Kid & Ted's Excellent Cougar Adventure!

Ted Nugent's photo.

The above photo showing Michigan native Kid Rock posing for the camera with a large cougar he harvested recently, is creating a real Internet buzz!

Thank goodness Ted Nugent was around to back-up his pal Kid!

The following caption posted on Ted’s official website explains how Ted’s pal Kid recently embarked on the hunt and harvested a large cat, and Ted even predicted the aftermath!

HAIL my MotorCity boy KidRock for saving all those muledeer elk & livestock by whacking this magnificent mountain lion. I can hear the braindead squawkers already with their obscene denial that killing lions is wrong. Its [sic] legal its [sic] necessary its [sic] good its [sic] beneficial its [sic] a damn riot! “

Evidently Kid’s recent cougar hunt (and harvest) did not sit well with those opposed to to hunting in general. Even though it was completely legal.

10 thoughts on “Kid & Ted's Excellent Cougar Adventure!”

  1. They’ll never get it and rubbing it in their face is the best way to raise their blood pressure and lower their life expectancy
    Good for you Uncle Ted

  2. yes to ted he has the right idea of hunting never abuses his priveledges and ensures safety and fair hunting practices , he loves to hunt like most of the hunters do

  3. Just dropped in for a look around the OTG blog……Anyone but me wonder why Ted needs so many arrows ?

    1. Oh Man, look what just crawled out of the trapline?!

      Hey Trapper, were caught inside a 330 Conibear these last few months?

      Good to hear from are things btw?


  4. From a trapping point of view, it’s been slow. We managed to fill our Fisher quota with little effort but all other critters aren’t cooperating. Poor ice conditions to start out with is to blame for lack of beaver. Too little snow allowing for premium hunting conditions for land animals is to blame for the K9’s and land species. The market is not looking good either so may not ship fur til next year’s first sale.

    ps: Haven’t been bit by a 330 in a long time and hoping I don’t any time soon but one never knows. Especially with these new Sauvigeau traps we’re using. The exceed the humane kill rate for a reason…they’re strong, fast and tight.

    1. Trapper, the Sauvigeau trap sounds a beast!!

      I remember one time out trapping by myself along the creek in my hometown.(may have already told you this story) Anyhow, I had a run of mink and muskrat traps along the creek, which I accessed with my canoe. It wasn’t totally remote yet still outside of town and easily a mile from nearest house. Apparently I let my guard down with one of my mink sets, and a 220 Conibear went-off grabbing just behind the knuckle on my thumb! Totally caught me off guard and as I scrambled to pull my thumb out of the trap, it had already started swelling eliminating any chance I had to remove my thumb, without compressing the springs somehow.

      Let’s just say a bit of panic set-in as I watched my thumb turn purple..and continue to swell. Too far from help, my only hope was to compress (& lock) both springs of the 220, in order to free my thumb. Try compressing and locking the springs with only one hand!! I think adrenaline took over as I realized the implications of circulation to my thumb being cut-off…and help was a 20 minute canoe ride away!

      Somehow I managed to get both springs compressed and locked..not sure how it did it, or where the strength came from, but I did it..and luckily my thumb did recover quite quickly.

      Anyhow, just one of the many hazards of trapping without a partner!!

      Be safe out there Trapper, and I hope the friggin prices start coming back! What happened to last winter’s price resurgence?


  5. That story sounds like such a familiar song. It’s funny, every trapper gets bit eventually, usually early in their career. I’ve had a similar event with a 330. There’s a story floating around out there of a father/son team out setting power snares for wolves and dad get’s bit by a power snare to the point where it almost cut both his wrists off. Some how he managed the strength to keep his son calm (under age 6) telling him that daddy was hurt bad and he made it back to the truck and drove himself to the hospital.

    The old saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    I hope this discussion hasn’t jinxed me……Heading out to the trap line in the morning, here’s hoping the traps are full, and the fur prices come up.

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