say I thought the card was fantastically Canadian.

    And regarding the Happy Holidays – Alain, you are correct – this drives me NUTS. We live in Canada and we’ve celebrated Christmas for a long time. I can respect different cultures and their religions and I know they don’t want to offend those cultures, but you know what….not saying Merry Christmas is offensive to every Canadian. I know I take offense to it.

    BUT, Merry Christmas to you all! 🙂

  13. I read article in newspaper on this and it was labelled” Trudeau’s fur pas” What a crock! The company that made the clothing, Canada Goose states that coyote fur is a “sustainable” product, to wich the profesional enviromentalists state that the word sustainable should not be used in this case. ” As for sustainable the sort answer, it does’nt mean much” is a quote from this article. i Say o h yea is that right. you come to tell me that in the near future there will be no more coyotes because they are being used in clothing. give me a break! when we pick apples from trees we don’t cut the tree down to pick them do we? same in hunting and trapping we don’t terminate the species we hunt and trap. as for the picture i though it was beatifully done no matter who was in it. very Canadiana. I just wish i could afford that type of clothing because i would definitly wear it.

  14. A woman watched her dog choke to death after it got caught in a kill trap at a Smiths Falls golf course.
    Chris Colton took her two border collies, Mocha and her puppy Bailey, for what was supposed to be a brisk winter walk through the course when Bailey got stuck in the trap.
    “I tried to get it off and she was just looking at me and choking,” she said. “I have flashbacks of that. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep for three days.”
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    “I heard Koby yelp and I wanted to help him,” Krystle said in an e-mail to the Sun on Friday. “As I leaned down, I put my hand into another trap that was hidden under the snow.”
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    But once there, the 13-foot log prevented Morrow from reaching the phone to call for help.

    Just two local examples from 2010.
    I’m sure these are acceptable collateral damage.
    Yesterday’s humane method is today’s animal cruelty.

    1. Ok vaalea, this is verging on Spam now…you’ll need to calm it down or I will close this off to comments.

      Obviously you are a PETA member and we have a touched a chord…


  15. and on another note

    A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, “I’m sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger.”

  16. I for one applaud the Trudeau family for promoting the use of fur regardless of what hidden agenda they may have had, politically or other. Let’s hope for a strong fur market this year,

  17. Been thinking of you Trapper. How has your season gone so far. Always love some news from the trap lines. please fill us in with some news on our sustainable resources.

  18. We are on par with most of our goals. Quotas all looked after so now we’re concentrating on Wolves, Coyotes and Fox. We fumbled the ball on Muskrat this fall so we’ve got our work cut out for us in the spring. Not sure what’s going on with the raccoons it seems they’ve up and disappeared. I’ve heard a rumor that there was a bad case of distemper that went through the raccoon population in the Eastern region (Kingston area).

    As for the market. Well Oil prices are up, weather in Europe is bad so the trends indicate that this will be a good year for fur prices. Not gonna quit my day job yet though. Apparently the China government has clamped down on imported fur so they may not be at the next auction. This should make room for the Russian and Greek markets.

    1. Interesting about the raccoon distemper..I’ll have to look that up.

      Too bad the coyotes wouldn’t get it…opps, sorry was that out loud?


  19. It says my comment is waiting moderation……When you see my response you tell me what could possibly have triggered the mod police……

    1. As far as I know, certain words seem to trigger it..and not necessarily harsh words from what Ive seen…damn you guys and your big words!

      One thing I do know, it has nothing to do with your name.

      Good to hear from you Trapper btw…was getting worried that you had your arm caught in Conibear 220 and couldn’t get it out…hehe


  20. trapper says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:13 am
    It says my comment is waiting moderation……When you see my response you tell me what could possibly have triggered the mod police……

    just the name (cough) LOL
    I get all mine moded too

  21. I am a member of the 220 club Jeff as well as the 110, 120 and 330 LOL. Any trapper who claims they have never been bit by a trap is lying or not really a trapper.

    Igster, I thought you were gonna come tag along right after deer season ? What happened ?

    1. Yeah..we’ve been bitten too a few time in particular Id rather forget..

      My father was actually bitten by a fisher one time many years ago!


    2. Hello ALL:

      Below is a copy of the letter sent to the Trudeau family by Mr Rob Cahill, Executive Director of the Fur Institute of Canada.

      Mr Cahill’s letter is in response to the Media blitz surrounding the Trudeau’s Christmas card. (A special thanks to Rob Cahill for offering to have me post the letter here at the Outdoors Guy Blog.)

      December 17th, 2010

      Mr. Justin Trudeau

      Member of Parliament, Papineau, QC

      Cc: Fur Institute of Canada, Board of Directors

      Dear Mr. Trudeau,

      On behalf of the Fur Institute of Canada (FIC), I would like to congratulate you on a beautiful Christmas card – one that reflects not only your families culture, interests and values, but the values and interests of tens of thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

      I am certain that you don’t need me to inform you how well regulated the fur trade is in Canada, however, as a representative of the FIC, Canada’s testing agency for testing and implementation of the International Humane Trapping Standards in Canada, I can confidently say that Canada has the most advanced humane trap research program in the world, the strictest regulations for trapping and the most highly trained trappers anywhere. This along with the fact that Canada continues to be blessed with healthy populations of virtually all native wildlife species.

      In addition, native and non-native trappers were not only important in opening Canada, they continue to play a vital role in maintaining biodiversity and regulating wildlife populations for the protection of human health and safety. In fact, it has been Canadian trappers that have kept raccoon rabies from entering Montreal in the past few years, and with the use of scientifically tested trapping systems, trappers were integral to the successful reintroduction of wolves and Canadian lynx to the United states over the past 15 years. These animals were largely captured with limb restraining devices that ensured humane capture and 100% health, prior to relocation.

      The fur trade today, there are some 60,000 native and non-native trappers, who are carrying on the 400+ year tradition of sustainably lived off the land and who continue to thrive in rural communities across Canada. From responses we have received, they, along with hundreds of thousands of hunters who support sustainable use principles are all proud of you today.

      While it is a shame that your family Christmas card has ignited such national debate, it is indeed encouraging to see a Canadian public figure stand up for their beliefs and for Canadian values.

      Warmest Christmas greetings to your family and all the best for a healthy new year.


      Robert B. Cahill
      Executive Director, Fur Institute of Canada
      331 Cooper Street, Suite 701, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2P 0G5
      p: 1(613) 231-7099 x226, m: 1(613) 878-0034
      [email protected] skype: rob.cahill3

      Please consider the environment before deciding to print this e-mail. S’il vous plaît considérer l’environnement avant de décider d’imprimer cet e-mail.

  22. Canada was built from the fur trade. It part of our heritage, our traditions, and we should be wearing it proudly, like Mr. Trudeau and his family. The selection of fur in this photo was a calculated risk, and it shows Mr. Trudeau is not afraid to defend Canadians on global issues to protect our rights, our jobs, and our heritage.

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