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I invite all avid anglers and hunters out there to a website I manage called, Hook and Bullet. The site focuses on getting folks outdoors – to help plan your next adventure: where to go, when to go, what to pursue and what gear to bring.

We host the largest database of North American bodies of water, where you can find the best places to fish and hunt. We’ve already received over 250,000 fishing reports and have close to a million pages of content focused on fishing and hunting.

I am pleased to feature new Outdoors Guy insight and content regularly, on almost every aspect of hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor survival, and conservation including stories near and dear to my heart. Hope to see you there!!

Please visit: http://www.hookandbullet.com/

3 thoughts on “Exciting Hunting/Fishing Website – Hook & Bullet.com”

  1. Thank you Jeff
    Hope all has been well for you and your family during the pandemic
    nice to hear from you
    I have booked marked the new website and looking forward in reading the articles
    Alain D.

    1. Sorry Alain, I found your message and always appreciate the support! Hope all is well? Regards, Jeff

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